Hi Sevan,

First of all thank you for all your work. I visit every so often because something inside me wants to. Curious perhaps? I don't know.

The more I read the more confused I get. I have an open mind so will take everything in but nothing makes sense anymore. I don't belong to any religion and have been that way for as long as I can remember. Possibly because I don't know what to believe in. I never thought that religion is a good thing. All I ever see is that religion divides and causes more harm than peace. Who are we and where do we really come from has always been on my mind. I believe there is a higher being but why put us here and for what reason? What is the purpose of our existence. We work, eat, sleep, populate, destroy and then we die! Is this all there is? What are we meant to be doing here? And why this planet? Are there really other dimension and if so then why can't we travel? Why can't we fully use our brain being that it is the master sitting on our shoulder. We cannot possible be the only ones in the universe, I think that is impossible. Please Sevan give me some guidance. I want to know more and learn the truth.


Thank you

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No problem I'm here for you let us take it step by step. 

First Question: Who are we and where do we really come from?

We are the offspring of very powerful intelligent races. When those races began it was similar to looking at the top of a pyramid, there were very few. Over time the knowledge of regeneration was gained and these beings began to populate rapidly, splitting themselves to create smaller versions of themselves ad infinite. Over time things began to look more like the bottom of the pyramid, lots of Beings who forgot their original origins because it was so long ago. Thus begins the quest when a Being realizes this they began to climb the Pyramid or Ladder to see who is on top so they may learn who they really are. The last lesson will be that you are everything and how to tap into that. 


Second Question: I believe there is a higher being but why put us here and for what reason?

This is simple, where else would you be besides inside of yourself? You will always be inside of yourself despite what it looks like around you, always remember this. What you see externally can be looked at as a training module, it allows you to see everything according to opposites. For example you now know day because you have witnessed night, there is no other way to teach Beings that are Regenerations or Number 3's. The Originator made an opposite of itself, or everything it could not be because to disturb the Original when it is already perfect is not a very good idea. This second Being we will call #2 is known as the Universal Mother which in turn brought forth Human Beings, Animals, Insects, Trees and everything you see with life. Because we all come out of the Womb or Matrix we are fractals looking for ways to unite ourselves back with the Whole.


To understand more clearly this Fractal Nature consider that humans contain almost all of the abilities of the other creatures while the other animals contain some and not others such as Sonar, humans seldom use it but it comes from their frontal lobe. Some animals do not have sonar at all. So our issue is we have all these abilities but we seldom use them unless we are challenged to. When we meet that challenge we will discover so much more.


Third Question: What is the purpose of our existence. We work, eat, sleep, populate, destroy and then we die! Is this all there is?

This is all there is for the individual that has yet to see the cyclic behavior and learn to master it for its true power. While they are in the cycle they are still generating energy so they do have a purpose. Keep in mind when most are living such a life they do not see anything wrong with it, to them it is natural just as something that acts on instinct so in effect there is nothing wrong with a persons behavior it is only they are choosing to stay on autopilot and follow the norm. When you start to wake up you start to see it from a third person point, you have in gesture risen out of your body to watch yourself. This is a major stage in spiritual growth.


Fourth Question: Are there really other dimension and if so then why can't we travel? 

The dimension you are on corresponds to your frequency and genetic makeup, placing you on another dimension that is different then this one would take the same procedure that began when you arrived here, you will have to be trained on how to operate there. So in this case you are asking to begin as a child once again on another dimension and to basically start all your leesons over. Remember the child-like mind does not see this dimension the way you may be seeing it now, it sees it as an exciting place full of things it can discover, play with, and learn from. Even finacially disadvantaged children still have the same outlook, they make toys from tires and ropes etc. It is only until tools like TV show them other lifestyles that they start to realize other possibilities or opposites.


There is still a great deal to learn here, a great deal Nature still has to instruct those who are willing to enroll in that class. Its all a matter of what you choose to focus on, in this current state you should watch inside yourself more than you watch outside until you are ready to learn how to negate and how to take action. The Cosmos is always looking for Beings who can convert negative to positive because it really can be done.


