I am just looking - everything is buzzing. I can see currents! Well, shapes. My eyeball seeing, in conjunction with thought "sparks".

Guys, I swear - I am seeing matter, or something. The fine particles.

Every time I walk past somebody they sneeze, or cough, or shuffle.

There are black dots, blue flashes, electrical arcs - my entire field of vision is a buzzing!. All different colours depending on the thoughts.

its sometimes hard to move my body, lol, so zoning in, through many different fields - I think.

The auras - based off of what someone else said, I think I am seeing people's auras. It is like an elongated light form of their physical body.

Sometimes the urge to stare at a particular spot, and then a flash! A black dot. A red signal. A blue strobe. Dots, little dots.

Just gotta clear my kidneys out and good to go!

I'd love to post this.

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I'm starting to think that, you can change your zero point.

Its like your point of reference on how life should be.

But that wasn't the point! I wanted to back to "source" Completely unbiased.

Damn, I have way too much time on my hands.

I think civillization as it is right now primarily relies on "push". That is how we all are functioning in order to "get by". YOU NEED TO DO THIS. You push youself to do it.

In my head: *stupid f****** job, and school. Your books suck ass, I'd rather think up my own stories on the fly*

So I have to push myself into what was pushed onto me, like school, and work, and CONCRETE? What the hell where they thinking... Or right, the car....

I see the vast majority of our global society as detrimental to all forms of "NORMAL" life, due to the major amounts of force being applied to all arenas.



ya i like canada too. i'm right in the middle of it. we just past (*passed) our coldest winter in over a 100 years and at one point during our winter we were colder than mars haha. i feel the same way. i don't fit in. i guess i am weird and strange but what i am still learning is that well if i am this way i might as well still be confident about it so i am still working on my moods that i go through and the ups and downs of life. i still want to be around people but i still struggle relating with them. i know that we are all connected but i feel that many people still like to focus on our differences rather than our similarities.

But I know that most if not all parts of these posts are created from a limited understanding, created from a being who's focus has been dangerously altered.

Sorry guys, I got really pissed off for some reason...

I think I just figured out karma..... thank you for letting me post this shpeeal.



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