It has always been my greatest intention to bring what is relevant to all of us in a timely synchronistic manner. I can say for all of us in this the words below need to be taken in to the deeper recesses of our Being and considered. From there we must come forward renewed and ready for greatness as the special moment for each one of us draws near once more.

Choices....by Kate of Gaia

The path we walk is a narrow one. The roads around it
are wide and colourfully distracting. You will find
most of the people out there on those roads and very
few that can manage the narrows. Scylla and Charybdis,
the devil and the deep blue sea will be on each side of
you in the age old, damned if you do, damned if you
don't dichotomy. It takes a steady helmsman to steer
any ship through these treacherous waters and few
survive the journey. The temptations will be vast,
varied and many to distract you and force you onto the
rocks at the first slip of sweaty hands on the rudder.
You will be tested at every turn to measure the mettle
of your stamina, endurance and tolerances of spirit.
Such is the quest you are on. You are awake now and
there is work to be done, some more than others and
that depends on previous lessons and previous lives'
Your road, your choice. During the moment of every
decision, you have two paths, one choice of which one
to follow. The carnal aspect of your left mind seeks
the pleasure of the easy road that leads to the
satiation of desires. The spiritual aspect of the right
mind remains closed if the wrong paths are taken. Only
in the left mind can you be led by emotion and in the
right mind, you hold the helm of the heart where the
truth steers you through the rapids. These waters we
travel on have all manner of weather with clear sailing
and storms that many shall succumb to. This game only
offers one life per level and it is up to you to ensure
the lesson you seek is learned lest you lose that life
and have to start anew with a new game piece called the
human body.
Some people place their game pieces in front of the TV
and ravage it with processed poisons; others prefer to
keep that temple a little more pure. In short, you are
on a mission of self, a journey of spiritual evolution
if but you will see that.  You have the choice of
losing some of your crew on your ship or losing the
whole ship but be assured, there is a price to pay.
Every decision you make will always cost you something
if an exchange of truth is to be gained. If you didn't
earn it, you didn't learn it. It is the reluctance to
let go of anything that costs you dearly and
inevitably, the most in the end. I have often used the
example of an open hand with sand or sand being
squeezed in a clenched fist. The sand will always leave
the clenched hand by virtue of the pressure exerted
upon it.
The more you resist, the more it persists. These are
fundamental natural laws that you have been steered
away from to ensure that you hit the whirlpool of
Charybdis. This is your rock and a hard place choice.
In the desert when one digs a well, most times the well
has to be forced to give water by pouring vast amounts
of precious water to break it open, sometimes the
entire contents of the reserves on hand. This is a “do
or die” scenario. The water reserves will keep you
alive for a season whereas the well will keep you alive
for a lifetime. The only choice really is one that asks
how long do you want to live? The allegorical and
metaphorical nature of the bible has many of the same
occult or hidden truths that were placed there for
those with eyes to see it.
How any times have you used the poetic nature of an
analogy to convey a concept where the normal use of
words just can't say it? This is the mystic way, the
way of the ancients to make sure that those who would
read it generations later, wouldn't lose the message or
the concepts of the teachings of the most profound of
truths. These are your maps and your charts to navigate
the choppy waters we all must sail upon. The Pillars of
Hercules are your temples on each side of your head,
all the clues are there if you choose to see them or
continue to choose the blindness of your emotions.
Between these Temples of Solomon you will find Scylla
and Charybdis on the waters of truth. There is no
security here. There is only you and how you choose to
helm your ship. If you dare, you will pass many that
have pulled into the security of a port along these
emotional waters and, there they will remain, because
it is com-fort-able; literally the fort around Abel
where none may enter. Only a ship moving beyond these
ports will stand a chance of reaching its destination.
You will meet many on your travels that will sail with
you for a while but they too, some of them, will pull
into their own ports where their ships will rot in
harbour from neglect and distracted forgetfulness. But
your ship is strong, seaworthy and able to ride the
storms out for you have been on these waters a long
time. You are the seasoned sailor, used to ripped sails
and shredded rigging, fixing holes in your flanks from
the rocks on occasion but still, you will sail on. The
further you travel these straits, the fewer ships you
will find in your fleet but there will be others who
are just as willing to carry on regardless of the cost
because you know, somewhere deep inside you, the prize
is worth it.
There will be days where you doubt your ship, where
you're caught in the doldrums, if but for a while.
These are the things that truly test the integrity of
your hull and your ability to navigate without stars or
suns. You will question every choice prior that finds
you where you are if the way is not clear when
suddenly, and always, your own star appears and the
winds renew the filling of your canvas. You have taken
the time during these doldrums to stitch tears, replace
masts that were felled by the bigger storms. The bigger
storms leave you with more repairs and more decisions
to be made to either pull into a port, and, be
satisfied where you are, or to simply fix things on the
fly during your "down" times.
But you are an experienced captain. The further you
