Wholeness and balance my friends, I have a question about the beginning stages of becoming familiar with the 3rd/inner eye.

I have had simple things for a while (little light orbs, 'floaters', shadowy things dancing in corner of eye/vision, low level of seeing greyish auras around all objects, etc) and during my first activation I could only really see people as 'souls'. The question I have is about a specific experience which went as follows.

I'm doing the whole body breathing exercise standing holding a crystal pyramid with 7 layers matching the seven chakras. I work each chakra from the root upwards by holding my fingers on that crystal correlating with that chakra ( so muladhara first ) and then doing the whole body breathing as I focus and bring the energy centres into balance. This was The first time I had done this exercise as it came to me during my initial meditation. I am feeling strong shifts during this meditation and it is building quite Intensely. I feel fear as I approach the third eye centre as the power in the exercise is making me feel that I am going to open this wide right now and I hadn't expected that. I backed off a little then took some deep breathes and found the will to continue through the fear. Now I'm working with the third eye chakra, my ears are ringing, I am feeling light headed and I have my eyes closed while still breathing focusing the breath into the third eye. With eyes closed I see firstly a red dot not circular but oval shaped like 0. It is above where I was looking at my eye lids and moving around, as I shift my attention to it I am able to centre the dot to where the third eye is and the colour starts changing as my focus increases to more of a purple colour. I find I an staring straight at this purple oval dot and vibrationally the feeling is intense for me, past my prior comfort zone and I can't quite take much more at this moment. I decide I will only open it as much as I can right now. I open my eyes and now with eyes opened I still see the oval shaped dot in my vision on the White wall I am looking at and it looks like it's almost burning a black hole in the wall. Almost like a cigarette burn on a couch. This lasted 30secs to a minute then as I moved onto working on my crown chakra the dot left my perception.

Sorry for the long post but I would be very interested to hear what people think and to get some perspective on whether or not this black burning dot was a sign that perhaps my third eye physically isn't healthy enough to 'come online' yet or perhaps it is safe for me to continue working this exercise to see what more success may come?

Appreciate any feedback heaps my friends and hope you are all doing well on your quests. :)


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