How to overcome Addictions (video game, film, food, lifestyle e.t.c) speaking from experience

I'm glad you have decided to help yourself, even the strongest fall eventually if they are too proud to ask for help or receive wisdom from others, myself included... the battle for my "I AM" and "Awareness/ Awakened state" has been going on for a long time. 

I've decided to write a little about the one thing I have managed to successfully overcome again and again, which is video game and film addiction and a passive/ observer role life style.
As with anything, the "Why" is important, the why for playing games and watching films or eating certain foods has its origin in a place many of us cannot even remember, and sometimes, before our birth; while we were still in the womb, or even in the genetics of past family members.

My "Why" began when I was 7 years old, the first year of primary school, our uncle came and gifted us (our family) with a Personal Computer, a P.C, I was grateful, yet it didn't take long for me to become addicted to the "level up" and "power up", "virtual accomplishment" syndrome,
I moved onto the console and the hand held device (con-soul) a few years later, the PlayStation 1 and Sega to be exact, and whilst these things are not good or bad of their own nature, they are detrimental to a child's development if usage is not gaged/ guided.

I believe we as conscious beings run the risk of being ruled by our inventions, if we are not wise enough to use them for good... I believe we are still in puberty, as a race, of humans, and that it is only in taking personal responsibility for our own lives that a good life can be lived. Blame cannot be placed anywhere, forever; there is no sense in repeating oneself forever, whilst suffering the same result: it is more effective to just take responsibility and change oneself, than to hope for the world to change, and as we all know: the world does actually change when we change our core self.

The long and short of how i overcame this addiction is

  • Seeing the bad results of repeating my behavior (physical and mental health)
  • Imagining what would happen if i went on repeating myself (my soul's health)
  • Delaying "giving in" to the established bio-rythm; an addiction is a powerful pull... only the rarest people can quit in one go (something I did manage to do for whole months, before slipping back into my addiction). I said to myself: ok, but for 3 hours I will do something else, like going for a walk, or writing, or reading things online, then I will play. It worked; often I could "snap out of it".
  • re-framing my world view/ shifting the "dopa-mine triggers",  I had compassion with myself and realized I was really struggling to let go of games, and I was becoming a shadow of a person, living through a machine, instead of through my body, cultivating merely virtual friendships, instead of actual physical ones; always having the safety to click a button and end the conversation. To get out of my "Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game" and violent/hollywood brainwashing film addiction, I decided to say: Life is a game, life is a film, and really believed it: I still do!
  • Making real friendships and feeling the sacred nature of life
  • Forgiving myself for wasting time: no amount of self accusation can replace genuine compassion and the grace of a loving heart.
  • The resistance! This site and the people on it are probably one of the main reason: something tells me that all of this talk about multidimensional life, giving all you've got, developing spiritual abilities, is not just empty talk
  • Mantak chia (discovered here): Sexual techniques; learning about my own body, and how, as a man, not to waste my power (essence), but store it up and transmute myself. 

Thank you for reading this, I hope it helps! :)

"He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God"; The temple of "your god" is your body, and you are the god, in miniature, which you have always been waiting for :)

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hi thanx this helped me. im feeling stuck and alone.watching astral quest helped me see im not alone with whats happening to humanity and its helped me innerstand the out of body experiences ive had but i dont no anybody else i can talk to as they think im way out on the lonely road sevan described being on and a bit lost as to what to do now? is there any meditation techniques or visualisations that can help me on this path? thanx terri

Fantastic, I love this post and the discussion it generated!  This topic is my absolute favorite because it is the one I am really on, and have been on for some time.  I think of it as ‘making changes.’  Everyone here has made a serious commitment to bettering their self, we say out with the old and in with the new/better.  Anyone who takes this approach has my admiration and love.  Making a change without creating a new dependency is very difficult!  Most changes are done with the whack-a-mole strategy, but there is a holistic way that is radical, in that it goes to the roots.  If you go this route, you are doing it for yourself, but your doing it makes real changes for everyone.  

Drugs, alcohol, food, video games, and many other things have all played an anesthetizing or diversionary role in my life at various times and at various degrees.  I’d like to share my process, which is very much a work in progress: First, you get to the point where you know you must change (for yourself, you want/need/must do it) Second, you honor the role the thing you are trying to change has played in your life (although I have decided to change these things, I would literally be dead many times over, I would not have survived, without them) Third, you create the space that allows you to go to the roots of the issue (for me this means awareness about triggers, mind chatter, and the flow of the inner and emotional body. one element of this for me has been to not put myself in a place where I have to say no. also, I will say that this step has been very uncomfortable but incredibly transformational for me - very, very alchemical) Forth, you Tell Your Story or develop the ability to do so - you don't Have to tell your story necessarily - but I have found that telling your story to yourself, to others that you know are actually listening, and to others that are at a place you have been, is “Whoa!” healing. Fifth, new things start to fill the space that you have created! AND, they’re actually enjoyable!

Well, I don’t think that really adds must substantive content to what Samuel and others have said but I really wanted to cast it in my own words.  Thanks everyone.

Terri - my lonely path in life manifests itself as the feeling that I am an alien on this planet with all these rando-crazies. I think this is because people who are serious about deep things are just rare statistically speaking. Maybe that’s elitist, but just my take. I’m new to the resistance but it has been a family-feel place for me. There is a lot of stuff on the site, i’d say check it all out :)

Andrea, i’ve head some people talking about the effectiveness of Kratom regarding opiate withdraw. I don’t know if this would help in your circumstances but some people really laud it. People talk about it on reddit, kratom association .com, and other places. 

Oh, finally I wanted to say that people struggling with or who have struggled with serious addictions have always been my favorite people.  This may be a way for me to observe my struggles in a positive light, but I find these sorts of people to be truly caring, sensitive (actually a wonderful gift), wonderful healers.  

I've got the family feeling with the resistance and thankyou :-)
knowing I have this family here of caring like minded people has made a
world full of happiness for here to stay with addictions out of my way

So glad this helped people, it was helpful and cleansing for me to write it, and when I needed help synchronicity occured in many forms, also in this thread being updated...

Not sure who exactly said it but boy is it true, "if you want to master something teach it" thank you higher zelf and family, community

Thank you for this post!

I have kinda same thing going on with mmorpgs. I don't think im addicted, because i could live without them and dont think about them (i did this for a year) but then i started changing quit drinking and because of that lost a lot of "friends", so i had nothing to do, felt bored and started playing again, and since then i just play those games while there is nothing else to do, cant read books or workout whole day, dont really know how to get new friends everyone is seems soo fake so i just chill and play smth, but it really gets boring now. =/ any idea what should i do at this stage? sorry for bad english ;)

from my own personal experience, one of the hardest things in this is to say no. Always know it has been written, " resist the devil and he will flee from you..."

what about cigarette addiction? I find I need something more

ive been addicted to drugs since 15yrs old but now waiting for treatment i want desperatley but this is the hardest thing ive ever on a 12step programme but they insist on calling a higher power GOD as i understand it. I refuse the word.ive chosen auset n started chanting.i take my hat off to you n well done. addiction is too painful to explain. Well done friend.wholeness.



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