Interesting Aura Interpretation...Thoughts appreciated...

So, I live the life of a corporate person, on my own time, trying to become fully aware and awake.  I don't enjoy my job, but in the USA, who does?  Today I went into a local shop and had my aura photo'd.  This is my first experience with this, and the results where quite not what I was expecting.

The lady's interpretation seemed very concerned, noting that i am a person who is always doing doing doing things,  Ever intent on accomplishment in the physical.  She said I am close to burning out, and that the size of my aura is depleted because my energy is being sapped either by me or by something else.  She recommended I try meditating, and perhaps heed any physical warnings my body may be giving me.  She made mention that I have one of the reddest auras she's ever seen.  She was very careful not to scare me, very nice, but looked at me as though i was bleeding out of my eyes or something.

She also made mention that I have information coming to me in waves (which I have been asking for in my meditations) and also she sees 3 orbs in the photo which she referred to as spirit guides.

Now, I've been meditating on balance and wholeness and awareness for about 3 weeks.   Been on MMS for 2 weeks.  Trying to be healthier and eat well, too.  Before that did all the concentration exercises and learned about attention for almost 10 weeks, metaphysics 101 stuff.  Meditations aren't as deep as I'd like, but I'm only beginning.  I accept the basics and realize i need balance, and I desire to raise my vibration and hope to ascend from this world of consensual slavery, possession, and greed.  I see the evil in the world, and was worried about it at first, but then realized that I control my fate.

I believe that since I seek this information, then i find it.  I think that since i desire and pray for this spiritual health, i will find that as well.  But after really beginning to feel good about the direction i was going, it seems I may be nowhere near where or even who i thought i was?

The ego can sure spin a convincing delusion, I thought i could use more focus and work harder on the things I do.  She seemed to indicate I should  really try to relax and find peace.

Have any of you had experience with Kirelian Photography?  Is it reliable?  Is it subjective?

I have read that red can mean many things, one of which was a "warning sign"  Synchronistically enough just last night I posed on my page about all of the Warning Signs i've been seeing everywhere.  I thought most likely they are warnings of the impending shift in consciousness... I'm not so certain anymore...

I'd be interested in the thoughts of those who also may have input, or similar experience when they were just getting started on the narrow path.


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Hey Braden,

Here are my thoughts on this subject...

I've had this experience of having my Aura photoed and it came out dark red, with no other colors. The lady who interpreted my aura gave me very disappointing news, said I'm on the path where I either need to choose to live or die. Then my mother got her's done as well, and her aura came out very colorful, lots of purple and blue. And the lady had nothing but good things to say.

I should note my mother, who is a very loving person, is also very stuck in the matrix hive mentality. With pretty much no interest in esoteric knowledge.

So the only conclusion I can think of, is these so called New Age Aura photo's and these so called Aura readers are put out there for a reason. I think there's an agenda behind it, and that agenda is to put certain negative thoughts and feelings into anyone who is a threat to the system.

I think the same thing goes for people who call themselves psychic and charge you an ass load of money to do a 15 minute reading, and all they do is flip through a few cards.

Since then I've pretty much never gone to any psychic or Aura reader, because I know what to expect. That energy is part of the system, the system controls them, teaches them only the things it wants them to know, in order to frustrate those who are on the path.

That's my opinion on it all, I wouldn't let that experience get you down, because if these people were true aura readers....they wouldn't need a specific camera or photo to see and read it.

I appreciate the perspective Sean, and will meditate on this further.
It did immediately occur to me, that "spirit guides" and "energy sapping" seem to contradict.
I'd like to hear even more views or experiences with this type of photography and if they had similar experiences.
I know of two people who have had their aura's read with this photography thing. My mom's aura was all yellow, but she doesn't have the hive mentality. She is really easy going and respects all people. My ex-boyfriend had an aura of mostly red. He is a very dynamic, passionate person. I would say he is definitely a threat to the system. Some of things he would tell me about are things that Sevan describes in The Code to the Matrix (before I read it). I have never heard these things from anyone except my ex-boyfriend and a few other people. He has a lot of esoteric knowledge and the main thing on his mind seemed to be about getting power. When we would go to these new age metaphysical gatherings and all write down what we wanted most in the next year, or something like that, he would always say/write "power" with no shame. He could never be tamed or manipulated by any other entity, which is a major threat. It seems like many people in that community have a prejudice towards having power in this world or any other. Power is not "bad", it is how you use it. It is "good"/useful to be powerful in my opinion. I think Sean is on to something, I like the insight.
Hey Braden,

