If everything needs a creator - Then who created the creator?

I posed this question to someone earlier, who is Christian by the way; let's just say, it didn't go over well with them.  You would've thought that I was being offensive in asking. Like who am I to even ask such! Of course I did not phrase it as I did above; and was just using words that would make sense to the average Christian.  This is what I actually asked:

If God created the world; then who created God?

I really was just being playful; just teasing: but when I got back home; I found that this question still lingered in my mind: If everything that is created needs a creator; then who or what created the Creator? If we are all God - how was God (primal source created)?  

Was it just a spontaneous creation?

Don't get me wrong - I do understand the whole concept of cosmic consciousness; but I was wondering if anyone can offer a plausible explanation as to why this question is irrelevant in the first place.


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The thought of the creator.

This is the answer I am gravitating towards. Also when I think of cymatics; and the effect sound has on matter.

I once pose a question to someone: Do thoughts travel faster than the speed of light?

Thought does not exist in time right?

Thought creates a vibration.

If our world here is an illusion; then it being experienced as solid matter is a result of accumulative thought: the vibrational frequency of the whole, which is not high enough to reflect the actual state of fluidity.

Getting back to the question at hand.  Who created the creator - what created the creator; The whole.  

I am more inclined to think that the vibration from thought and sound; created light, and the penetration of light and sound created a circle; the whole. What came before the thought?

Just close your eyes!

How can we debate nothingness?

And can we?

If everything needs a creator than who created the creator?

We did, welcome to the realm of the unbegotten my friend it is the limitation of thought here in this system which structures itself on the notion that everything most come from somewhere. When you "Tesseract that idea it states that there is truly nothing as everything is the same thing. So there is no "my world that I create" because all inhabitants of this said world would be contributing their essence to construct it, not to mention everything that would be animate would still be pulling from one constantly morphing energy field called neutrality, meaning not on one side or the other, not defined. This equals a paradox, landing you in a parallel reality, that becomes a paradise due to all of the wondering at its existence sparking the question "Why am I here" which requires the answer "You are here" meaning that you are comprised of everything here thus you are the hive not in the hive.


Final clarification, if you ask one of the free thinking persuasion "are you in a hive or part of a hive mind reality" they will insist they are not doing either and will even rebuke you for such notions. Yet we are in bodies of which there are billions that are all abiding by the same geometry, Phi, 5, 2 arms 2 legs and a 1 head (5), 5 senses, a Hand, 5 fingers or 5 cards, that is a Hive. Move further and ask the questions that when answered will bring great progress in thinking and application. Who is the Master of these bodies? Have you master your body or do others know more about it than you do? Last time I checked if someone knew more about you than yourself it could be hazardous. Are you an Actor or Reacting to what an Actor is doing thus a Reactor? Are you truly the Master of the Innerverse?


Shed the geometry, you are not a bee, a dog, or even a human if you choose not to enter the shell, you are everything. Personally I wear the clear face. Wholeness






Wholeness Sevan!

Thank you for your response.  You have certainly given me much food for thought!  Sometimes I tend to attract many buzzing bees.

The way I innerstand it is that we are the energy itself and that stands as out-mortal. We are pure consciousness. Our physical bodies are made of billions of parts that all stem from a single cell following only one principle, the principle of constructive compression or ordered chaos. forming all known space and time. Things come from the top down and vise versa in a perfected cycle of regeneration. Things that have a beginning have an end but energy is out-mortal and stands as the platform for everything we have. Energy has always been, and since we are energy we have always been in some form or another with no beginning or end if you are the energy itself. A key is to keep that in mind and to then live in the full knowing of that fact more and more. There is no beginning or end to a fractal, it is everywhere. The only concept that is as complex as it is simple. Think about that and don't confuse yourself and realize your nature as energy which has always been and will ever be. Wholeness.

the penultimate creator is so pure in refinement and fluidity, this creator will set the scene for whatever can resonate and exist/grow; creators are not finite, when one creator meets with another and should they resonate the same they will merge and unify. There are many creators some resonating at differing frequency to others and so exist within realms of reality that will progressively change. The gods  are low resonators, we are physically much lower vibration, existing as gods of our own inverted universes that can if we seek to become much higher frequencies than the so called gods who are just doing their job as polarised prison guards.

Or something like that.

Thanks Dynamical1.I Am enjoying the visuals.Vibrationally In-lightening

got that from all that from what Sevan essences, hope it is correct...it is so hard to put any of my thoughts into words. I love Truth simplified, amplified and delivered whole.

 have not been able to express this kind of information until Sevan 00 turned the key and set me free :)


I see the Master himself has posted a reply, which corresponds with my fundamental-ideology in regards to the Prime creator or consciousness.

My take; Every single conscious being that inhabits a vessel of any sort of anatomy in this external reality, was and IS apart of the whole, or what I identify as the 'Prime Creator'. We are all a collective consciousness, and there are many levels of consciousness indeed, those walking around in bodies role playing as dept-slaves and with no internal recognition, are perceiving on a lower level of consciousness, but INDEED belong to the highest state when "re-membered* as Sevan has talked about.

The collective consciousness, the Prime Creator, had an idea to expand and create infinite realities that could be experienced. It was agreed within the collective, we will create the most complex, beautiful, infinite creation ever thought of to experience. This is known today as the "Big Bang Theory".

With the most powerful source of consciousness, surely its most expansive creational-thought  would indeed be a 'big bang'.
The collective then decided to branch from the "tree" so-to-speak, to experience and expand within the newly created realities. I always refer to these realities as the "Playground", the place we as a collective PRIME source of consciousness, created for expansion and development, also to use and experience our creative abilities as becoming 'Souls'.

As we came down, or branched off, we had to find ways to experience this infinite playground, we then created bodies as such. To fuse our infinite-internal energy force into these created 'vessels' so we could navigate the Playground and further expand.

The fall was when we tricked ourselves (or each other, however you look at it) and became overly dependant or obsessed with this new way of existing. We were only limited to our thoughts, our creations and our laws of how the Playground was constructed (gravity, air, elements etc).

So when one asks self or another; "What created the creator" - we are ALL faucets of the Prime Creator. We are all droplets of water within the ocean, which created everything. The only thing that created anything was our collective conscious force to CHOOSE to create anything in the first place i.e the IDEA or Thought to create and experience. Precisely what TomTom stated.

That is how I understand and believe it all. From dreams, visions, and intense internal philosophizing. As well as research and exchanges with others and their ideas, feelings, visions, experience etc.. 

The grand question, which is only understood by the path of self discovery.

'Yes I am saying we are all mighty gods, we are all the prime creator itself, experiencing itself through a multi-faucet-schetzophrenic-expansion. The truth stands when you come to a certain conscious level, where you cannot even identify yourself with a name or anything. I thought I lost my mind once... only to find I was perceiving at a different level within it, then I have ever experienced.

When your perception and feeling of anything external to the observer-YOU, becomes non-divided and is recognized as one infinite body that is multi-layered, the perception that all is a branch of the same tree becomes more "real".

Surely the leaf is not the branch, surely the branch is not the trunk, and surely the roots are their own thing. Absolutely all are together, and makeup the entirety of the tree.

And that tree is US as ONE, which is Wholeness baby ;)

as above so below then 7 is also an L

I am learned "thought is the cause if it all" 



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