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Wholeness and Goodday bro ali and welcome to the Resistance if I havent done so in the past this document may help.




The Art of Hyper Dimensional War

This is a summary of what I have learned from my encounters with inner and outer demons. Let this text be food for thought and don’t take my word for anything… but do customize what you read here to fit your own experience.

First, understand that you only experience what you need or choose to experience, and what you need to experience was chosen by you at some other time or level of being. Therefore, you are in some way responsible for all that happens to you, whether you created it or allowed it. The attacks you receive ultimately serve to teach you lessons, and how successfully you defend against these attacks determines how easily you learn your lesson. Learning a lesson before the experience often voids the necessity of having to experience it.

Second, in the absolute sense the Matrix Control System serves to accelerate your spiritual growth, and although its agents see you as the enemy, know that you can utilize them as teachers. You do not need to seek them out, for they will find you as you progress in your learning path. Most importantly, know that you will never be given anything you cannot choose to handle successfully.

Now, the likelihood of an attack depends upon two factors:

a) their desire to attack – the attention you garner
b) their ability to attack – the weakness of your defense

Having strong defenses and lowering your profile as a target reduce the probability of being attacked.

Strong defenses consist of the following:

1) being aware of your internal weaknesses and countering or watching them closely—emotional buttons, ego flaws, lack of knowledge and false assumptions, resentment and envy, bias and prejudice against the bitter truth, emotional dependency upon sources of authority, blindspots in your awareness, etc…

2) being aware of your external weaknesses and countering or watching them closely—people you depend upon or who depend upon you, who can become unwitting tools of attack via their weaknesses being exploited; aspects of your finances and business which can be sabotaged and thus lead to a cascading series of problems; potential health weaknesses you may have which can be flared up in an attack to wear you down; physical and mechanical problems like car accidents and malfunction, slipping and falling on something to hurt yourself, missing appointments due to various odd mishaps delaying you; and if all that doesn’t work, then the people you care for are attacked in these same areas which necessarily gets you involved.

3) being resolute and wise in your decisions—they attack mainly to bias the decisions you haven’t yet made, and to reinforce the wrong decisions you make. This has to do with the Law of Freewill and the STS (negative path) preference to win by their target’s own will to submit. So prior to making the right choice, you may be attacked to keep you from making it. But once you make it, since any further attacks may only confirm for you that you’ve made the right choice, so they tend to stop immediately once that learning plateau has been reached. If you make the wrong choice, they then attack you even harder to make you think you’ve made the right one.

If you are wishy washy, agnostic, and conservative in your decision making, perhaps because you’re afraid of making mistakes or being definitive, you will receive constant attacks because you’re straddling the fence and that is where you’re most easily tipped over to either side by the least amount of force. STS attacks the weakest link at its weakest moment, and being irresolute about your decisions creates just such an opportunity for them. It is better to make a firm decision and be wrong (as then the results show that you have been wrong and you can easily reverse the mistake) than to fear ever being wrong and thus become wishy washy (which makes you uncertain of everything and totally undisciplined in your progress).

Lowering your profile as a target consists of these:

1) stopping whatever you’re doing that makes you a threat—not a good option, as that defeats the very purpose of your existence. Any step forward toward independence for yourself and others will naturally shine the spotlight upon you. To reduce attack, don’t cower in the spotlight and return to your former self, but rather move forward with ever increasing strength of your defenses. Gaining knowledge and applying it naturally ups your defenses – so the very knowledge that makes you a target can protect you against succumbing to attacks. Those who hoard knowledge without taking it seriously enough to apply in life get all the targeting that comes with great knowledge, but possess only half the protection, so they get eliminated pretty quickly.

2) seeking to learn from all you experience—if you are open to learning from your experiences, then the more they try to attack you, the more knowledgeable you become. They take a gamble every time they attack – either they win and you become weak, or they lose and you become stronger. It’s your choice. Being egotistical psychopaths prone to wishful thinking about their skill and prowess, they always attack and usually end up shooting themselves in the foot when they attack a strong target.

