Jade Gate Chakra. (Back of the head).


Where can we find reliable information on this particular Chakra? So far my search has turned up many contradicting systems. Now working to the 9 Chakra system, using the really helpful Mundras (thank you :) ), this is the dilemma. 


When I started my chakra work, there was a lot of pressure on the Jade Gate area, especially before I knew of it, and it felt wounded in a way or the weakest point of my auric field. At first it almost felt like it was clawed into, having shaken that feeling from most of my skull now by increasing my knowledge, energy flow, and focus on the key energy centers. The back of the head, at night especially, still leaks energy, I can feel this consciously, and that still it is my weak point (pushing out energy to heal the area/field only serves as a temporary band aid).


I need help learning of the Jade Gate, or rather, where I can find a reliable information source. So I can build mind, then body, and eventually spirit in place.


Wholeness and many thanks.

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Quick update, i've almost completely stablised the field now. I did heavy for those that know what I mean :), only around the density of iron as I haven't a reference point for much heavier yet, I think i've done it before which is why it came first. I've done small before as well as a child, but only with eyes awake, with eyes closed (covered) I find it more difficult. Some small movements too, but little shakes really.

Anyway I still need any advice on the Jade Chakra, so I can fill the mind in to what it is and its purpose. Later today I'll pull a list of sources that i've read, and perhaps someone can point at the most reliable one to heed, from their experience.


Stand facing a wall (ensure that it is flat and at least your height).  Make sure that your feet and knees are together. Keep your toes, shoulders, and the back of your hands (along with your arms straight down).  As you face the wall squat down, keeping your feet flat on the floor with your  toes up against the wall (as well as your shoulders and hands). When your fingers touch the floor, squat back up, keeping everything flush as before.  If you cannot do this without falling back, scoot back a little bit (or grab a partner to assist you)....because of your knees and head, "being in the way", this causes neck and back to stretch and flex in a particular way.  This opens up the jade gate (or jade pillow).  Take it easy as this can open up the whole governing vessel as well...

Thank you so much for the advice.

Also the entirely new way of looking at the chakras that I had not innerstood about till right now, physical exercise to open them up. I might of heard about it, (even practiced it lightly) but just doing that directly a couple of times, I can feel the tingle there. It could well be some of the system is already open, which is the imbalance I was initially feeling.

I'll report back after a period of proper breathing, stillness and meditation on that spot. Thank you nima, really :). With the work I was doing on the garden today, reconnecting with soil and healing some polluted ground. The crown chakra energy that occasionally flowed up was extremely intense, I could barely hear the person I was working with at a couple of points, so I know I need balance in the underworked areas to properly channel it.

I had never even heard of this 9th chakra. That is so interesting.  I have been doing a little work on my root chakra for about a year. I want to work on my Third Eye. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

On the third eye, It is hard to say what will work for you. We can only say what we has worked for us. 

For me:

Each Chakra is equally important, work on all of them equally, this helps keep balance.


Mind - Learn about it

Body - Decalcify it (Removing fluroide and toxins from the food intake, water supply and environment.

Frequencies. Listen to many of the frequencies, you'll find several in the videos forum. Singing bowls help too.

Learn how to be comfortable meditating, and entering alternate states. Focus on that third eye area a lot in meditation, roll your natural eyes up to triangulate it if it helps.

Read, Read, Read, everything you can get your hands on about it. Videos at this site, audio etc.

Mundras and Mantras, physical exercises for the body etc.

Carry out actions related to the chakra, you'll find this info when you research it. 

Remember you are eternally learning, and you'll always find a teacher if you look hard enough.

When I visualise, I picture the energy from above activating the upper 7 Chakras (above the body). The energy Kundalini activating all my animal past lives from below (7 Chakras below the body), then slowly going through each of the bodies chakra's, meeting at the heart, linking as they were naturally meant to do, and then each of the (23) Chakras moving in synch clockwise.

Lastly, astral hygiene.

Be creative, add your love for the world, and your fellow human being into that. Add your family, whatever works for you when you meditate. Add why your doing this, give yourself reasons. I want to save those i care about, the earth if possible, that is powerful inertia. Then go and do these things (You'll have the energy).

There are other gems, research to gain the benefit of exploration, and finding them.

Hope it helps.

Mind - *Learn about the Chakra ;). I realised that could be read incorrectly re-reading it.

I can say that crystals do the job too.  Study crystal magic as it relates to chakras.  Putting the right color crystal or crystal related to color on each chakra opens them up and rebalances each chakra.  You need to cleanse your crystals in lukewarm runnin water and charge each crystal either by a full moon (48 to 72 hours) or by smudging them with sage.  Next hold each crystal in your hand and telling that crystal what you want it to do.  Finally, tape the crystal to your body or tie it to you with a band or cloth at each chakra. Lay down in a quite place, meditating and clearing your mind for 10 to 15 minutes or a all night rest.

LET ME SAY THIS. RESULTS CAN COME QUICKLY OR SLOWLY DEPENDING ON WHAT ISSUES YOU ARE DEALING WITH IN YOUR LIFE PATH. It may take some time as some people say the results from crystals can really deal with some deep seeded issues and clear them from using them on the body chakras over a long period of time.

Hey Ms Powell.  You can use crystals but you must care for them by keeping the crystal charged and cleasned.  Other people energies can get on your crystals so DON'T let anybody touch them.  If they do clean and echarge your crystals for use with the chakras.  

PURPLE or indigo crystals such as sordinite (if I spelled it correctly) works well with the Thrid Eye chakra.  If all else fails use the Clear Quartz crystal, which can be used on all chakras.

NOTE:  It is good to carry your cystals everywhere you go but wear them tape or attached close to the skin of your body.  They will protect you.  The other part is they can pick up negative energy  from people in a negative environment when worn loosely on/in clothes.

Hi all! Namaste and wholeness!

For a while now I have had a irritating itch at the back of my head. I had no idea what causes it or why it's itching so much. But as soon as I found out about the Jade Gate chakra, I knew it had to do with this chakra. Before I didn't even know it existed. Does anyone have thoughts on why it would itch?  I just found out about the chakra, so would appreciate the help!


Much wholeness and love!



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