Hello all...I have noticed that when I talk on a cell phone, without a hands-free device, my ear and whatever side of my head i am using starts to get a burning sensation ..usually within 10-15 minutes and i develop a headache afterwards. I rarely talk without a hands-free device now.  Also, in my last 2 cars ( 2004 Honda Civic, and 2008 Toyota RAV-4), I have had to replace the entire radio unit, including the cd player at least 4 times in each because it just starts to go haywire...random digital characters on the display, the buttons do not work, and i can't use the cd player....this is 4 replacements in the first 2 years of having each car...and there were no recalls on either car.

Also, in the past 6 months, I have been shocking people when I touch them more frequently. No carpet is around to build up static electricity, no rubbing or shuffling prior to the shock...I just hug someone, shake hands with them, or kiss my partner and there is always a shock...especially upon kissing him on the lips or any of my friends or family on the cheek...and it is increasing...my fourth car radio is now malfunctioning again...

Any ideas on why this is happening or has anyone seen this before and what can/should i do about it, if anything?

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yes its called electrosmog. animals is sensitive to it and they might hear some of the frequencies humans dont but the nerveussystem and brain does (disconnecting) recive the frequencies
Thank you so much Jannik because that also explains why i hear high-pitched tones frequently...no matter where i am. I usually joke around and say that i am hearing dog whistles. I hear tones like if you were getting a hearing test...and it is different tones at different times. Electrosmog, eh? I must look into it....
And thank you so much for this info Quinn! I am so glad I found this community...as I was supposed to...



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