3) keeping up a positive emotional frequency—if you are spazzy, frightful, and fearful, you become a reaction machine, one with buttons so sensitive it takes a simple “boo” to get you to splurge all your emotional energy into your etheric environment which STS forces lap up with delight and then use to hack into your reality more easily next time. You become a puppet they can easily control, and they will do their best to use your reactive condition to their advantage.

Additionally, although 4D STS forces can see beyond linear time and analyze our probable futures and pasts, their perception range is limited due to the narrow spectrum of their soul frequencies. Thus they can only see and predict that which resides within their choice to perceive. If you are in a negative mindset or mood, your probable future is within that narrow spectrum, or alternately, you resonate with the sector of hyperdimensional reality that is their territory. In that case, they can more easily screw with you, predict what you’re going to do next, and thus control you. The solution is to stay out of their probability-detection-range by having composure, being active rather than reactive, and generally keeping up a positive emotional state.

So keeping up your emotional frequency isn’t about shielding yourself from the truth (because you can gain knowledge and stay positive if you choose), but rather it’s a necessary tactical method when involved in a hyperdimensional ambush. Consider it donning your metaphysical body armor and camouflage.

4) having foresight, awareness, and knowledge—this makes you less predictable. The more knowledge you have, the more freewill you have, the more choices you can make because you’re aware of those choices, and the harder it is for them to calculate what you will do next. Being unpredictable makes them less efficient in their attack because they must spread their resources to account for a wider range of probable weaknesses.

Some general tips about attacks:

1) attacks ALWAYS have more than one way of succeeding—countering one route of attack doesn’t mean you have countered all, and you can be your own worst enemy. For example, when using an agent to sabotage or harass you, they can win through directly sabotaging your efforts, or by getting you to sabotage yourself via overreaction and paranoia. Often, when they cannot harm you directly, they try to scare you so that by your own overreaction you accomplish their goal. In such encounters, you have two adversaries: them and yourself. Know yourself, and know them, and you will never succumb – that’s common sense and also the key advice of Sun Tzu in “The Art of War”.

Another example is this: if their goal is to prevent you from accomplishing yours, then they can win either by sabotaging your goal directly, or getting you to become so distracted with this whole business of “defending against attack” that you forget to continue your original goal. The best defense is a balanced defense. Sabotage and distraction are thus the two key things you must watch for.

Another method of self-sabotage is to become frightful and reactive, which lowers your frequency as mentioned and puts you deeper into their game, which means they have more power over you and your reality. So although defense is necessary, never forget about what you’re defending, and never forget about your own weaknesses and potential for self-sabotage. Add to this the possibility of being abducted and mind programmed with self-destructive thought loops and posthypnotic suggestions, and you can see the importance of watching not only your adversary, but also yourself.

2) you have more power than they want you to believe—they have created numerous falsehoods in religion, philosophy, spirituality, politics, and culture designed to disempower you by inducing within you a lack of faith in what you can accomplish. It’s the whole “Oh well, what’s the use” mentality that allows predators to run rampant, not because they are strong, but because people make themselves weak by not standing up for themselves or others. It’s worth at least trying, as that tests your limits rather than falsely assumes them.

3) you can rarely succeed in fighting them in the dark—as that is their territory and there are a million directions from which an attack can come invisibly from the dark. But if you drag them into the light by making their tactics visible to everyone, they whither, flee, or in rare cases go bonkers and thus reveal themselves fully. They play dirty, exploiting loopholes and cheating to win, as the ends justify the means for them. For example, winning a debate usually consists of successfully arguing the logic of one’s case. But there is another way of winning: wear down and overwhelm your opponent. This they do by leveling loaded questions and accusations against you faster than you can respond. If you don’t respond, they claim a win. If you do respond, the ignore what you say and immediately throw you another accusation or question, and thus they eventually win when you slip up or give up. The best you can do in that case is see if the fight is really worth fighting, and extracting yourself if it isn’t…often the truth speaks for itself, and you have no obligation to explain yourself to the ignorant who purposely avert their eyes away from the truth.

