Has anyone or is anyone currently using Kangen Water? If so would you please share your experiences and/or knowledge about this subject?

Supposedly, Enagic, the first Kangen water machine producers have the right to claim their devices are licensed medical devices in Japan, and are used in hospitals there.

Do any of these claims of the effects of drinking Kangen hold any water?

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I've drank Kangen water, between 8.5 PH and 9.5 PH myself and noticed an amazing difference in my body's ability to notice poisionous or toxic foods/substances consumed. I also was not dehydrated after about a week of drinking this water (for the first time in many years). I was not able to afford to buy one myself, and any one who has provided trials of this water in my area only offered between 30-60 day trials. It came in very handy whenever I became sick and sped up my recovery time by days. I ended up buying an off-brand Kangen machine called The Fountain of Youth. I found this for roughly 750 dollars on Ebay and it provides a PH range between 2.5 and 10. The most expensive Kangen machines will go up to 11 PH and these machines in particular are the ones used in Japanese hospitals. I've had my machine for 4 months and it came with a 6000 litre filter. I use it every day, and have only used half of this filter's life. The offer I came by on Ebay offered 1 'free' filter a month (I have to pay for shipping, which is only about 27 dollars) for life and it came with a warranty as well. I haven't had any problems with the machine working properly and the water has the same effect as the Kangen machine's water did. I offer this water to any one who is willing to take it because it cleans your body and keeps it clean. It seems to bring your body into a balance where you can actually communicate and function better on a WHOLE scale. I have no complaints about it whatsoever. It is a good idea to start off easy with it, however, if you are someone who consumes a lot of processed/packaged products, that includes cigarette smoking, drinking, and eating fast foods, because your body WILL detox and it can be unpleasant. I drink 10 PH (-420 ORP) water every day, so does my toddler, and my mind is still noticebly clearer, my body rests easier and even my joints hold better in this toxic world. Anyway, that's my experience. Hope you find it helpful.
I appreciate all your responses, some good food for thought. The individual I acquire it from has made some fantastic claims, and I've informed myself to a fair degree but certain things are as yet speculative. I'll will say that I found him knowledgeable and he's actually a pretty chill dude who also knows several other people I know in a certain circle of I'd say spiritually inclined and informed/experienced folks. My main reason for putting this up was to verify some information as well as learn from people what their experiences were/are. Some claims yet to be verified are that it decalcifies the pineal gland, and the most extraordinary claim being that it supposedly cures "all" diseases, he made sure to reiterate that very pronouncedly. As far as certain other claims, I've verified myself and through hearing others perspectives has added to my other intuitions. Thanks to your contributions and I hope this will open up insight into this for others as well. I will post further info as I experience it myself. Take care, Blessings.



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