Found an article today about a guy's blog who makes animations of MRI scans he has done. Might be some useful information to be gained with these images.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses magnets to align hydrogen atoms and radio waves to create a series of images of internal structures. The result is a 3D representation cut into slices, just like a loaf of bread.

Andy Ellison is an MRI technologist at Boston University Medical School’s Center for Biomedical Engineering. When he’s not taking images that, you know, save lives, he creates amazing works of art by scanning produce! His images are all uploaded onto his blog, Inside Insides, which contains additional gifs, high resolution still images, and even an interactive 3D format.


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Works of art indeed. By our creator and the guy with the scanner. Trippy, feels like you/re on a vortex roller coaster. Or riding the Ouroboros.



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