i want to know if anyone knows anything about dreams.

So I've been having the same dreams over and over all my life but when I became 20 they actually started coming true. And I I've only been able to be self aware once while dreaming. I think there is something evil following me around to I would really like to get rid of it. Please help me!

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Can you be more specific? What kind of dreams are they? Do you need help with being aware in dreams?

Good advice :D Don't be afraid kelvin.

that's the thing im not afraid of it but I am very cautious now because on two separate occasions while I was at home alone I said out loud that I wasn't afraid of it that and that it couldn't F*** with me basically and the same exact thing happened twice. My girl came home and literally went crazy on me for no apparent reason and I knew that it wasn't her doing it because she said things that she could never know that nobody knows but me and both times she wakes up and doesn't remember anything.

Wow, that is intense. Then it must really be some kind of entity that is messing with you and your girl.

I know that it can't hurt me because I don't fear it but I'm wondering why is it here and what does it want and most importantly how to make it go away

It wants your energy.

Where can I find crystals and how can I confront it one on one. It's crazy that you say it wants my energy because all my life I've always felt I had some super natural power inside of me but always thought it was just the kid in me

Crystals are easy to get by in some local esoteric shop or online. And yes, it wants your energy which it can get trough fear. Confronting these entities one on one is not always a good idea they can be very powerful and they knoe their way around the astral realms better than we do. But if you really want to do it you should prepare for some nasty s***. Clean out your system get a hold of some supplements that raise your vibration so that you are are ready if need be.

I will check out some more links on astral warefare for you.

It's not only in my dreams but when I'm awake too. Now that I think of it I've seen it in a few of my dreams. It's a dark figure more like a shadow. And it's hard to be specific because there are alot of dreams that have come true. The best way to put it is like I've already lived my life and now I'm coming back and living it again almost as of I'm stuck in a loop. In some weird way it feels like when I dream I go into the future but never the past because I never dream about what I've already done but things I am yet to do.

I see. I sometimes have these dreams too. In real life it feels like having a deja vu. But I only remember that I have dreamed that before after it happens and it lasts just a moment. The dark figure you mentioned represents your fears. You have to stop running and confront them.

don't think it's my fears because in some strange way I think that I be having obe's and not knowing because sometimes when I go to sleep I will wake up exactly where I went to sleep at and I know it's a dream but it feels so real and one time it happened and I saw the figure coming out of the room that Isleep in slowly as if it knew that I was tthere which scared the s*** out of me because it started coming towards me slow I closed my eyes turned my head and that's when I woke up and my girl said she heard me moaning in my sleep which freaked me out even more because I thought I was awake the whole time



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