4) watch your emotional energy output—emotions are energy that open doors into other realms. Normally, emotions help you expand your range of action and thus enter new states of being and levels of experience and learning, but your negative emotion and misdirected thoughts can equally be used by STS forces to open doors into your realm. Or to look at it another way, if they cannot directly reach you, they can still taunt you into exposing yourself where they can reach, then hit hard what you reveal. Although negative emotions are helpful sometimes in alarming you to present danger, be wary of indulging in them beyond their initial use as alarms. Also, watch out for interacting with clearly harmful individuals who seem preoccupied with demanding your time and energy – some are decoys sent to milk you of energy, which can then be used to breech your realm (hack your reality) as stated, leading to more severe attacks than was possible before. Also beware of implanted paranoia that cuts you off from potentially fruitful networking opportunities. As you can see, balance is the key – there’s no substitute for discernment.

5) know that attacks happen on multiple fronts, meaning inside you and outside you simultaneously—your mood can be artificially depressed by malevolent forces using technology or pure psychic attack, and these can be coupled with external attacks exploiting the external weaknesses mentioned earlier. Your judgment may be detrimentally affected while external conditions are set up to test your judgment and lure you into making unwise decisions. Therefore, when in a negative state of mind, refrain from making important decisions and instead have faith in your sober self, waiting until you sober up before making a decision. But if the situation is urgent, you can center yourself mentally, concentrate upon a happy thought or feeling, and through sheer willpower sober yourself up – then you have the clarity of mind and heart to carry on wisely. Whatever your negative emotion is, just meditate upon its diametric opposite – this establishes an internal feedback cycle that over the span of a couple minutes brings you to it.

6) employ your intuition and nonphysical guidance—pay attention that little intuitive voice that has always warned you in the past of danger or unwise moves on your part, it is your Higher Self attempting to communicate with you through your subconscious. If what it conveys matches all the evidence you see, or if nothing you see contradicts what it advises, then you better take it seriously. Your intuition and logic are the most trustworthy aides you have.

Also, pay attention to symbols in your dreams and external waking environment which may convey the presence and nature of an attack. Dreams will generally warn of an upcoming attack or one that is underway. As for symbols in your external waking environment, these are known as omens or synchronicities. Pay attention to them – they often give you a heads up as well. Waking reality is no different from a dream except that it is shared. Just as nightly dreams contain meaningful symbols, so can waking reality contain them. If you pay attention, you will see signs in your environment correlating with hyperdimensional attacks, either as a warning by your subconscious or as a simple byproduct of the attack itself.

An odd but significant form of guidance is the phenomenon of intermittent ear ringing – not tinnitus, which is constant and due to nerve damage, but rather the sporadic type. Ear ringing is generated by your nervous system as an internal audible signal either warning you of psychic intrusion or alerting you to an important thought. The pitch, duration, volume, and apparent location (left, right, both ears, above, below, etc…) communicate different things, and only by observing and correlating them with concurrent events and thoughts can you figure out what each type means. In my case, generally speaking, left ear ringings indicate monitoring by hyperdimensional sources prior to an attack or abduction – while right ear ringings confirm the importance of some thought I was just having. Either way, they signal “Be alert, pay attention.”

7) call upon help from divine sources—such as your Higher Self or God or Jesus or whomever you understand to be representative of the divine will. The help you receive will be in the form of knowledge and strength, and occasionally in the form of direct squelching of the attackers if the fight is otherwise terribly unbalanced against you. They can’t always help you directly, but they can help you help yourself in ways you may not be aware of at the time. In your 3D form, you are very limited in what you can do yourself. You are like the pinky of a hand, barely able to flick a fly—but you can flick on the powerful bug zapper; likewise, you can choose to align with and receive assistance from higher divine laws and principles who command far greater power than you could muster via strategy and personal willpower. Have gratitude for their assistance.

