An Ode to Lemuria may we meet such beauty again in the cycle of existence. 


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awesome :)

hello Sevan!

beautifull place.....amazing creature..

MA = mama

DA = daddy

Gas= ?

car= arc or vehicule s

so does it mean it is the place of the beginning? help me on the GAS OR SAG maybe


Murielle =lemurie in French

A major mystery has been uncovered which I will talk about this Sunday on the show. The root animals to the human race are the Lion and the Reptile/Serpent. The Lions or Aleph and many big Felines have circular eyes while most Reptiles or Shin have Visica eyes. The cross breeds are the Amphibians, House Cats, and Dogs. I have discover how they are working this plane is the composite part of everything that we are made up of must be here in a fractal form and that is how we are all connected and remain cohesive in this frequency. In the event that we do not have a physical body to "phase lock" you so you wake up here everyday you would live existence as a continuos dream. Some of course would forget they were dreaming entirely and thus fall in to deeper and deeper phases of unconsciousness. When animals and minerals are removed from physicality then the corresponding component in our body begins to fail or disfunction or exert no use such as the "Appendix" of the body which strangely means where we should store all references and extra data. I'm still waiting on the next quickening but I feel that the mineral Gold has a lot more to do with the Soul then we think since it corresponds correctly. Is it possible that whoever has the gold generally controls the consciousness? The Golden Rule once again comes to mind, whoever has the Gold makes the rules. However I believe we have individuals with Platinum and Titanium personalities that are going to pull through as the balance is restored. Our field works to the degree that when we go inner in one place we go outer in another so balance is the key here. Lots more for the Mur people coming up. :-)

thank you so much


wow! cool!

once thought that if the early break dancers, street dancers, and rappers who were dancing in the streets, and creating original tones and notes and dances, beating their feet and bodies on the earth, could have seen their Aura's, it would have been a  Brilliant rose Gold...  a natural obvious/unobvious manifestation for the magnetic attraction to gold, gold chains, gold jewelery and some amount of currency, that they began to attract in their feilds, somewhat a natural efferversant effect- l

Heart-earth-ear- AUric canal- AU- gold

inner sounds- resonating on the earth- creating change





completely stunning ~ magnificent. Thank  you Sevan!

Thanks for This Sevan, I've been wanting to go to Madagascar for some time but hear its quite dangerous last couple of years not that would stop me.

Now it makes sense why a certain monkey species that exists there are called lemurs...thanks Sevan for that. Also I hate to bring negativity to the discussion but I was told by my gr 12 biology teacher the island is unsustainable and is bound to fall apart to erosion, does anybody know why this is happening to this b
Hotspot island but not others?

The video has now been blocked by the BBC on copyright grounds...

Here's a link for future references on watching movies and documentaries.

The titles with stars next to them work better than others.


Wow just tried to watch it, I guess they took it down everywhere.



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