July 18, 2010 6:57 AM


Ok resistance i just woke up to a very intense dream. I dont know what this dream means but i had to rush to post it, it felt so real.





Ok i appear to be in a field behind a house i dont know what i was doing, i think  i was with people but i am not sure. Next thing i know i look up to the sky and i see something coming from the sky, its getting closer and closer at rapid speed so fast i started runnig before it got closer. It appear to be something like a rock (meteor), it looked like it was a cataclyism. It appeared to be very luminous, so i started runnig towards the front of the house but running along the size of the house. As i am running i see more Meteors getting closer to the surface, so fast they started to crash everywhere around me (one of them crashes and takes a chunk of the house with it). One came so close i had to throw myself to the ground to doge it. Next thing i know these so called "meteors" were "Ships". At this point i was by the front of the house, I was a bit scared i am not going to lie.



So next thing i know these beings(ET's) looking like "Mayans" (star-gate movie)(indian looking) started coming from the "Meteors/Ships", but They apear to be "Ether" like because they just came out the meteor, no door opend or nothing like that, they just started walking towards me. I started runnig towards the house to get the others and my kids, I am not sure if i succeeded. Next thing they started gathering the "humans", my family and others. We were defenseless against them. For some reason before all this happen i notice a family lived near by us (white cacasian family) < dont know why i thought of that while this was happening. < i am writing the dream down as i recorder it this morning on my "voice Recorder".



I Notice they had some type of weapon. They would create some type of Luminant light with smoke "Green" (kind of like the green lanter) from their hands. we were defenseless against it, this weapon would paralize you or disarm you if you were armed. They would throw it at you and it will paralize you. I believe we were more scared then anything else, they didnt seem violent but neither friendly.

They started gathering the "Humans" in a circle. It appeared we were still out side tho, weird thing is that i had my youngest son behind my legs "tight" on me but behind us there was a room. One of the "ET's" notice the room and started walking towards the room (I notice them speaking in tongues). (for some odd reason i was very concern for the kids "the Innocent") I knew who was sleeping in the room. It was Mr. Spirit Matter, He was sleeping and the ET approached him but the ET camouflage with the covers (he blended with the sheets sort of speak) so as "spirit matter is waking up he does not notice the ET in the room with him. I am standing out side the room, only thing seperating me from them were french doors made out of wood and glass. So i kick the doors so it can make noise but it was a little to late and the ET capture him, spirit dint have time to even scuffle with the ET.



Next thing i know they start to speak in spanish, i am not sure if at the moment dirrectly at me or amongst them. I started asking them what they wanted, Next thing i said was " I am "Nabu", I am Nabu" and i dont know why but i said i am from Orion, they started laughing at me. Then a Female ET started to speak to me saying they were here for something they were looking for one thing and onething only. she didnt specify to what it was they were looking for. She started talking amongst them in their tongues and after that she said to them in spanish "He seems to know what he's talking about", refering to me. I dont remember much of what i was saying. Me and some of the human males were looking at each other like giving "what are we going to do about this"? In the mean time i was very concern for the kids i got the feeling they wanted them(kids, innocent). Then i saw a machine in the fields like trooping the fields, I  am not sure if the machine was ours or theirs. It was, i think collecting something from the ground. coming around by where we were (where the action was) and started to dump some type of waste into a whole in the ground. little after that everyone was scared, there were alot of us i just cant remember faces nor recognize who might had been there. I remembered the (cacasian family) so i looked towards the house and again the minute i looked towards the house same ET male who captured "Mr. Spirit Matter" saw i looked at the house and started to walk towards it. It was like he was reading my mind. As he was walking out of nowhere from the ground near a fense that devided the house the ET was walking towards and us. Came out a "Cube" made out of Iron bars it appeared as a jail cell.



