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As time speeds up at a faster pace we now face as a race hyper dimensional space.

The term Hyper-Terrestrial we use to directly refer to our current growth rate. Just as a child is called hyper for moving about fast and not being able to remain focused, the human is faced also with being responsible for analyzing what exactly is coming across the portal of information these days or the consequences could be vast. The Resistance is here to assist you with that task.

There are many that have just began to embark on esoteric knowledge while there are others that are much more Adept. Spiritual knowledge itself is far too vast to have a beginning or an end but it is of value from time to time to do a recap. Taking a closer look at certain key points to ascertain what is exactly going on in the present is key.

This is Sir John Dee and Elisabeth I 

In the 1600's Queen Elisabeth charged Sir John Dee with the task of opening Pan- Dimensional Gates to gain knowledge of how to break the "skynet" and traverse the void. John Dee was then Ambassador to the Queen signing his signature 007.

When finally making contact with the Pan Dimensional entities it is know that John Dee became thoroughly possessed and the E.T.'s in which he made contact with took his mind flooding it with data beyond lifetimes of comprehension. With this data the dark Enochian language was eventually developed. This is also the advent that brought about the creation of the Nuclear Bomb as many know that Jack Parsons was also a part of this order later popularly called the Psychonauts bent on discovering how to turn matter into energy.

(Insert Nazi Persistance)

Enochian Script

Enoch, the first to write about god according to Judaism is none other than Enki of the Sumerian Pantheism.

This is Enki, as revealed in the Code to the Matrix. This is the common Saturnalian motif of the bearded gods.

One should ask themselves what is it about Earth that these entities want to escape it so bad abandoning places like the warm tropics for deep cold space confined to a physical ship?

If this dynasty did not start until the 1600's delving into the machinations of the deep occult that would insist that they knew very little about the "real" occult and thus a great deal of the works such as the Egyptians, Lemurians, and Sirians that they now take credit for was actually in the hands of another faction and through marriage ties they linked themselves with this faction.

This faction is actually more popularly referred to as Reptilians, however, it has now become clear that when these entities arrived in this system they did not have a terrestrial form and began to assimilate the beings that where already here. Some of the beings like the snake where chosen for its unique traits that where more pleasing to the E.T.'s that could be enhanced with their DNA manipulation techniques.

Many of these type of animals preferred by the malevolent E.T.'s are called Chthonic. This is the Snake, Wolf, Bat, Owl, etc. To fit this criteria the animal is either nocturnal or vicious by nature.

This is INANNA, VENUS, ISHTAR, LILITH etc. This is why the Owl is used as the symbolism behind much of the dark arts. 

The second generation of these beings were referred to as the Anakim or sons of Anak. They are also referred to as the Annunaki who are cabalistically referred to as ANNA. In the Cabala there are many 4 letter words that act as dualities. This is also ABBA, APPA, MAAM, and many others all spun in ciphers of numerical equivalence to the square.

(insert anna video)

Innerstanding this language of hyper communication is to innerstand sacred geometry, which is not so sacred, in addition to talismans, enochian script, and sigils. It is apparent at this point that most of these designed systems in circulation are used within the dark arts even if it is purported to be edgewise. Others are so corrupted from misuse, there is a great need to find another system to associate with. 

The true system of heightened spirituality is located internally, unique to each individual as the soul of the human being is superfluous and not a straight line. No pattern of the human soul can be duplicated and put into a cookie cutter, such is the brilliance of the Most High.

To foil the great plot of theosophy it should be clear to the reader to imagine your body is two interlocking tetrahedrons which is a 3D hexahedron is to already bring about limitation. The Mer-Ka-Ba is a vehicle to the sphere of Saturn - SAT - Satan as depicted popularly, and all corresponding dimensions such as 9. We are much more, containing the capability of traversing all of innerspace.

Personally I find it very disturbing that there are highly respected individuals in the esoteric community that are perpetrators. In all actuality they are theosophist who have spoke against many things that they now have aligned with such as the New Age movement which is the Great Deception. 

Behind them is clearly an entity that does not like Earth so thus the biggest part of the agenda has been to make the humans feel like they are from somewhere else and not citizens of Earth. In this state they begin to neglect Earth but most importantly themselves. We are internal Beings, We can easily look to the Celestial Body within. When a name is given corruption is at play.

Individuals have found themselves thinking maybe they are from the Pleiades, maybe Mars, maybe Sirius, maybe Draco. The list goes on and on while most of these people have no clue what they are channeling not to mention most have still never made contact. This is a very simple way to leave oneself open. One must remain present, We all have a great stake in Mother Earth as Our memory base lives here also called Akashic Records we must stand for Earth.

Now to the big Disclosure

First up is Panic Demonium and Bobby Hemmit

This is a recent facebook photo of Panic's personal shrine. Again I care not for what people choose to do but when masquerading around as an Avatar while effecting the people through deception begins to take place it must be highlighted.

