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This will be real exciting I have discovered so much in the last 48hrs I will share everything on this platform Thursday.



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Astrid channels Brilliant Essence merging reality with the rest! Personal experiences, and great guests discuss all matters paranormal, spiritual and metaphysical and there relationship to life. Tools and techniques shared as always. Such phenomena as telepathy a medium's paranormal powers, out of body experiences, ghost encounters, elemental interactions, communications with outer world beings, inter-dimensional travel, transcendence, ascension, speaking with spirits, guides, angels, fairies, explaining the forces that run through our chakras, auras, the phenomena of Deja Vue, speaking with past loved ones, astrology, tarot, tea leaf and coffee readings, crystals, shamanism, shape-shifting, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, meditation, and co-host Thomas, expert in Sasquatch joins me every Monday night. Call in with any and all Questions: 646-200-3700 Chatroom always open live Guests come every Thursday 10am - Noon Central, 1pm Eastern. BE Blog: www.brilliantessence.spruz.com Website: www.BrilliantEssence.com iTunes free downloads of All the shows are here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/brilliant-essence-radio-show/id3... Oh, and one last thing! You know the power of visualization? Look at the one I did for myself and imagine yours. Check it out! Then watch me do a mini show in Santa Cruz

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This is today.
yea but honestly i didnt get much out of this show dude, you need to do interviews without blogtalk radio in a high quality format because some of us are just thriving for high quality information without skipping from subject to subject. Honestly sevan can you please think about just doing recordings on specific subjects and release it as a podcast or whatever format you want to. The blogtalk is ok its motivating us, but we are not getting enough specific information because there is no structure.
For sure TK that was just being discussed, its coming brotha. Likewise this was a relatively new topic being shared on this show so it was impossible to go in on the situation cohesively without being interrupted with warnings tha comprehension levels were being maxed out.



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