travel, the more you get to know the crew but, you also
know that there will still be times ahead where some of
this crew will be lost. You will also find that you
will always have exactly the right crew left to
continue sailing after the mourning is over. Yes, this
way is narrow and this way is painful at times but you
also know that with each passing storm, you will be a
better captain or be one that gives up. That really is
the only choice you have, no other. This choice is
yours and yours alone because this ship is YOU. Some
have lost their ships completely but they have
continued in the water with the pieces left of a
shattered hull, with their charts gripped in one hand
and a paddle in the other. Yet they persevere because
they know the prize is waiting.
They don't know exactly what that prize is but they
know, instinctively and intuitively that the prize will
replace their ship a thousand fold. This is the journey
of you. This is the homecoming to the true self within.
This is the ascension. There is no one coming to save
you, to whisk you up to safety on this journey. It will
be you and you alone who decides if you make it and so
very few ever will and I now know why. A question I
have constantly asked myself is this; if not me then,
who can do this? Some of you already know what that
means and I will not explain it any further. If you do
not understand the question then you will never
understand the answer because you're not ready to ask
either. Your actions are your measure. How you treat
the other ships sailing with you will place you a long
way back in the fleet or in the lead much in the same
way geese take turns leading when the current leader
falls back due to exhaustion.
Even so, they still fly as one flock/fleet inasmuch as
we too must sail on as one yet so very few can or will
with some resorting to raiding and boarding other ships
as a result of emotions. Many will be pulled down by
the whirlpool of Charybdis; very few will pass near
Scylla fearing to lose anything or anyone at all. We,
who have chosen to sail closer to Scylla, know of the
pitfalls and the guarantee of the losses of some of
those closest to us. We saw that early on our voyage
when first we set sail. We dared to create small
ripples on the illusional pristine surface of these
security laden waters and many around us scoffed. We
were exchanging what used to pass for reality for
something that actually was reality but then people
don’t want waves in their ports of lading. Their berths
are secure with their slavery of ignorance freely
chosen; let them go. There will be those of you who are
truly able to read this and everything I am including
here where you might see between the lines and garner
more than the superficial layer of literal, and delve
deeper into the metaphors presented. You might see the
fractal nature of this game in that all things are in
all things, such is the cosmic way.
The ship I refer to is ancient etymology for the word
“mind”. This may also hint as to why the system uses
all things “ship” as well. Knowing the root/route of a
“whirred” allows for the deeper and truer understanding
of the deceptions and veils cast over us. A veil can
cover whereas a vale is also open meadow, same sound,
different intentions. The only veil that you need to
use is the one that covers the left mind, the carnal
mind of emotions in order that you may finally come to
see yourself as the captain and god that you are. Yes,
there IS a war on for your mind and they use all the
tools they can to keep you listening to the only crew
member that is trying to scuttle your ship; Cain/left
mind/carnal/the wife of emotion. In order to be master
and commander of your ship, this mutineer must be
silenced and tossed in the brig where it belongs. Cain
will go to all your crew members to keep you in turmoil
and to keep you putting out constant emotional fires
lit on your decks.
Once you can bring Cain under control, thus your
emotions, you can begin to move forward again. Emotion
is E-motion which is “no motion” and will land you in
the doldrums every time. It is more a question of “Do
your emotions control you or do you control them?” That
is a question only you can answer if you even have the
strength to face it and ask. Most people will not ask
that question because they are too busy being wrapped
up in the illusion of a game that is designed to keep
you there. If but only, you could see that. I have lost
my most precious crew members in my journey but then,
somehow I already knew I would and it’s taken me my own
time to see that for what it is. Things like this are
merely a test to see if you will yield to Cain and
wallow in the left mind doldrums. People will quibble
and squabble thinking they can figure out courts,
governments, and man’s inferior to natural laws yet
totally miss their own boat in the process. That is the
intention of this game and test. Will you be distracted
and yield to the ego that says you must fight and win,
or, will you simply see this game for what it is and
peacefully sail through the storms you inevitably have
brought upon yourself to see if YOU could handle it?
I chose to see my lessons for what they are in my own
journey of spiritual evolution. I know the prize that
awaits and I will be relentless in its pursuit. There
are many that have been duped into “positions of
feigned power” wherein they think they are in control
of others. The truth is, they have lost control of
their own self more so because it is they who are ruled
completely by Cain and have the furthest to sail as a
result. This is why I don’t get angry or hurt anymore
with what has been “done” to me.
This game for me is a net result of MY choices and
no-one else’s. That will be a very large blue pill for
people to swallow. I have been through some major
storms, had my ship almost sank a few times and it has
suffered more broadsides than most could handle. Alas,
this was my choice in order to grow and evolve as the
divine being I am and that you are, if only you could
see that. I have learned how to change tack in the
doldrums where they can’t hold my ship still like they
