The mastery of higher self-meditation can be achieved by any you through accurate understanding and correct practice. The foundation of meditation mastery is to communicate utilizing all six senses as you. This will take some time and practice so it’s more practical to work you by you. First you need to develop tools for observation which will strengthen your channels. Doing so will help the receiver understand your intentions. It’s important to express your own distinct voice and intention to the world of prana which is everywhere. It runs through all things including you and me; it is consciousness in itself.  The union between self and energy provides spiritual vision benefits including the ability to speak to higher self.

This segment will teach the basics of speaking and listening through the navel chakra. In addition you will understand the body’s language and overall feeling overtime. However, you are constantly aware and observance of all expressions and forms no matter how subtle. The expressions and forms are seen with more than just the third eye but with the inner ear as well. You should observe these expressions and forms objectively and thus recognize the shifts and responses. Control and refinement will be the key to your success to identity expressions. These expressions influence while communication is the act of listening. The objective mindset on the other hand is created by the mind and observation. The last tool, the imagination, is used for clues and ideas in what it seeks. The overall practice of meditation is to understand with intention. Our bodies interpret the information thereafter sensations are then transported to the rational mind which creates a mind-body connection.  The body acts as radar in constant communication with everything whereas the mind expands into consciousness, unconsciousness, and subconscious. As you may know, consciousness exists everywhere, therefore are no limits to where you can go. You can bring your mind into your body to get a better understanding of the sensations. In these situations, getting the bigger picture of several impressions can provide a good understanding of the energy. In other activities one may practice mindful eating, competing, and reading to get the most out of an activity. This would mean getting out of your head and trying ordinary activities at a new angle. It important to listen and asks your body to get a sense of where your body is and where it needs to go. New understanding of your mind and body integration is just as important as the meditation itself. The memory works best in long uninterrupted intervals and takes short breaks in between to allow information to sink in. Sleep is also a significance benefactor in this case as a good night of sleep will record a day’s work. Both theoretical and practical understanding is essential to truly mastering an art. However practical understanding is like getting thrown into a cold river rather than theorizing its implications. Therefore practical understanding requires much more emphasis than theoretical work as theorizing every scenario is not practical. Instead the body develops instinctual habits to counter most scenarios as opposed to an untrained body. Keep not that being mindful is equally as important as integrating the practice into your muscle memory. This meditation practice must also not be mechanical, hence do not stick to one path or set expectations Doing so may block other paths or diminish your enthusiasm so be constantly on the lookout without judging what ought to be. In time, the path to mastery becomes completely logical when you gain the tools necessary to venture further. One tool made available is the ability to create stillness. You may use visualization, mantras, and other methods in the beginning to create stillness. This is because it may interfere with the receiver as if you’re speaking over a person. Once stillness is created, the receiver will invites you to move into their sphere of expression and influence through the awareness of understanding. Gauge one form from another through greater focus creating additional stillness. Your mind may be constantly stretched but you will get use to it through continuous practice. One’s recognition and responses are quickly attained over speaking at first.  Here, becoming more sensitive to specific energies when learning to speak. However when listening, listen with strong intention and the more you will understand. If progress eludes one goes back to the basics mentioned before and re-establish a stronger connection.  Strength and true power only comes through intensity and persistence. You will become the master when harnessing all your tools at will. Tapping into the energy promotes inner strength.

To do so, the mind must be sensitive and alert at all times. By speaking to higher self you increase one’s metaphysical experience and inner peace. You will have the perception of calm and stillness despite the chaos that may surrounds you. However, you must know what your intentions are and not to repress anything that comes forth. This is because a mind on autopilot is a dead mechanical practice. Ironically, the stillness you create will add to the liveliness of the practice. When still, expressions can come in many forms. For example, the navel can feel our hands or even have our hands felt the navel; the combinations are limitless. Keep looking and you will find the universe contained in each part of the body. All organs have separate function yet hold one unified goal of living. If you find your mind aloof or bored don’t worry it’ll come with time and practice just like anything else. The practice and one’s intention will allow the body’s energy to cycle and accumulate overtime. But, you must be aware of areas which require more practice. Ask and focus on the questions what does it feel like to be unclear? Then observe objectively. This objectivity becomes your way to express which is to gain influence. Once you tap into higher self you transcend previous knowledge and powers. Without such perception, the connection will not exist. The navel chakra will be your storage area which is located three finger widths below the belly button.

