Is the name of every biblical and Ancient Egiptian Deity, a discription of Azazel?

  • Help! I was trying to read 'In the know'. The problem I was having is that the book states that almost if not all of the dieties are depictions of Azazel. I am confused about this. Does this mean that Osiris is the Devil and all the others or that they are EVIL? 

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If I am not mistaken, I believe there is a radio show in which Sevan discusses this.  Unfortunately I have listened to so many different shows in the past couple weeks I do not remember which one it is.  But if I figure it out I will send you the name and link.  I will "friend" you now so I can find you easily....

Thank you so much Michelle.

This is becoming a real problem for my perceptions and progressions, as it raises the question as to whether all invocations are wrong and if this would apply to the Most High also, if of such persuasion.

Love and lite

Trust your own experience.. it gets difficult but it is best. People say a lot of stuff and this end game in the consummation of an era gets tricky. I've found when such a broad topic  is all wrapped up in a neat little box like that either the author is a) purposely misdirecting the reader b) being misled by some sort of entity in the collective consciousness posing as a "spirit guide" or c) they experienced a portion of what they write upon and fabricate the rest with presupposition molded by emotion. Everything will reveal itself... I eat what is good, spit out the rest, assimilate the experiences of others, experiment on my self, use the results to innovate another experience, rinse repeat. There is a lot of confusion and foolish claims made about Hebraic terms and that are a final assault to prevent the fullness of experience that prevail simply because people are too lazy to look for themselves or too weakminded for peer pressure to rightfully discern. There are some things you can fast track. Some things not so much...  and I'll leave it at that for a while...

Indeed it is a challenge to sort through all the misinfo out there without throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.  To "experiment on myself" is a great way to test things.  Even if it doesn't always result in any empirical data that can "prove" anything to others, it allows me to see what is true for me.  Nothing can trump my own direct experience.  



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