Good to see you're climbing the good mountain as it were (and I don't mean the corporate one) :)

First, I'd like to point out that Kirlian photography / Aura photography is far, FAR from full proof tech. The colors are added there digitally, as an interpretation of the fields perceived. The process is somewhat accurate, some of the time. So even if the lady had the best of intentions, do take it with a grain of salt, because the technology has limits.

That being said, some questions come to mind:

Do you sleep enough ? Do you at least "catch up" on weekends for sleep lost during the week ?

Do you do Pranayama at all, on any given day ? If not, keep in mind you can do it in the car while driving, or while at the computer. Really anywhere where people won't be freaked out by the loud breathing noises :) Please search here on the site, I think I uploaded videos for both Breath of Fire and Kapalbhati Pranayama, just take a look and stick with the one you like.

And remember that link I showed you, how we could ALL have died back in 1990 ? Time is ALWAYS short, whether in 2 years or 20, at some point these bodies die, so act like the time to do things is NOW, like this exact week, explore the mysteries your heart draws you to, spend time with the people you like the most, get to know new ones, share of yourself and your knowledge fully with everyone who wants to listen, and also remember that universal chaos in the form of a DUI truck driver can always kill you way before any bad aura or energy issues :)

In the end it's not the money we've gathered that counts, because we leave that here. What seems to matter is the fun we had, the fun we gave to others and the experiences we learned from all this.

As Bashar says, always follow your highest excitement, and go that way, things will definitely work out well!

Best wishes and many colors upon your aura, and may we live in interesting times :)
@Beth I'm not familiar with the series you mentioned, but if possible I'd like to know what you make of those connections, did I get it right that you connected the word to some goddess of Love ? :)

As for what it is and how it's done, just search here on the site, I uploaded 2 good videos on it, should clarify right away what it's about. I myself find it great, as it's free, for all ages, and no government can control your own lungs. Unless of course one slouches all the time in front of the TV :P

@Braden, good to see you're back on track, I didn't even expect anything else. I know good people when I see them by the beards, and since your beard is very respectable, I had no worries about your progress on the path. And you can even use this as an awesome bit of advice from me: if you ever feel in any doubt, just meditate on your beard, it will guide you straight and true every time. You know how it is, us psychedelic beard folks, we gotta keep together, otherwise who's gonna take this world out of the mess, the clean-shaven ones ? Yeah right... It's all on our shoulders Braden, never forget the legacy that comes with an awesome beard :)
Thanks All for the great input, actually I have been using Prana before my daily meditations. It helps still the mind and draws energy into the body.

At first I was concerned that I may be misleading myself, however this is the nature of the sphere.
The photo, though that day was somewhat bewildering, doesn't really affect me anymore.

For whatever reason, i did seek outside guidance "the photo" for advice on my spiritual path and insight as to my development. I got exactly what I set out for, which was external, and therefore subject to scrutiny and interpretation.

The same day I did consult the Most High, and I received my answer from within. The photo was a symptom of doubt, and it generated more doubt. Law of attraction at work. right?
Either way, IF the photo was me and was 100% accurate, well, it WAS me that day... and the very nature of growth and even our very world is change. I am changing every day, my intentions are based on self-awareness and respect for myself and all those like me, who seek truth.

It was a small stumble, that made me realize my shoe was untied, which I have re-tied, so I wont break my leg on a bigger stumble!

I have re-learned to seek inside, not outside. Especially not of people who are not of similar intentions and goals. This community is a great group of minds and here many perspectives can be learned, but ultimately, when it comes to personal questions of the self.... well...
I will give the Most High his chance to answer, and he has not failed me in this.



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