First I would like to say welcome to all new Indigo, Pyramid, and Crystal. As it is Our duty to keep you armed and ready here is today's briefing. Let Us keep in mind We know that many of you are just waking up, yawning, rolling over a little, maybe a little snuggling, :-) but as your current head (which by the way is no more of value then the foot) I bring you this dossier. Do be sure your armor is tightened down before entering the battlefield and feel no need to if you are still adjusting. Saying that I will rate this Adept.

I will have the information complete on 4th Dimension by the end of the week it is most profound what is being unveiled and it is utterly amazing to be a part of the faction that will disclose this to man, mankind, woman, and womankind.

So many of the sensitive have been feeling a strange energy in the air, likewise my dreams have been "off the chain" for better lack of words. There are many signals being sent out and as I have many nodes open so the data is flooding in. It is becoming difficult to keep up nonetheless. So it is official the silent war has become public.

A few days ago it was brought to my attention that another Being called ANON is back. I had really no information to support this but I could cipher the name as it is also NANO. I was remarking that while people are still digging in the rubbish of the past trying to find something to pray to, there is a much more advanced futuristic situation going on here. Sure enough the ad you see posted above was posted on the "" site this morning which is the largest torrent storehouse on the net. Millions log in every moment.

It appears that NANO has a problem with the god of scientology and intends on bringing the war to them by having people enter their temples and play pranks on them. This picture also shows that there is a vengeance going on within many of these factions, things that have taken place "underground", is all I can say. Many of these factions had been depleted and their forces just about dispersed but with the advent of the internet they have been able to reinforce their ranks and resources and intend to give it another shot. What this will mean is excessive war on the dimension between those that have been in the know and operating on other planes.

This should encourage you to work that much harder on your activation as anyone that is not "tuned" may find themselves just a part of the spoils of the winning team. We intend to ascend this mess altogether and should remain focused on that. Do keep in mind to not join up with any of these factions, it will me sudden trouble.

I would also like to put out a request as We are growing in numbers and intelligence for a thorough scan to be done on ANON which I've come across in the Egyptian Pantheism but have to dig up the info. I know it is Anunakki and high rank as it is AN which means Anunnakki and ON which is the unit of energy pronounced OWN. Do post what you find here. Pictures - Ancient Scripts - Mottos - Affiliations - Mascots etc. 7 out

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As this is the root to the work Anonymous it is most certain this being has been using stealth and operates as such. Personally I'm not liking the way this all looks, it is good the Most High is with Us as this must be the dirty work. This is also NONA which is the Latin work meaning "Ninth" which is of course the Sumerian number as in Nineveh. I do ned all you code breakers and code crackers to go into overdrive on this one as I said above this one has remained cloaked so the faster We know what's going on the faster We can alert the people.
You need you to Skype me Vairo "Innerstand" I'm going to need another intelligent mind on this as I have to get ready to put this out on hyper-dimensional news through the youtube channel, which means time consuming video making, but very important as it appears We are the Watchtower the will signal to many what We have seen on the horizon. I have also made contact with my liaison between me and Dr. Blair. I will post it here so it is documented. We must transmit this message across the Matrix.

The Message

Whole Brotha, I will make this a brief as possible. As there are things going on in the circle of the Elite the transmission came across this morning that ANON has officially come out of being Anonymous and has outwardly attacked the church of scientology. As We are not members of either of these factions We have nothing to be concerned with directly, however, overtly the Holy Sea, who are Amphibians by the way not Reptiles, and the Draconians are officially "uncloaking" their war as it appears AN-ON which is the leader of the Annunakki has re-plentished his ranks which he calls, Legion. I'm sure you have come across this term in the Bible. Needless to say if We do not begin complete activation as soon as possible We will be little more than the prize when the dust settles. So We are the ones We are waiting on. All this information has been confirmed now in its totality by the ad which I have sent you which was posted on the front page of none other than "Piratebay" (PI = FIRE RAT = RA's consort). Of course they have millions of viewers every moment as they are the largest torrent leech and tracker on the internet. I said all that to say, less it not be justified, I need to make contact with Dr. Blair as soon as possible, so We can put together a consciousness ascension package and make it available to the people from various channels I have connections with. This resources will also give him the fuel I don't have to be a Seer to know he needs at this moment. I do fear if We do not at least make something available to the people the Guided will have nothing to receive to assist them as there is no one, save Us. Still strange but real.
Fantastic CG very interesting how you mentioned Canon unknowingly but then again there is no such thing. C"ANON" is the same way CANAAN is pronounced. I did a briefing on this which you will find on the top of the video section on the main page once its finished rendering and uploading. I want to thank you all for your "digging" as it assist me in tracking down this Being in order to be prepared.

I'm most assured nobody wants Our detective CG looking for them, he doesn't skip the details. ;-)
When a person stops abusing alcohol, a huge floodgate of truth and energy is opened. It occurred to me just this morning that organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous (Al Anon) insure that that energy is directed toward their agenda, which most certainly has nothing to do with truth.

Whois doesn't tell you much about the domain name "", which shouldn't come as a surprise, I suppose : ).. A couple of things do stand out, though.
Domain ID:D157569622-LROR
Created On:11-Nov-2009 21:09:21 UTC
Last Updated On:12-Nov-2009 00:37:57 UTC
Expiration Date:11-Nov-2010 21:09:21 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR)
Registrant ID:44107401-NSIV
Registrant Name:Anonymous Anonymous
Registrant Street1:ATTN insert domain name here
Registrant Street2:care of Network Solutions
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Drums
Registrant State/Province:PA
Registrant Postal Code:18222
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5707088780
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:44107401-NSIV
Definitely an inside job nice catch Angela.
That picture above was a movie that was supposed to be released I'm going to need someone to grab as much data on it as possible, maybe even a trailer, at this moment I'm getting the briefing out. It is good the Resistance is in the know and knowing is half the battle.
Okay this is much much bigger than I anticipated I have been contacted by a member of ANON and they are briefing me at this point. It appears this is a large group of underground individuals who seek to break the Matrix in some type of way, mainly chaos to the complete network. They all use the term Anon in order to prevent from being discovered as in anonymous. I will keep everyone informed of how things transpiring. I can only say this that all of humanity is getting tired of this oppression, many have discovered the totality of who the culprit is and how they maintain control, if it is anything We can arm ourselves with, it will be the complete truth.
We never worry, it waste time and energy, We must prepare.
Ahhh - here we go...

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Anon Galaxy

a celestial roadmap to the modern day phenomena of the Project Chanology segment of the Anonymous Legion, and their fight against the scientology empire.
We are Anonymous. We are legion. Expect us.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009
Scientology is No Friend to Mankind

After taking what I thought would be a short break from harpooning L. Ron Hubbard's one true legacy (the scientology cult) in the blogosphere, in order to take aim at other tasty targets in a variety of backchannel ops... methinks its high time to resume my post as marcabian scribe. So fasten your seat belts, grab the popcorn and assume the position - the resurrection of HG2Anon begins NAO.
Iam feeling that too.
'Oprah's new TV channel is named OWN....  I was wondering what that meant...  Now I know NOW...  Thanks for that.!



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