8) you cannot win by taking the choices your adversaries give you—always look for the third option, the way of skipping, skirting, or circumventing the rules they try to foist upon you. This is known as the ‘third man’ theme. The best way to win a game is to stop playing by its rules. Their games are customized to fit what they know about how you react, so stop reacting and alter your methods as fits the situation on the basis of what seems like the smartest thing to do. By gauging your method upon their approach, you are always one step ahead. But generally, it’s wise to not even play their games, so watch out for falling into their ambush: stay centered in your territory where the light shines.

Lastly, here is a summary of guidelines to keep in mind when slandered or challenged:

a) Acknowledge any truth in the criticism—this ensures that you don’t become delusional by becoming ignorant of potentially constructive criticism.

b) Remain non-judgmental, observant, impeccable, and calm—this keeps your emotional frequency elevated and stable, ensures that you don’t overreact, and helps you focus on resolving the situation with finesse.

c) If necessary, reveal only the universal truth in the situation—this helps you avoid becoming distracted by trivial facts, such as he-said/she-said drama that is plentiful but worthless for you and others to invest time and energy. The universal truth consists of that which can be applied again elsewhere to help you or another make better choices. Arguing over petty facts and issues is a trap, quicksand that can quickly suck you in while making you believe you’re defending the truth – instead, you’re defending your ego and personality.

d) Disarm an attack by revealing its underlying mechanism for all to see—this brings the manipulations into the light, where the manipulator then loses all power except over the most gullible and ignorant of people. People rarely give into manipulations when they know they’re being manipulated, so show them why they are being manipulated and they will refuse to give it power.

e) Never attack or defend ego, for that puts you dangerously upon their turf—this is a big one. Anything done out of ego, for the benefit of ego, or in defense of the ego will always come back to bite you. So always act for the highest good and noblest of reasons, unless you want to learn the lesson of their necessity the hard way. Anytime you’re dealing with an attack and applaud yourself for being so fiendish, look again as you may be unwittingly setting up your own booby trap to trip in the future.

f) The battle is waged for the undecided who deserve an informed choice, not the permanently ignorant—in other words, when involved in an argument or defending against a slanderous attack, you can’t convince those who have chosen to ignore, and you have no need to fight for those who already see the situation for what it is. Thus, all your arguing, defending, etc… are only for the benefit of those who have yet to choose, who are open to the truth, and who may benefit from learning. If there are none of these (as time goes on, there will be less and less of them as the facts become more than obvious), then there is no point wasting your energy defending yourself. Therefore, know what you’re fighting for, and it’s nothing worth fighting for, then don’t fight.

g) You cannot and should not override freewill, but you can help people use it—you cannot reverse people’s choices, but you can help them make more informed ones. This means your energy isn’t spent preaching, but rather sharing what you see and know so that those who have yet to choose can use it for their betterment.

h) To avoid defeat by distraction or avoidance, never abandon your principles or give up progress for the sake of defense—as explained before, the counterpart to sabotage is distraction, and you are the only one responsible for succumbing to distraction. Deal with attacks as quickly and efficiently as possible, then get on with your life and don’t dwell on the past. Don’t hold regrets or grudges or dig up the dead, and don’t succumb to those individuals who try to open your wounds.

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.

Always use love: kind love for the kind, tough love for the tough.

Follow the compass but watch where you step.


gms Mr Spirit Matter, deeply sent.

The way around the dual problem (bad man/path and worse man/path) is to refuse both answers and make your own. - This was very useful.

I do have one question. I used to be the first to say, the best way to win conflict is to not engage in it, turn away from your opponent and give them no energy, this has helped against some entities. Much of this is more direct. - Taking the fight to them almost, by disarming the traps, bombs and tactics before they happen - explains my dream work finding bombs - hexagon, black, with red circle in the middle. 

