Is it more expensive to eat healthier and take the proper supplements?

I personally came to the conclusion that eating as a vegetarian or vegan while including supplements is much cheaper than the average quote on quote standard diet! My reasoning is as follows: 1.After removing all the meats (carcasses) off my shopping list I noticed a sizable dip on my receipt slips. 2.Next I started buying organics and live foods and it still kept the bill slightly less than the standard diet. 3. Eradicating bad habits (cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol etc... and not purchasing unnecessary material items (over priced fashions, jewelry, car rims etc...) enables you to afford the right supplemental balance specific to you with plenty of change leftover (Everything is not for everyBody)!
Overrall eating healthier equates to less frequent doctor visits and in my personal case no visits to the doctor's office (flu season is flying past me)! ObamaCareNot! No co-pay, no double billing, no money stresses leaves an enlightened feeling! The question truly is: What's more important to the individual? a. healthier more substantial existence or  b. a rock it til the wheel (Will) falls off temporary existence? I chose A for life, plus it's more cost effective! 

Wholeness and balanced vibrations!

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In the spirit of healthy intake I would personally like to innerstand whats the baseline of what the body and mind really need on a daily basis. For me personally if I could get a good grasp on what enzymes, nutrients, minerals and other building blocks my vessel needs and where i can get them including alternatives since there are so many sources out there(veggies, fruit, nuts, supplements, etc), it would make taking charge of surviving and thriving so much easier while getting off all the processed foods and preservatives. What im suggesting is a complete nutritional intake mind you, proteins and all.


Just wanted to pick your brain alittle ;)



Donnie Jason my brother, I suggest you start with an internal cleanse to clean out all your filters 1st! The website has a plethora of info on cleansing and supplements at your disposal. Researching for oneself is very key to gaining the knowledge you need to attain for yourself . Considering, I'm neither a nutritionist or in the know of what intake your vessel will accept. Although, I believe your listing of veggies, fruits, nuts, (organics) and supplements are definitely on point for your succession!


I found a healthy eating handbook that you might be interested in and can download from


will be sure to check it out bro, with spring here being more active outside and getting the correct nutrition is just alil more on my consciousness.


Thanks for the feedback!


Greetings Donnie,

I think this is what you are looking for.....

scroll down to daily needs calculator & plug in your data... This is also Da Bomb for analyzing your food items so one can know the Nutritional break down of the foods we eat. 

Example for me: 

Food: Avocado 1 cup:

Food: Honey 28 grams:

This is the most comprehensive nutritional data base / analysis I have yet to find on the Net. I use it all the time, it is Awesome ! It doesn't contain ALL Foods & by Far Not All "Super Foods" but it will give you the info & tools you need to succeed in managing "Your Personal Biology". As far as Enzymes go, i'm not to sure... as each body is different & age factors into it also. My recommendation is to get the Enzyme supplement offered here and you can't go wrong. 

As Far as Food sources.... I shop at my Local Health Food store & shop online: 

OnLine & Trusted Quality:  or  

* Higest Quality Spirulina in the World:

also: Amazon has just about any & all brands too... 

Get your self a High speed blender or NutriBullet to make Superfood drinks, shakes & smoothies.

Like B Organic said... each persons body needs are different, age factors into it and also not all diet & nutritional needs are the same. Buy Organic as much as possible & avoid All GMO foods.

I use & shop at all links listed. :) 

A great help for managing one's diet & learning all about a Super "Natural" Lifestyle diet, nutrition etc ...

Dr. Robert Cassar :

Hope this helps Donnie....

Happy Eats on the Quest ! WBV... Thai 

Thanks for all the info Thai!

Yes it does help =)



I like to tell people when they say... " well eating organic costs more "

I say: either pay now or pay later ( poor health, disease ) your choice !

Simple and plain Thai Zen!

WBV brother!



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