I have an important question- What is face melting or rotating faces?

Thank you ahead of time for reading this.

I can see people. When I make that statement I mean can see who they actual are or were, I am not sure to be frank.

I do not have mental issues nor have I ever needed any aid in that arena.

I will try to be clearer. It happens every so often- it starts like... I will be talking to someone, I may know them or they maybe a stranger and sometimes... I can see that persons face melt into other faces. I see them change very, very, very fast... It is something like Michel Jackson's black and white video.

If I tell the person what I am seeing, they understand. I do not know what it is. I can turn it off and do turn it off, but sometimes it just starts on its own.

There are other things I can do...I do not mean do, they happen on their own, but they are not as important as the one I am speaking of now.

Does anyone know what it is? I have found almost nothing on this. I have been looking for a long time.

Thank you

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Maybe your seeing people's past incarnations,who they were in previous life times,i once had that happen and was with an experienced spritual person,and he new what i was seeing before i said anything to him.x

greetings your not mental so get that thought out of the head straight away.. try thinking and feeling of what is happening before the incident as so to speak .

like is there any sounds ./ ringings in ears.?. change of vibrations,? does it get cold hot.?


tastes. ?

pay close attention to before that may help you  in helping you solve with balance what it is your needing to learn from the experience,

sword of truth is also on point 

Thanks to both of you for your responses,

I do not smell, hear, or feel anything before it is happening, it just happens.

With that said- I do smell things out of the blue when I am walking and so on.

I could be and have been sitting in a room reading a book and boom I smell a burst of roses- tons of roses from no where.

The window is not open and I am in the middle of summer . I could be in a grocery store and boom I smell skunk.

Strong skunk.  I could be siting by the computer as I am now and slam out of now where I smell sweet men cologne.

I can not control these smell, they just happen.

I am not afraid of anything because my mind is stable, but it is off putting. Just recently I was working in Arizona, and I was walking in a grocery store, I saw a young girl with a dog in the store. I  thought..hum odd she is not blind. I thought she must have some agoraphobic issue or something of the sort. I watched her, and I thought.. wow she is so young to be suffering from that..she must of been in her early 20's. The was wearing a runners outfit. Pretty girl. I watched her for a few minutes. I love dogs.

I went on about my shopping and I went to pay and I saw the dog the girl was walking around with..I leaded over to pet it and I said I love labs they are always to happy... and I looked up at her as she said..yeah they are always wagging their tails even in their sleep..When I saw her face she was not in her 20's.. she was in her late 40's early 50's and that is her real age. She was wearing the same runners outfit and same dog, but wrong age. I was calm, but shocked.

I am trying to understand what it is for. Maybe I can help someone?

very cool,Ive been able to see myself shapeshift in the mirror, and others but i have to be able to look at them awhile!I also thinks its past incarnations probably being projected as your DNA activates.and you could also be someones simultaneous existence:)

I am not sure about the simultaneous existence. I am not sure what you mean, can you explain please.

Thank you



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