In all this really appreciated depth, my only question left unanswered is do any seek out these STS forces first hand to increase the rate at which they learn. I remember a teacher once stating to call upon the universe to give you your greatest fear, which was perhaps the bravest thing someone could do, but you had to be ready for such a thing.

It is an odd system that has been set up to say the least, bestial in nature, but it almost promotes a want to go find them rather than sit and wait for them to find you.

Very good info, Mr. Spirit Matter.  Thanks for posting it.

There's two common attacks I get - one is if I am doing exceptionally well, and clear/clean (spiritually/physically speaking). This happens about every 3 months at the solar plexus, its de-sire based, nagging like I should be doing something else, and I must find a way of doing it. This only happens if I haven't strayed too far off course for a while, and its predictable to happen at the 3/6 month stages. Last time this happened was when I was at a high energy state but my dreams had been cut, going from really involved deep dreams pages long in my journal, to a point where I didn't receive any, which caused a negative spiral for a while. - As adventure was removed from my life, it built up to be that nagging in the solar plexus, like a hole was forming. I'll handle this better next time, but the attack route is still open for another reason to fill its place, so its the solar plexus that needs more of a shield/toughening up.

The other, possibly the same -reason- as above, is boredom based. The difference is this happens when I am removing anything negative energy orientated from my life (on the physical plane), it tends to be all encompassing, discomfort - moving through it (so it feels uncomfortable ;)), only hyped up so I am made to feel it much more consciously. - Physical anxiety you might say that often has me walking away to do something else, an excess of energy building up, tapping of the foot, feeling unsettled physically. That is what i get when I pull myself out of a physical cycle or loop, constantly. 

Thoughts on how to address them? - Not the reasons, but the systems that cause both.

Hi Mark, hope you are doing well.  I would like to comment on your questions, not as the answer but merely as a reflection of some of my experiences. For the first type of attack, it sounds like to me that it's that weird saying "it's too good to be true". I used to think this and I would actually limit my own happiness and abundance. Now instead of that, I will say I am enjoying this moment and I am grateful and happy at the same time. But in this world of duality, I am looking forward to the next challenge. I think there's a subtle difference in the two thought streams so to speak.

As for the 2nd challenge in terms of boredom, I've gone through that and still go through it, so it's nice that you brought it up. Usually when i go outside to meditate there is the relaxation from the air freshness, the view, and the sounds of nature, but opposed to this there is the discomfort of the sharp blades of grass or the rough edges of the rocks, and my skin will get more sensitive and itchy, and bugs will start crawling over me; haha, it can get a little ridiculous in my opinion. But the key for me is to accept these sensations, and with inquiry I usually ask myself if my annoyance with what I don't like has to do with fear, and then ask will an ant crawling on my leg kill me. Probably, not so I chill out. 

I tend to think it may have to do with changing frequencies or growing pains. Or another example is when you go up in altitude your ears pop. 

And boredom is still tough for me to deal with, but it usually has to do with a sense of confusion from not knowing what to do, or a subtle anger or fear of not wanting to do something you feel you need to accomplish. 

I hope this helps! Take care as always :)

Gratitude sent to you Tyrone for sharing that, many thanks the perspectives have helped, as I hadn't considered boredom to be linked with anything else but me (or the immediate situation), which needs expanding out. Maybe boredom itself needs to be expanded out a bit, so we know what it is, or more positively how to move past it, and you have helped with that here.

Thank you deeply,


The process is not to war with such thins at all, the goal is to understand overcome and utilize, your experiences.

I got my answer this morning, but I still feel even after having it, that if confrontations with these beings make us stronger, then why not have confrontation with these beings? I don't have a satisfactory answer for that yet as to why it is not beneficial to life,  I am not stating war by any means, that entire concept was made up by childs mind angry at their situation, and i've been through a brief phase of that again recently - lets call it my teenage years ;) at 30 but I digress.

