I am just looking - everything is buzzing. I can see currents! Well, shapes. My eyeball seeing, in conjunction with thought "sparks".

Guys, I swear - I am seeing matter, or something. The fine particles.

Every time I walk past somebody they sneeze, or cough, or shuffle.

There are black dots, blue flashes, electrical arcs - my entire field of vision is a buzzing!. All different colours depending on the thoughts.

its sometimes hard to move my body, lol, so zoning in, through many different fields - I think.

The auras - based off of what someone else said, I think I am seeing people's auras. It is like an elongated light form of their physical body.

Sometimes the urge to stare at a particular spot, and then a flash! A black dot. A red signal. A blue strobe. Dots, little dots.

Just gotta clear my kidneys out and good to go!

I'd love to post this.

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OK, just noticed - you have two eyes, two sides. Before there was just one blue (5th density?) string of light appearing on target, but now theres two, the left and the right?The center will change, the center will split and now theres TWO! Dayum.

So this layer is still part of a physical body. I'm Using the eyeballs, and that layer, that part "seeing" the blue and white and red and black and green etc, strings, squiggles, sparks, fucken crazy but small ass shapes of light in all different colours - THIS IS STILL  A LIMITED FORM.

I got the feeling that, once split wide open, my consciousness leaves that 3rd density sense, and zones right out. Into what is next maybe? Too dense, too insignificant....

I see this fuzz when I stop and actually LOOK AT THIS WORLD, and not just glance at it because somebody has credence. (black) and white - my entire vision (physical) is permeated black and white dots, black becomes white and white becomes black. UNTOLD KA JILLIONS OF THEM, stretched from center to peripheral.

Its like the fuzz on your TV screen, that black and white "snow" as they call it - IN CONJUNCTION WITH my eyeball's sight.

Now I close my eyes: RED. Sing the song blood red and true.

but theres more. WHen my eyelids shut, now my eyeballs receive those colours I described - now my eyeballs aree with those squiggles, those energy patterns, lifeforms maybe? And if I zone out into (is it the third eye) that something else I mentioned, I picture whatever I want.

But with both eye lids open, to me:

There is the physical arena (this table, this chair, this god damn computer screen, etc.)... projected by me? I see solidity, but in front of it, there is this freakin FUZZ. BUZZ. THis fuzzy layer on top of what everybody else would normally see, that is the layer where I glimpse the light squiggles. There are feelings associated with contacting, registering these light shapes, when the shapes appear, at the same time so does the prime feeling, the feeling yet unswayed, the first, the open, the zero point initial feeling - attached to it.

Then the mutations come based, off of my so far built up structure here, in this insane asylum.

But I feel a third layer. Or do I? Maybe I am just falling asleep. Is that the "3rd Layer"?

So whats the question? -

WHO ELSE SEES MORE? AND I MEAN LITERALLY? Who else has a 2nd layer? particle whips? energy beings. I think they are energy beings, meaning, not of "3rd density". Energy shapes, f****** TINY enrgy shapes, like little gateways f;ashing in and around. The most solid one was I believe called by someone else "a disc". It wasn't golden like they said, but clear. It pulsated, as I "tranced out", it lasted for a solid few seconds, instead of just a couple nano seconds.

Also, sometimes I will see streamers of white particles dancing around, pouring our of.,... me? 50 at least just zooming about my field of vision.

I've heard screams in my waking dreams. I've read that they are too soft and easy, and when contact is made, pain is gained, by this worlds heavy conditioning.

Apologizes all around, but maybe you might one day become interested in bending the will of the free? Or is the contract that strong?

Is this arena so fundamental in a much bigger sense that NOTHING SHALL INTERRUPT IT. We signed up for the current settings of our choice, agreed to these parameters.

If I've learned anything its that the answer is the most simple, solid connection.

We came here, to basically F*** with ourselves as hard as possible. Not places are like this. This is a focal point of evolution.

