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In 2008, I went into toxic shock (my diagnosis, since I don't seek out western medical advice). When I returned from the abyss, my system was squeaky clean. I couldn't consume anything but raw foods. However, being moronic rather than monatomic, I eventually reinstalled some of my unhealthy persuasions. I figure, along this timeline, that I have the equivalent of 7 years of toxins in my system. 

I drink a gallon of water a day with Miracle II Neutralizer and Himalayan salt in each liter, plus Holy Tea to keep my colon cleansed and Reishi Mushroom tea, to boot. I drink smoothies with a load of superfoods combined in them and I juice about 3 times a week. My actual food consumption is spotty, as I live in a remote area of the high desert where organics aren't available within a hundred miles. The greatest grievance I do to my body is drinking coffee, although it's good quality coffee, but I use turbinado sugar and 1/2 & 1/2 (organic when I can and commercial when I can't, which I know has ugly additives in it). I was drinking my urine for awhile, but not noticing any discernible rejuvinating effects, discontinued that after about a year. 

My question is: which cleansing kit would be most applicable to me?

Thank you for your input.  

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Go to Realm Dynamics page http://realmdynamics.com and click on the tab at the right where it says "Talk to a specialist".

Alright then and thank you for the direction. 

Don't have much to add, just a theory... well more just a thought; do you think its possible to be "too clean, too often"? Wholeness Balanced Vibrations. 

Usually what happens after cleanses is that the body gets more sensitive to what we do next in terms of food and water consumption, what we breath, so what may happen is if the person chooses to eat certain foods, junk food, dense foods, sugar, drink sodas, alcohol, etc.. the body will want to reject it in an uncomfortable way because it doesn't want to tolerate it anymore or at least as it used to. It wants proper food this time because the organs are working in a completely different frequency after a cleanse. And that's when the shock happens.

We can also say that generally our food, water and air are not in the pure state they once were. Instead we can find in them chemicals, hormones, drugs and other contaminations that gradually collect in our bodies and slowly poison us from the inside. Because this process happens over the course of years, it's the reason why people don't notice how sick they can really get. So "overdosing" in being too clean probably won't happen because the body is always trying to find ways to balance the PH with everything it can. It's also important to know that it's not only about physical cleanse here, Intuition also gets heightened and the person should be able to listen to his body better and know what it needs or what is enough.

Wholeness & Balance, QuesMark … Actually, no I don't. I think the cleaner we are, the more acute our immune system communicates from body to mind. We can build up impurities to the point where we're just sick and sluggish all the time and think that's natural for whatever reason. I enjoy not getting headaches or stomach aches or the flu and colds and whatever else is out there. I enjoy laughing at all the scares like Ebola, Swine, etc. Health on Earth is true value in Heaven. Metaphor 

Greetings Sara,

I have a suggestion for the coffee fix... Yerba Mate tea ! I drink it daily & it provides a balance of caffeine & other beneficial compounds for our well being.Yerba Mate is 10X more powerful than green tea. Purchase the " Unsmoked " type as the " Smoked " tea has carcinogens from the smoking. 

It will give you a balanced form of super alert wakefulness without the regular coffee / caffeine jitters or ill feelings from it. There is various brands one can buy online too.


even tho Guakaki has some stellar info on Yerba Mate... be careful with their brand as most of it is " Smoked " Tea. I buy Ojio brand in Bulk & brew it up all day long for my self in a Mr. Coffee Maker !

iNjoy :)

Oh, say, thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into that. All day long, eh? 

Well, lol,  one has to keep drinking it all day long... I even sleep on it. :) Time to refill my glass :) WBV

Oh, so there's no such thing as excess. Very good! I like that. 

I might add something in the same lines to what Thai zen said..

I've recently purchased some kombucha tea and it also has some caffeine in it, it could be something you might like: 


On the original question: "which cleansing kit would be most applicable to me?"

From reading what you previously wrote all I can say is follow what you think is best. Do you feel that you need a cleanse ? Do you feel run down and/or low on energy or things of that nature? Idk, just a few things I'd ask myself...

Also, +1 on ahein's post where he mentions the cleaner the better, and how intuition is involved. at the end of the day, it's all about what you think is best for you, you can get other people's opinions and such but you're the one who's gnna make the decision..

Wholeness, all the best =]

Oh yes, William … I drink Kombucha tea for probiotics. It's not so much the caffeine, but the emotional comfort I derive from an awesome cup of coffee. I've perfected the perfect cup of body, taste and heaven which does not, on any day, stay singular. The real solution for me is to cease and desist consumption as it consumes me; it's an emotional attachment.

I went for the internal cleanse and am awaiting delivery as we speak. I'm very excited about this, no matter how clean I think my system is with the solutions I implement. It will be interesting to see what my body expels. And after all, this isn't simply the physical realm of concern, but a first step to beyond what we think we know regarding "reality." I'm sure this is true for others as well.

Wholeness back to you with best regards 



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