I am much more aware of my situation now, and my encounters with these beings so far (3-4 come to mind), even the 4d one which had me all over the place, have been beneficial, leaps forward as it were.

I would love to jump in. Im considered the apex predator whnit comes to multidiensional warfare. I have many allies and enemies but im fairly good at teaching defense and attack. Im also strategic as well. Ive been to another dimension and fought even through astral channels. My defeses and immunities allow me high speed astral combat as well. Mostly i keep balance in the world but evil has been rising in power regardless of my actions. Noone messes with me without getting defeated in some way. The one that got away killed his underling to escape. i dont actually fight for fun but to protect. Also the source of my powers is hope and other high channels. I wanted to end up teaching but multidiensional warfare may not be for everyone especially when it collides with your real life. Eventually it will. And a word to the wise the dimensions are very fragile now. Its not exactly our fault but something is going down soon. I wish people were ready for it. I can teach slowly but combat in the dimensions is fast paced. Also biting off more than you can chew is always understated. Ill be around for q&a like always. Also i can awaken hidden locks within others so dont doubt yourself without being evaluated. I make research so i freely help others.

If my dreams are clear again, I'll charge some quartz, and my soul gives you the go ahead, be sure to check in with its okay. I am very, very, very ready to join you crusader for a lesson :). 

I have an excess of energy I can put to use, and it might as well be helping others out both waking and sleeping. So if you have a lesson you can teach me to protect someone else, then i'd like to learn it, even basic stuff would be wonderful. I hear there is a lack of people guarding others out there, well I'd like to get started right now.

I can take the knocks, or am learning to, but not everyone out there can. So far my only tricks have been reversing time, or evasion (extreme speed, or jumping to places I have been or haven't yet been, changing the geomatry to a sideways view) but nothing much on protection, just the occasional hand weapon.

I have seen some of the speed by which it happens, its incredibly fast, one entity kept me in false awakenings about 12 times, till I just came to a stop to release the pressure. One chased me through impossible tunnels at a blurr, another followed me like a jumper, till I jumped to places I just made up not ones it knew about.

Protection of others is the key, making the most out of the least, if its going to benefit us going forward.

Well i feel you bro. i know t protect themselves and giving protection to others takes alot of energy. Well the easy way is to manifest something like an armor or field of power around oneself to protect yourself. To do it for others has been a pet project of my creation. the largest scale of power ive ever seen used in such a small package. But thats a skill for those who wish to be adept. its so hard becuase the energy comes from you and with distance comes cost sometimes. While  the field around yourself is as strong as it wants to be you could apply attributes to it dependant on the energies that forge the protection. Field based is fine but a fine armor is my favorite.


quick lesson though. one must know not all spirits are evil and some even help willingly. These spirit types  can protect others. i call them guards. now one might think guards are rare because well they are to my knowledge hard to find. and some are picky about the status they wish to protect.

 If you truly wish to protectg others projecting a field around them might help but strength and distance are tied. sometimes the power fades at a distance. I get past distance issues by supplying energy portably and freely. My project uses research and development of spiritual , mental, and physical constructs. These parts come together and form tiny harmless batteries. But I myself feel that its not the course of others. I admire your wanting to protect others but one must know to protect themselves. Our power bis percieved by physics, minds and metaphysics. Alltogether imagination is the shield and sword. What I do is wake someone up from ancient times within someone and allow that power to flow creating a control over the diverse constructs that build ideas and the ideas thus form anything the mind can think of given the right power source be available. One must awaken once to the possibility and then again in the time of need. this ability of mine allows me to take a weak and simple creature whether it be human or even animal and allow it the ability to do what it needs or for instance in animals create and forge protection on their behalf. In humans I leave things to them to imagine and create. I do this becuase I cannot tell someone how they can control themselves but how the constructs can work together to form the desired object. This whole time it may seem ive gone nowhere but the battery i mentioned is very powerfully constructed using eternally reliable materials. The question would be asked how to use them. Well as i said power and distance arnt friendly so if a person has a stable and honest supply around the field i project around that person can become self contained, self preserving, self working. In other words a level of protection for billions of creatures. However the humans version was made last and is still being produced. if you havent read my other works it pieces together my prodigous efforts in etheric sciences and mental capacity. I learned from the best and sadly can only teach my way.