I have felt the battle, the polarity struggle. It is much more simple than it seems. Feeling things out, I come into contact with it all.

LMFAO, wholeness. Education at it's finest.

To the supposed beings beyond this cage - where the f*** are you?

This contract must be INCREDIBLY strong.

There is the occasional outrage of WHY THE F*** AREN'T YOU BEATING YOUR ENEMIES SENSELESS.

But then the realization comes that - this IS an intricate idea. Very useful to learn.

So I'll stay and learn.

There have been full on dreams and there have been day dreams. When I wake up from deeper sleep, then get right back to it, I can keep track of what I dream of. I almost never have had "lucid" dreams. I just let my mind and it's current config dream it's ass off.

But there have been a couple things I have picked up on. Once I felt an explosion of ecstasy in my head. I touched heads with a girl, and felt actual LOVE. Unrestrained, no strings attached, just a sign of nicer things to be had.

I've also remembered combat. In the day dreams, its like I've made contact with another person, and then crushed their contacting form, and when I asked what the felt ( not using spoken words, but thought alone) I heard screams.

A straight up negative reaction, without thinking about it, the subconscious just did.

Duality... it is duality games... No matter what happens during them, somebody always learns. I think I'm zoning out again, trying to explain my s***, it, to you guys - its a test, to see if I can eplxain it to you guys, and myself in verbal, written form.

Working on translating feelings.

this is beautiful. i don't quite understand all of it but the intentions presented seem to be wholesome. i appreciate you sharing your energy with us.

tnx for sharing. i dont have the answer to your question.  sorry

Thanx guys.

Heres something.

Before I start, I'll finish.

Getting tired of the skin. But as days go by, I get more and more relaxed and see further up and down the sights.

Zero point. Thats where I love to be. But I also habitually set my sights on something, and then make it, or at least start it.

Now if only I could just be inside of a mind - I am confident everything will be understood.

For now I am surrounded by rage addicts, myself included. Just gotta ease up on the throttle. Getting very bored though.

- - - -

That fuzz I'm talking about? It is in conjunction with your vision. Just look at something right now. Now, widen your look. Look harder. Let a feeling rise up and let it create a thought pattern which you instinctively feel out to get access to. Feel a spark manifest, then your brain will register it, and the creation process on a micro scale will be born. Then keep going.

I am looking at the keyboard below me but am also seeing/feeling energy responses inside and outside of me.

Looking at the "core", feeling it all out back at my zero point, it is like a grid. Not like CGI in the movies, giant green computer grid lines, some thick solid data program on a computer - god no. It is so much more natural. Closest I can describe it as the finest, softest white and black micro dots permeating life itself. Thats what the grid looks like. Then you see everything on top of it, created by it. For me, I see light energy patterns, in conjunction with your everyday life things, like the floor, the ceiling, etc. I rate these energy particles closest to the grid, and the keyboard I'm typing with the furthest.

The grid can show energy patterns, very faint. I'm disappointed that nothing spectacular happens. I'm staring at someones face and theres dots flying everywhere, but nothing happens. They sneeze and cough thats about it. I swear, I'll get in their sights, and they will sneeze or cough! It happens like clockwork.

Nothing really happens, nothing explodes, I can't do anything - except myself. I'm disappointed but I think I understand that this particular game has a different objective. 

Outside of myself I have flesh - the gates. The flesh is the castle wall.

When castles fight each other - haha, thats epic. Then you got your badlands inbetween the castles.... sometimes I get too occupied in my own castle to realize that bandits are crawling in. They don't make my head explode, actually they don't really do anything, except swarm over my guards like leeeches, while my guards wait for a signal.

I'm like a giant whale, and theres all these little fishes clinging to me, eating my extra matter. Parasites, if you will- the fish are eating the micro organisms on me. But in turn they (the fish) are parasites too, as they cling to me, feed off of my body and whatnot. Hell, I'm a parasite too. When the voices go away, sometimes I send out signals instinctively to attract the poltergeist (the fish, the parasites [negative extradimensional beings, simple little deamons]) - because I miss the "fight". The "attack", on my castle.

hang on, I'm going somewhere with this. LOL

All is one. one cannot exist without the other. This brings me great calmness.