In the beginning this pro black movement was even noting how Barack Obama was actually initiated and sent to task by the Theosophical Society. Although loosely, they continued to make the people believe they were here to help African Americans make the transition. This was anything but true and once again the people have been betrayed by money hungry warlocks that will sell any soul they can attach to. The Black V.

There were many that felt I was totally wrong about showing their inner workings. I know for a fact a part of what happened between me and Lenon had a lot to do with me addressing directly some of the problems in the community, especially in regards to Sophia Stewart and the Christ programming. 

Now it is very clear that what I was explaining about these fellows "fell lows" affiliation with the dark arts is out in the open. But the people still remain blind. They drain more money than ever from the people and most importantly because of the Hyper-Terrestrial behavior explained above, many fast asleep have been assimilated imagining Dark Matter and Melanin have something to do with the dark arts of the goat god pan. 

Again many have already been assimilated by purchasing their false ascension packages full of names of various lower dimensional scum. Their recent stunt was to prostitute the people to Ganesha which was exposed in Serpent Worship Deus. This Ganesha Project also called the Ganesha Particle is a major part of the Theosophical Assimilation Procedure.

So in a nutshell these individuals have done nothing more than attempt to make a name and presence for themselves so that they can link with these societies that are liken unto the Boule. The eyes tell everything, these are the same individuals that will do anything and anyone to get ahead. Let that be known. This is the final time the Resistance will warn about Mr. Hem and Pan so those who curri messages about can give then that one. 

What comes next in this disclosure is one of the most difficult things to accept as I myself, like many others, "grew up" for better lack of words off of what many of these individuals affiliated with Alienshift have presented. To see it all go to the dogs I cannot be responsible for as it is a major part of the Great Deception I spoke of above. 

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support what We will unveil and one should know We are the Resistance, the real thing, and if all want to remain "diplomatic" and not say anything We are cut from an entirely different cloth and will not stand for such things or shy away at the pivotal moment. 

(Insert Masonic Ideas Video)

Communicating with Watchers

This is Medea

It is very clear that the Media/Medea/Mediatrix is controlling much of the total consciousness of humanity through the tube. Not to be separated from Tyler Perry "Medea Family Reunion as many of these individuals have obviously taken these energies into their body by pact. 

The T.V. is controlling a great deal of the total consciousness of humanity. Now We are on the brink as for many that have too many codes and programs of duality are in desperate need of a delete feature. Until a person innerstands themselves they are only trying to be like another model or icon. To find oneself it does at times take going into "real life" and pausing on the virtual world for a moment. Discoveries are only partly made in the library the rest are made in the field.

Sony-Soni- Sion has done enough "programming" through televi"sion" shows to keep all who gaze into that one eye without notion of the danger. Fast asleep they are and manipulated from the highest levels.

It is so integrated that We now have a scheduled appearance from the "V". Unbelievable the deception it is just as depicted in old series. We are yet to see how things will line up in the new series scheduled for release in March, do pay close attention to that month. March 20 is the Vernal Equinox the date used to determine Easter who is also Astarte, Isis, Ashtar, Inanna etc. To the occultist this is the true beginning of the year.

Clause: Anyone who is mentioned here that feels like what is being presented is not corrected they have an opportunity to come on Esoteric Radio and explain why all of this appears as such. We doubt highly they will have enough in them to do it.

People's Exhibit A

Here is the invitation to the "Alienvent" also called the "Alienshift" Project. Now haven't these individuals on this very card warned so proficiently in there publications that We should stay away from E.T., Reptilian, and any other dimensional beings attempting to "shift" "alter" and "assimilate" Us? At this point it is now clear to me also why I was syncromistically made to bump heads with Mr. Swedlow. Notice also this "conversion" begins on the Vernal Equinox.

People's Exhibit B

The individuals depicted above are rallying behind Mr. Saeed Farman who to me has a Zacharia Sitchen feel to him. Many of Us now know that Mr Sitchen was bringing forth tons of disinformation about Planet X and Nibiru.

You will notice that Saaed a.k.a. ShahanShah is actually saying he is the "V". He has not guilt whatsoever in saying this nor do the individuals depicted above have any problem with being represented as such. In addition the avatar picture being used by Farman is none other than Ashtar Command propaganda. 

Ashtar command is a Theosophical New Age center of the Earth Great White Brotherhood sanction. A hybridization of Cathars who wish to bring about total world domination through various deceptions from fluoride to magic with a "K" or serpent. It will be much too lengthy here to detail the works totally of Theosophy, however, their is a great deal of information in Our archives in regards to it and the Code to the Matrix has a hefty section on the topic.

Make no mistake these people are very connected, however, if one makes a decision out of force and the feeling as if everyone is choosing to go down that path and they to must follow one can be sure based on situations of the past alone, it will be the wrong direction for mankind.

People's Exhibit C

The Waning Moon and the Inverted Star.

Here is a crop circle of the design they have chosen to represent their movement, however, on their twitter page they have made it a point to take the same photo and invert the star. An inverted photo of this crop circle cannot be found on the internet done as such so it was deliberate.