Since I'm no God myself, just a being with power I find it hard to believe others would have a problem if they learned the fast and efficient ways of the soul and other etherics of themselves. By now those that read this should understand that opening ones consciousness to evolve beyond even the norms, beyond hightened consciousness, beyond reality, is a path  thats as simple as it is difficult. What i mean to say is you brother mark would be among the first of many to feel opened. However that is a trick reserved for only I and a selct few olf others know the opening of the mind enough to do so without bringing harm. Also as an edge keep eternal peace in mind when forging your spirits as ill fate has befallen those who would betray such noble teachings. Not by me but of the forces of their own desires have they fallen.


those who wish to be open which is slightly different from a hightened state of consciousness need just ask as the task is particular that the mind be aware that it can and wants to be.


Being open is but the first lesson. All other lessons and most of my research depend on opened minds. only one other friend has been opened and he knows all that i have taught and have been taught as long as he has asked. Eventually these lessons will require an opened mind to access the highest conscious mind fast enough to allow such power to be manipulated. the equivalant of an opened mind is the ability to charge and channel power in real time. i learned an entire lifes work in just ten years using the opened mind. for others it could be awhile but its up to the imagination really. but thats it for now. while an opened mind is strong its abilities are improved based on you and your actions.

I understand. The default of wanting to protect others, serves as a good way of aiding to keep the self interest in check by that default of focus, sure it needs some monitoring, but if the goal is to facilitate the protection of others then at least things are moving in the right direction. Going with the flow so to speak. Even if this requires the protection originate in me, its ultimate goal is to encompass others.

Open mind I might have had these experiences before, certainly i've filled the room, and even become the room/reality at one stage, all physical matter. I cannot get out of the body yet but i've timetabled a daily routine, morning practice session, where every day I'll get in state for an attempt - during these occasionally the mind will open up as it did this morning to be larger than usual, to let more consciousness in. Is this what you refer to?

Certainly being at ground zero in the UK, 100 miles from London gives the universe some need to balance protection against the aggression going on, so i'd have a use. As to what I can give you in return, if it'll help, I know you can pull the rituals they use from my past lives (2000 - 2060 BC Peru) and even this life, though it wouldn't be what you'd expect. These days the rituals are done in plain sight to the masses, as they were then in stone cities by priests (using caskets and snakes). The amount of masonry in my bloodline is yours to help protect against it, though it only extends in recent times to the treasurer level of a lodge, I have a suspicion it does go beyond that further back in italy. - Not me I hasten to add, my family, cut off just in time at my generation.

I have not read your works, could you point me to where I might find them, or begin my search?

All I have done thus far when the mind/consciousness above is expanded, is integrate it back to reality in stages, zoom in to the body. I've expanded it a little to see the titan nature of the body we inhabit, it is much bigger than most perceive, like a clockwork mechanism and I've only scratched the surface. I've had other experiences like an unexpected portal to a reptillian sun based ET when I phazed out; seeing angels/my energy team by my sides in meditation, linking hands, seeing a view of the energetic beings you mention (green/and yellow/red), bliss or ascension experiences that kind of thing, but not much else with the mind opened for consciousness. Today I wrestled with whether I was the blue/or violet consciounsess emitting from the crown chakra (in meditation) or whether that was the pulse of energy directed to me (to create the projection of life outward from our portals/eyes), wondering whether I could simply leave using it and return at will. I was somewhat successful integrating into the stream more than usual, not pulling it down, or attempting to move towards it, but actually attempting to -be- it.

Anyway that is an honest assessment of where I am now, perhaps we should go to pm's unless you feel it helps to share your training with others.

Gratitude manifested and sent



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