One builds energy by expanding their breath with fully body breathing. In addition imagine air running through your stomach to intensify the experience. Doing so will allow you to connect to a specific expression. In combination with your imagination, you will be able to define clarity and ideas of strengths. Building this energy is like placing pieces in a puzzle so is patience. You will become sensitive overtime to influence. You will discover depth as a powerful ally to your tools. However focus and energy precede this requiring listening and opening up. The intention to explore, listen, and understand is significance here. The technique is you thing but it is another to develop the way of communicating when you can. So have fun with it and try different ways of speaking to higher self. Focus into places of the body you haven`t been to and hold the mind in you place. In doing so, you will develop the ability to influence and express energy.  When these tools are on your side you may develop them in any way you wish. If you find you have scattered emotion and impulsiveness do not worry just bring your mind back to you place and you will develop overtime. . As you enter deeper levels of stillness you consciousness will continue to expand. Focusing on different subtle energy will shape your mind in no time. Thereafter specify these areas of feeling. This will take much work developing perception and clarity. Without gaining perspective you gain only part of the picture. Once you gain control you gain mastery to connect to other stronger channels. This requires emotional mastery as the emotion affects the mind thus the mind must tame the emotions. By supporting rather than fighting it you fuel you are helping achieve your goals at the same time. At the same time when you are observing physical sensation objectively you create forms of non-struggle establishing inner peace. Accept this moment as a state of eternity. But remember there are no set rules to this practice as everyone is coming at it at a different angle and needs to master themselves. So allow struggling energy to come as is and do not denote it as your fault, flip the switch on the energy. Just move with the tide, listen and communicate with it, but do not allow it to make you think you are crashing. Your imagination can steer the ship creating new ideas to base it upon instead of letting the tide take you. This gives shape to your goals and creates a map you can use to navigate to sea with. However developing and refining is the key to gaining the map and flow of sea so be patience. You may find if you practice is too assertive it will be too rigid for the tide to follow so be more flexible. Instead think of it like fishing just observe how the ball of energy is received by the fish and wait for opportunities to feel the sensation spoken through the fish’s behavior. This method will increase your senses that have been dulled over the years. Just continue to observe the navel center and find a spot to most stimulating to you. Total concentration is needed here as you are working in an entirely different reality of communication. When your imagination penetrates these realms do not try to deceive the mind and senses but rather find impressions that match you. Allow the inner critic to just be and view objectively. Like a scientist watching under the microscope you must perceive without adding your own emotions to the equation.

In quantum physics it is known that that which is observe often changes shape to one’s focus. Experiences have been done in cold fusion experience where each Scientist came up with a different answer while performing the same test. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “seeing it at another angle” as some get trapped in a cycle releasing energy. However, if you use your imagination without stressing think of the energy you will conserve for your future voyages. To expand into the further reaches of your universe continue to seek and observe new opportunities. More importantly however, you must use your imagination to attune to what stronger energy may feel like. Just like a vision you must picture and imagine what you want but do not worry if your vision takes you astray at first. Know what you want entirely and it will slowly manifest in this denser world.

To Summarize

Hands on Navel storage area (located three finger widths below the belly button)

Full Body Breathing

Imagine air running through your stomach as you inhale and exhale

Observe  objectively and create stillness


Create greater stillness

Gain influence over the conversation


*Note you can listen and download navel chakra meditation off

youtube or record a meditation yourself repeating the mantras observe objectively in soft voice. Happy meditating everyone!

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I am so glad to have read this. Thanks for the In-Sight and Post White Knight, I was getting frustrated and stressed for nothing thinking and feeling that I must be doing something wrong.

I'm glad to hear it iL G :) The only mistake you can make is giving in everything else is just experimenting with self and gaining other skills like patience, diligents etc in the meanwhile. Also, just remember to follow yourself if something doesn't sit right with you in this post as everyone is different and has different needs on this journey. Wholeness

what a wonderful post white knight thank you so much for sharing this wholeness and balanced vibrations :) I really enjoyed reading this from start to finish and it does give me a bit of motivation to cultivate a deeper meditation practice. 

take care

Thank you Tyrone, I hope my future post on meditation will cultivate even deeper stillness

Wow....! Thankyou so much for all your time in creating this.  Very well put together.  I started this week in an online weekly class, we are doing metaphysics and quantum meditation.  Our first lesson was doing a group meditation, that firstly focused on breathing, then went through the whole body, bit by bit.  Special enphasis was given to the feet and hands..feet especially are the least energised by also helps in grounding.  Imagining the energy going through the feet, down deep like the roots of a tree into the Earth/Gaia.....
  This is a wonderful topic and there are so many meditations around....wonderful tools for us to use. 

I would like to hear more about the type of meditation you're doing :) it sounds very similar to the grounding technique I do before and after meditation where I ground a cord from my root chakra to the core of the earth. When I do this I feel I take away more from the meditation afterwards. It also very well known in the reiki community to finish sessions to do this too

Great read, just what I was looking for White Knight. Thanks!!



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