What's really going on family? I hope that everyone is steadily working on themselves and discovering more and more of their capability. By doing so, I know that many will come to full realization of the role they're supposed to assume on Earth and begin to take action. Any who, Something came into my mental space as I was in transit on the bus one afternoon. I began to ask myself what is inspansion? Should this be focused on more intensely than perhaps expansion? Assuming that everything comes from withIN and manifests into the EXternal world wouldn't this be the case? So, I began to dig a little deeper and found this link, which was essentially the only site discussing the matter. 


I of course compared definitions of both words and it appeared like this:

expansion- The action of becoming larger or more extensive.

inspansion-the refurbishing of existing facilities

Pretty vague huh? but on the definition of inspansion I noticed that it said existing.  Assuming that everything is already existing whether we are in full awareness of it, this term was able to intrigue me. Also, note in the definition of IN it stated refurbishing which from my understanding is "freshening up or cleaning." In my opinion that is a significant difference from EX's definition of becoming larger. Hmmmm...Very interesting indeed. I am excited to realize this and perhaps others could offer further insight on the matter. As I am writing this, the word: inspansion is being underlined in red indicating that this word is not recognizable to the computer/Google's Dictionary. These were the only things I found on the subject of inspansion which is very scarce in comparison to expansion. Well, that's all I got. I want to get back to Astral Quest episode 3 but had to pause to write this post because the feeling was so strong. Wholeness.   

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Try googling John Keeley. He was a 19th century engineer. Some interesting things there perhaps regarding sound wave vibration which is a compression EXpansion which is a male force (ex. sledgehammer affect) vs. the vibration of collapse which is female vibration or force that has literally been ignored. (Negative attraction is the female on the dark side which is the other side of mankind's duality...ie. implosion of a bomb causes the greatest destruction.) This might also be similiar to the difference between vibration & oscillation. Vibration is movement of an atom inside itself & oscillation is the outside or what you see from the movement of the vibration. Fun Stuff!



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