- - -

Posting on this site is (hopefully) a harmless way of reorganizing my "castle", my s***. I aint buying all that medicine listed on this site nor practicing any of the solidified practices guys Sevan etc have presented to this site - because I'm not in a position to indulge in these things, because I haven't tried.

Pure on observer is what I am on this site -with the fact that you can and will advance into greater and greater things, I have not bothered much at all.

I'm jsut letting things come to me for now.

Currently, I am trying to hone back in on, but better yet release all and return to zero point consciousness stage - then let it flow from there, and study what comes out of me.

Usually the first thing that comes out is "FIGHT". Instigate. "Pay a visit", to another castle. Bring some tag-a-longs from the badlands between castles, territory, and see what happens, hehe. Rattle the cage.

Sorry, but your back draw bridge was down. I brought some bread. XD

this is interesting like when i am reading i feel like i am looking at a picasso painting and trying to figure it out but at the same time seeing the beauty in how abstract it is. 

thanx man.

thanx man.

Crap. I had another foray into what I see, but when I clicked post, all that managed to get through was "thanks man"

This website seems glitchy.

* I noticed on one of my jobs, while riding in the pickup, just sitting there, I release my clutches on "reality", how and what my body/brain/mind/etc are accustomed to, reactions - I release the grip on myself, I release the constant flow of my currently built up programming, and try to "access" something else. Sites like this gave me the idea, the notion, to basically reset my view point. Start fresh.

The results of this vary.

IMO, I am half assedly seeing the rest of the world, the extra dimensional parts.

Have you guys heard of "channelings"?

My friend gave me this link today. "Metatron"


- - -

I am ego driven with this. TBH, this is a conversation for myself.

OH! Here we go. I remember something that Sevan said in one of his posts.

Sevan, when you do your videos, I love the part where, after the start of the filming, you dig in! Your voice changes, you're straight up sharing yourself. Basically, you start out in the beginning, just saying hello, but after your letting out your current streams of flow.

Thank you for all your help.

One thing that you mentioned a few years back, if I remember correctly, was (these are my own words, I can't remember yours):

From one end to the other, well you've got both. The key is to go between them smoothly and quickly. The more you hang up on one side, the less balanced you become. Get them going so fast that they become one.

The more I try to post an explanation for something so esoteric, the more I become speechless, the more I wish to be at "zero point". To stay focused on the first few thoughts that I spawn.

Sevan, do you bother with written forms of your latest updates anymore? Or is it all video now?

Heres something - sometimes I'll have a bad thought - ei, first, start out wanting to communicate with, lets say, metatron, but my intention comes out as negative, my instigation, my signal.

Instataneously after, I feel remorse, and my body buzzes in response - INSTANT KARMA!!!!

I'm speeding up the promise!.

oh my god for some reason I typed out promise instead of process...

ya i never really got into those type of things. i just have such a strong inclination to the easter(n) stuff.

haha just saw it easter and eastern

as mentioned before christ is kundalini



take care

I consider myself a western abomination.

These shapes and s*** that I keep describing, they were prevalent about 4 years ago.

Nowadays, it is pure fuzz.

I get the feeling that, the reason why my expeditions keep returning mostly void? Is because the audience is scared.

Well good luck on your journeys guys. If you guys don't mind I'd like to keep this thread going for "venting" purposes.

I am disappointed, scared, and enraged at my local surroundings, almost at all times. 

I guess I'm used to something way easier, more comfortable.

I hate walking on concrete for god's sake. Shoes? Clothes? What is this? Mind you it is cold in Canada.

A challenging program. A leech, a huge leech, "Matriarch", an impressive pinnacle point of program. Very well solidified covert embargo.

But in the end, I believe, I GAVE PERMISSION.

That is all. So called problem, solved.



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