used to and it’s as simple as being responsible for
your emotions and choosing whether or not you want that
particular feeling. Just with that thought alone, your
sails will begin to billow as a new wind arises to move
you along. Again, YOU are the captain and where your
ship goes and how it sails is your decision fully but
only once you grab your own helm back. Cain will
wrestle with you incessantly, he will badger you for
control and make you think it’s still you running the
ship. The only usefulness this crew member has is his
ability ot use logic and nothing else. This is about
modifying your ship, streamlining it so it travels
clean and true through the storms that may or may not
follow and, that too, is still your choice. It all
depends if you saw the lesson for what it was and not
just another reason to b**** at others because Cain/ego
told you so.
Anger, hate, fear, lust, pride, and greed etc. are
utterly useless in the spiritual sense but the ego/Cain
will tell you otherwise because emotion dictates the
choices. Emotions will steer your ship into dangerous
waters every time until you become as “Spock” where the
need of the many, far outweigh the need of the few.
This is where we all must “Vulcanize” our ships, our
hulls and our rigging. This is an upgrade towards
“god-mode”. Will you be distracted with exotic ports of
call, lured by the Sirens onto the rocks or the
Mermaids calling you to your doom as you are drowned in
these illusions? Does your ship and your crew matter
enough to you to make the difficult choices and chart
your way with precise and narrow accuracy? I have been
judged too many times to count, been accused of
egotistical ways due to my passion and have been loved
and hated more than many people that I know, including
my own flesh and blood. Yet, I will sail on knowing the
true purpose of this journey. This is the journey of me
and I know I’m finally up to the task. Yes, I will
still hit some choppy water which will allow me to
further unpack my camel where the needle gets wider
every day too.
I no longer have pity or any emotions for those who win
or lose in the game because I know why now. They, like
me, are on their own journey for their own experiences
and salvation whether it happens this lifetime or next.
That is no longer my concern since I have a more
important job to helm my own ship where I don’t collide
with anyone else’s or find myself floundering in the
shallows and shoals. The deeper the water, the smoother
the sailing. Just like a pool; you can drown in either
end be it the deep end, or the shallow one. This pool
has a few more challenges. This ocean is fraught with
Scylla and Charybdis at every choice. You can choose to
see that, or not. This ocean is within each and every
one of us if we but just close our eyes and see it.
Nothing outside of ourselves has any answers, merely
clues towards finding the true answers within. I look
around me and see very few ships alongside but I also
see that not far behind are the sails of others that
are quickly catching up. I will choose Scylla every
single time because in that choice, my ship will never
be lost in the abyss of Charybdis’ whirlpool of total
destruction, reboot.
Whether or not you get home this time is your choice
and some have many experiences to learn yet. Much like
those that I never knew who took it upon themselves to
steal much from me in the material sense. All good here
and they can be owned by the possessions that once
possessed me. They also get to experience exactly what
they have sown in their own ignorance and delusions. I
have chosen to flow in the current of life, not death.
Those that I love will see this, or they won’t; their
choice. All those that have run for the hills and
securities of a port have only themselves to judge for
I can judge them not; only see it for what it is. The
majority of the most loved and most trusted in my life
have been lost to Scylla but that was just a part of my
own test to see if I would pass. I’ve never allowed
myself the luxury of failure for too long anyway and
now it is hours in the doldrums versus months. They
will see the light I offer or they will wrestle with
Cain to justify why they cannot. I have no need to
forgive anyone since that, in and of itself, is casting
a judgment where somehow, something wrong was done to
Whatever the reasons that people use to justify their
actions and lives is entirely and only up to them since
I sail on a ship of love with beacons blazing. I will
suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
because I know that I can. I captain a flagship, not a
ship of the line. I am well stocked and well armoured
now with every new upgrade after every battle and
storm. I could only wish that ideal to be had by others
but then, not my choice, that is yours. In closing it
is my wish that you encounter smooth sailing with just
enough of the right storms to see you through to the
end of this particular journey of you. Besides, I’ve
gotten pretty good at repairing damaged vessels and I’m
more than willing to have you pull alongside where my
crew may assist yours as we head into the sunrise of
tomorrow. The choice was and has always been, yours.
Much love, Kate

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This ship is sailing the right direction

felt that one deep, thank you Kate!

Thank you 

Your words penetrate & resonate with my heart & being, feels like I wrote them myself ;-)

Thank U 4sharing my SiStar, Keep Flowing, Keep Growing, Wholeness in all U say & do.


somehow, after reading this, i am  more determined than ever to sail on, i WON't be a castaway & may even be one of those ships you glimpse way in the distance behind you! i may need your help if i can catch up, as my crew is so small hehe.  But - every so often lately, after all those years of tossing seeds about the shore, i notice that, lo and behold - a few ships are casting out to sea. They've LEFT the HARBOR!  this means the world to me, as a few of those are special ones i was loathe to leave behind....  wholeness & balance to all and Bon Voyage!



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