People's Exhibit D

The Stage Play

This is Mr. Aaron McCallum recent whistle blower for Project Camelot who says he was basically a Manchurian agent triggered to run secret mission for a deep branch of the Coast Guard. (?) The Fifth Column is still looking through this and Project Talent. The details about his interaction are so loose I've found disinformation more informing. But again they have no clue how many people are in the Resistance and as far as Armed Forces and Ops in position spy is still versus spy.

It begins to connect.

Right after Aaron discloses on Project Camelot all traffic is then directed to Alienshift. Aaron is of course a member depicted on the thumbnails top row, 5th across, first page.

In this data block on their site there is some very disturbing things being expressed. Being in control of emotion means being in control of anger. I will say however that such acts against people who a genuinely kind is despicable. I feel many of the individuals drawn into the new age movement are peaceful people seeking wholeness however it is clear the "V" have no intention on doing that. The editor again represents themselves as the "V" saying they love you and don't travel in the year 2012. What does one imagine that means?

Let Us see the mentality of Saaed.

(insert Saaed video)

Their state of mind.


Using the same old 11:11 digital subliminal time code they predict 7 years of desolation after 2012. Just great, another bad report, when are they going to give it a break? Ashtar command said in the beginning that if the humans chip in they could help them save the planet. Now that they have chipped in with much of their time and money the story has switched, its now doom and gloom like most of the others are predicting, nothing about activation and ascension anymore because they never had that figured out from their angle. 

We would also like to mention something else. Why is it that Project Camelot never interviews anyone of color? Surely Dr. Blaire, Jewel Pookrum, and many others have contributed great discoveries to the esoteric world however they go unmentioned and unnoticed by these factions. We wanted to mention that because it is odd.  Lets have a look.

Nope, not here. Certain individuals after reading the Code to the Matrix and becoming good friends of mine that also know Kerry personally bought me to her attention as it was clear I had an encounter. She logged in and has been a member without so much as sending one message, odd. But of course this is not a racial thing, right?

No matter the conversion process doesn't work on me, I'm immune with a very high Resistance :-)

We are about wholeness they are about peace so they go to pieces. 

Know them by their works and their signs and symbols.

(Insert Illuminist Hand Video)

They are one in the same.

In addition their main affiliate is the Andromedan Galactic Council who has officially made themselves the NWO of the Galaxy yet to be put in place but not to far away according to them.

We don't need a United Nations in the Universe, trust me on this one. 

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This strategy of twisting truth with lies is an old one thus not everything being presented by projected camelot (PC) is false, in fact a great deal of it is true and useful. This of course makes it much more difficult to see the deception, just like the bible. Some interviews seem to be purely independent of "PC's" ultimate goal, such as interviews with David Icke where you can see that it is clear that David and Kerry are at odds. This can be seen extensively through the body language. However you can see why this interview had to take place because many people began to wonder why "PC" had not interviewed David Icke yet.

This faction came under the radar long ago after interviewing David Wilcock who said he was basically Edgar Cayce re-incarnated. Edgar being a major part of the New Age movement pre ordination rose flags for me. Children of the Law of One and the Pyramid propaganda. In addition the continuous comments that they were against the New Age deception while still bringing forth New Age concepts and people was a dead ringer.

There are many things that are obvious. They say one thing and do another. I even listened to a recent Swerdlow interview and he said specifically, stay away from these new age seminars and things of that nature that contain notions of extra terrestrial life and them wanting to help humans. He goes further and admits there are many factions or races here that have there own agenda and in most instances it does not mean something positive for the human race.

This I can see if greatly in part because humans will need to learn how to do something themselves, they are rather domesticated and no matter what at some point they will need to be broke from such dependancies. But as you see he warns about not affiliating with such factions and then joins one himself and invites all of his viewers to attend.

Such things are the rope that hangs and because they are so used to no one knowing anything beyond what they are bringing forth, they have remained confidant that nobody will highlight there involvement with the Great Deception. They are mistaken, and I wrote this to a member in regards to Swerdlow.

"A good friend of mine worked with the military on code, Morse to be exact. Nothing big, but they still made him sign a paper that says for 77 years he cannot disclose anything about what was done on his facility, which again was not much. Now when someone says they worked on the Montauk project, as Steward Swedlow has, what do you think they make them sign? So that would mean anything they are doing is another Op for whatever faction they are with. As we continue to uncover the trail it looks like these people are affiliated with Nazi and Neo-Nazi movements that are conjunctions of Blavatsky and Companies Theosophical one world order dream.

Below you will find a link to the Justice League season premiere. Keeping in mind the good guys and the bad guys in this are actually on the same team looking closely you can learn a lot. Superman has a pentagram on his chess with a "S" in the middle. Wonderwoman has that same pentagram. Two Characters on the same team named John/Oannes. The Martian during the intro is actually a snake that turns into a man and he talks briefly about his shape shifting abilities. Again the super hero is a evolutionary trigger and many of Us are being triggered now to rise to the cause of defense of Earth and still others to attack."
very nicely put! high vibes
sevan...they have removed this vid....i am noticing this more and more ....
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