I trust this will help you more and if you have more questions simply make contact and it will come to my attention. Wholeness



Maya is a training module. You can hear the Ancestors say "lets try them out in the illusion first and see how they do". In the Cosmos there are no errors and no imperfections, all that is worked out in Maya. 



Wow....Thanks Sevan....

What can I do to watch inside myself and how will I know I am achieving it. What is the best way to meditate? Can you teach me?




Brilliant, you always sum up the answers completely,

our purpous is to create new evolution progression and creation, that is what we are we consum energy  energy, we are the most important things in the multiverse, not man but soul, no matter how small or big we are all experiencing events for a universal evolution, DNA is the memory

Thanks for sharing ! 
About the fouth question about other dimension, I would like your thoughts over the movie: Alice in wonderland, the latest version with Jhonny Depp as the Hatman. I would like you, Sevan, to talk about Alice entrance in Wonderland, the passage, the potion. Thx ! 

Im guna be a bit simplistic about this, I have a feeling the potion is fly agaric mushroom, the skin will mess you up, but the vikings used it to go on berzerka raides, the scenaio has all the dimentional twists of a mushroom trip. sorry if my theory is streight faward but there are fly argaic mushrooms in the movie, i thought it was a clue


hallusinations have been used for eternity by shaman and mages for dimenional travel and mind shifting so it seems logical to me

Second Question: I believe there is a higher being but why put us here and for what reason?


Thanks for the inspiration Sevan. May I offer this in addition to your response. We are here to fully amalgamate to beings of the "everlasting life" of the original. In reproducing the fractal it became apparent that that which is "everlasting" did not translate/intergrate well. Therefore we are here to "fix" the problem.

It's a collective experience, it's not just as being alone in a separated body. If you didn't had a nose, how could you smell ? Still, smell is all around. There are many things we don't perceive, just as our minds got used to what it's normal to everyone. As humans, we have the great ability to transform that, manage to get into things. It's working out one's perception. It's like symbols, they are everywhere, when you start learning about their meanings all starts to make sense everywhere. Your conscious is now placed in those small details. Spirit resides in details, thus, details is not habit, and habit is something to be avoided. At the most. It can be helpful. But once you get habits, everything around takes always the same form, which is not true, cause there is always different things. But yes, there are patterns that repeat themselves and that's where consciousness takes place. At the spotting of those circular behaviours. They lead to understanding, aslong you don't see them, they will always take place, thus experiencing will be limited. Believing and experiencing is different. You can believe in a religion, a monotheist ''god''. Believing is the result of a series of questionings that end up in a conclusion. This conclusion often is smoke. Believing in ''god'' is empty because you haven't made his experience, it's like believing in void. So, feeling and experiencing is the purest for of reality. Thus the pure form of knowing is experience. Yes, the mind can make a lot of things out of it, but what's in the present, can't be denied. It's better not believe than believing in something that has empty meaning in your soul. Human mind is really something interesting, and at somepoint it can lead void beliefs into reality. But only those beliefs that are true will come to you. What separates somebody from experiencing reality is beliefs systems and ideas. If we do not have a concept of what a dog can be, or a mark on it, the dog becomes part of what you are, because it is no different from what you experience at that moment. Breathing is being in the present, and breathing is connected to your heart chakra, witch allows you to get that experience of wholeness. The more you have confidence the less stress is put on your body, stress is a poison that lowers your spirit frequency. Toughs are like magnets, because every taught has a frequency. We bring upon us what we think. Positive thinking has it's roots on that law. But it's also normal to yes have negative toughs, we have the choice to not like something. As long you don't take it too personal it won't affect your toughs. And it's really ok to get confused, as long you learn the lesson. And that's what negativity is good for. All we are is because of those negative things that led us here. Also on how we resolved ourselves trough them. There will always be polarities, like the ying-yang. The interesting thing is that there is always positive in the negative and negative in the positive. Our human mind has the power to decide what we magnify and what we diminish. But, this is all mind game, and at some point when we get out of that circle, all that is just a whole circuit, and then good/evil disappears. Enlightment happens then. You do not control, you master. This is where perfection rises. Where everything as it is, is perfect.


May the love of cosmos be with you.




The purpose of life is to live it. To enjoy it. Be confident that the answers will come to you.



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