So you are aware many have become deluded within their own intelligence. I bring to you the creme of their ideas. Copied and pasted directly from one of their secret online havens.

Begin from here:

"The problem that I set here is not what shall replace mankind in the order of living creatures ( — man as an end — ): but what type of man must be bred, must be willed, as being the most valuable, the most worthy of life, the most secure guarantee of the future"

- Friedrich Nietzsche


Visualise generations of well born Aryan proceeding in time:
Within one generation, a transcendentally bred population will be healthy, strong, beautiful and intelligent. Many will possess extreme physical fitness and genius in art, science, and leadership.

In two generations these characteristics will be concentrated and increased. -There will also have arisen an inner eschelon of multi-talented leaders.

Now imagine a third generation: The purity of the elite bred with the elite… -An awe-inspiring vision of god-likeness!

The future will be this:
Awakened Ones, those who are to be saved from the dying of the world, will form the basis of new healthy communities.
Isolated as greatly as possible from the System, hidden in the countryside, materially and educationally self-sufficient, and trained in the art of warfare, their numbers and genetic quality will increase.

The way to the Superman will be through Transcendent Breeding:
It is the I.V.F. technique -- the revolutionary technique -- that “transcends” the old limitation of who can give birth to whom, which allows a massive leap forward in Eugenics. -A transcendent leap forward, because it reaches beyond the formerly unbreakable link between the mother, and the childrens' D.N.A. she gives birth to.


Victory will be ours!
So the embers of a new beginning will increase in number and intensity, glowing with an inner fire of spiritual blood purity. -They will stand removed from the grey desolation around them, and when the death throws of the dying world occur --bringing the suffocating storm over all-- the select few will rise from the ashes.

-Radiating outward, on an annihilating path, they will cleanse the Earth. And when the last evil is destroyed, a golden dawn will rise on a peaceful Earth.

Above the surface of the planet, the heavens will spring forth with the spirits of the past. -Once again the calls of the beings of light will be heard in the re-grown forests of the Earth... A new Golden Age will have begun!

It amazing they cannot see the evil they speak of is none other than themselves. If they imagine things will end up this way it only lends more credit to the insanity that false power leads one to. One mushroom cloud and many ideas are lost and man begins as dust again. 7

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In addition We are actually living in that world now, this was written long ago. The SS third Reich had unlimited resources to bring this about. The last phase of course is the extermination of the population. What this causes in the future is many souls are dis-membered and premature thus they generally die at birth or are extremly fragile and easy to command. They made themselves Supermen and left the world in thier state of de-evolution due to the hybridization which was actually degradation. But people still insist they are smart so thus there is no real for the masses only the individuals.
Earth itself is very abundant and fertile, you notice this especially in places like Costa Rica. If one mango tree is in the middle of the pasture 7 years later there is so many mango trees they are covering the street. Likewise women are very fertile on this Planet, so there always comes a time when the Planet is what we would call over-populated. This is in part due to the greedy people who own acres of land. Parliaments who draw up borders keeping people from moving about, and of course those who know how to manipulate ley lines to attract groups of people like in major cities, especially "down" town or the center of the vortex. So eventually this type of strain equals some type of action that must take place to knock the numbers down. I personally think there will be many things that decrees the population, this should not be looked at as a bad thing. Those who leave from this world with a fresh idea of where they want to go on their mind awake to find themselves there.
"Those who leave from this world with a fresh idea of where they want to go on their mind awake to find themselves there."

So true, 7. Few understand the importance of living in the moment. It could happen at any time.
that's crazy.
If we killed the killers would that make us just as guilty?

But since it is a "system" that is doing the killing.  I think it is the paradigm that must be killed, so how do you become the one creating the paradigm I should say? Or better yet how to become the one that redefines the paradigm?....


 Note: I will stop asking and answering my own questions at this point lol.

im not sure how much of this is body ID .This experience here has to end at some point.I smell a hint of orion agenda in elitism.I think being incarnate here is regressive ,if we think we are just going to continue making a masterrace of some kind thats very body id and not spirit .There is alote of material out there saying that us as a species will be repaired by our (god).Its a lie from our alien overlords.If we are to move forword we should be going to have difforent experiences.reconnect with your/our higher selfs.Maybe there will be a phisical experience without all the programing that makes us so manipulated.what is it to really move forword?We have to finish im in no hurry to leave,we have to take care of what energies we put here children and all .balancing spirit and body is not easy,its the incarnational challenge.I am interested to see where this all goes,we are in interesting times



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