So Troops were inside the cage it appeared to me as if they were on a rescue mission. So as this was accuring the ET who walked towards the house was walking out with the human "cacasian" family. To me it appeared that the troops came only for them but what is ironic is that they were traped in the cage so how can they save them? lol anyways, so they started firing shots at the ET's but nothing would happen to them, so the ET's dissarmed the troops with their weapon of choice, like i mentioned above. It all appeared as if they didnt want to hurt us, but they were capturing all of us. The ET's were looking at the kids, i was very concern that they wanted to take the kids.  As all this is happening i run to get my oldest son near by the fence, i already had my youngest with him. I grabed on to him tight and everyone was realy scared. Nest thing I woke up.



This dream was very vivid.... very real to me at the moment.... it seemed as we got invaded..


-I personaly wasn't watching any movies nor talking about anything related to this dream before or during the day before i went to sleep.


My oldest son is been having strange things happening to himand, causing him to have panic attacks i dont know why. he tells me he is scared because he doesnt know why the world is so evil

and why people are hurting each other all the time. He tells me he feels like something bad is going to happen in the world. Hes been feeling like this lately, he cries out of nowhere and tells me he doesnt know whats wrong with him. this has happen about four or five times in the past two weeks, i write this because yesterday while we were at a restaurant i saw him acting trange so i ask him if he wanted to step outside for a minute. the minute we go out side he starts to cry and tells me he doesnt know why he feels like this and he just doesnt want no one to die, that he doesnt want no one to get sick or hurt. so i told him he should not think like that is all in his head there is nothing he should be worrying about,  i mean what else can i tell him he's only 6years old. Hes a very normal kid happy but out of knowhere these panic attacks are happening to him and he starts to speak about the world. both my kids dream alot and very intense just like me. i am not sure what is ggoing inside his little being. I love my son i dont know if him telling me all this yesterday has anything to do with this dream but if anyone i mean anyone can give me some inside to this post, please do so i am very concern with my kid situation.


Thank you all..

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thank you, i been showing him breathing techniques. My issue with my two kids is this one, i am not with the mother and she thinks i am weird..lol or crazy so she doesnt want me to be telling them anything so i have to be very careful on how i bring this knowledge to them. She already try to keep them away from me, I know kids are not realy ours but you can understand how much i want to be in their life. So little by little ill introduce the wisdom to them, if not she will make it hard for me to see them. She not a bad mother shes just very hardheaded and a bit ignorant. anyways i appreciate everything and thank you....

He already has his own crystals and slowly i am showing him meditation..
I can relate to what you are saying, my middle son has had some very intense situations in the last few months. He had a problem with passing out and chest pains recently, this had to do with experiences that he had with these large beings (as big as our house) that have been appearing to him since he was 5 and he is 11 now. I talk to him alot about this because at times it has affected his behavior. The last major event for him was around the Easter Holiday (ritual). =) He was having chest pains and I gave him some baking soda and water because I thought he might have gas bubbles. He was very uncomfortable and he looked like he feel asleep, he said later that during that time he was talking to the beings and they took him to a place called Akutarious (not sure if I am spelling it right) and showed him a triangular shape throne with seats on both sides, they said that he, his brother and his father were apart of the kingdom and they wanted him to stay there to take his role...he said that he ran from them to come back here.
During the times that these things happen, I get right in his face (make eye/energy contact) and tell him that he is the one in control here and that he has a choice in everything that happens. If he is in pain...I tell him to visualize the time when he is happy and not bothered by anything and to go there in his mind and experience it fully. These methods seem to work for him. I told him although those entities approach him, that does not mean that they have any control over him...because he always has free will. Like 7 has said on some of the chats, there is a possibility that all of us have various bloodlines, but we are also creators of this existence and we need to stand in that role. I tell him even though he is young, if he realizes his authority in this life he cannot be captured and controlled by fear.
I think all people have extra sense, (but some not developed) that allows them to know things ahead of time, and travel to their future selves. I have had these types of experiences most of my life. I am learning that the key is to be able to observe it without putting the energy into it, (i know that is not easy to do at all ;) I just try to keep in mind that I like everyone else am an immortal being so I cannot be harmed- I am seeing it for a reason. All of it seems to be pieces of information that fit together, for the purpose of us finding/gathering "our-selves".



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