Well it has finally happened, the grand Gate has opened before me. The last 4 weeks have been accompanied with the strongest sensations along with the clearest revelations to date. We have officially crossed into the realm of knowing all things related to why we are here. In such a case I will still refer to what is most important. For an individual aspiring to reach this state they must be aware of certain things. Foremost the Path itself has been documented in real time on the Resistance website. We are here for you outside of time.






This question has come up several times. "How do I know if what I'm reading is true". The fact is when you are upon a real question, not a question that once having the answer it still does nothing for you, but a real question you should be able to find a repetition of the answer in Fractals. Here is an example.


There are wormholes that connect to this Planet that allow Beings to travel in and out of it. Those wormholes are tubes that are just like the umbilical cord that you are found attached to when you are born.



The portals themselves for humanoids look like Visica's which is the same shape as the vagina. This particular curve is called an ARC which is a very important word that we will get to in a moment.



When a Planet is a virgin Planet there is no straight lines, meaning no masculine energy. This would also mean there is no Sun since a Ray is a straight line. This is why it is dark in the womb. Generally these abysses are the primordial soup of all the elements that can bring forth various forms of life. This "soup" is more like the liquid plasma found in an egg along with the yoke, but still liquid. This is the Holy Sea or basically a watery region full of all types of things once it finally incubates/in cube.



When seeding begins on the Planet/Plant the Egg comes under courtship by various masculine energies/beings. The interesting thing about a Feline/Fertility/Female/Fe Periodic Iron the key element of Hemoglobin is they actually can become pregnant at the same time by separate males. Its all in the Genus baby if you are looking for the secret of the Sphinx.


Many people do not know this so thus they have no answer for how so many different types of people live on Earth. In many cases the origins of the individual weighs very heavy on how much they care about this particular Planet. Even as this is being written outside I hear Christmas/Mithras cheer and a great deal of people behaving like they are from Saturn/Satan/Santa/Sat.


The fact is that the Gods do have the same Father way up there, just like we do, but they are very different from one another and often quarrel for territory and lot. We should not be silly and believe that just because a Being gains the title "God" that they are free from conflict and agenda, especially since we now know the origins of that name. ODIN DINO Hmmmm.

As we pointed out in previous posts not all Portals are the same shape and many of the animals come from different dimensions/planets. This can be seen within the shape of the eye. The color of the eye also reflects the color of the persons planet/star.







The "beast" portion of us which is the fleshly body is indeed a product of genetic advancement and manipulation to create the crown/tierra/terra of creation which is just as important as unconscious goo to the whole scheme of things, one piece missing the clock doesn't work. In addition these animals, plants, and insects have all been brought from other Planets by the 4D controllers because they are "Arch"itects.


Remember Noah and the ARC 2 by 2. The ARC was a vessel carrying the dual DNA/RNA of all things. This is very important because the "singular" DNA/RNA cannot work on a Planet such as this because it will not populate externally only internally and that is how the Spirit compound begins.


To make this even more clear there are individuals who are not limited to the 2D dual design. In fact some have 3 parts and even 4 parts or more to basically "bolt on" other Essences. In most cases these "ports" are already filled on most humans. This accounts for the various types of personalities and spiritual philosophies whether light and whimsical like a bird or strong and firm like an Ox. This is what this diagram is hinting to which can be found in several places in relation to Kabbalah.




The goal is to be clear on how the animals represent certain Energies and how not to get caught up in the worship of the animal itself but a seeker of the energy. So in fact these diagrams shows the Ox - Superior Strength and Endurance, the Lion - King of Beasts and the Bird - Master of Air and what appears to be a Firebird the symbol of death and regeneration.


The actual process that is coming about is to open more portals/abilities/energies within people. This is what the 13 strand DNA is all about, for one to possess all the energies of the Zodiac in one body. The Rainbow Serpent as it is called as the first serpent is called Nahushtan or a Copper Snake, one color. Copper is chosen because man fashioned his first weapons from Copper as an extension to his claws.


This Rainbow Serpent is explaining a person who can take in all colors and emanate those colors and energies in balance. True this will be an upgrade for the human species as one will become perceptive of more existences, however, how that will ultimately morph our reality I can only say use your wildest imagination and you won't even come close.


I have also discovered that being in this particular frequency on Earth, this particular wavelength of a physical body makes one in retrospect to frequency a serpent/electric Being until they raise their frequency to the bird/magnetic energy. This also makes them "grounded" and the ground/Malkuth is where the physical body resides as it cannot fly so in effect it does not possess power over the aerial region while awake. But when sleep they activate the other side. So once again man is at least half angel/spirit and half beast/flesh and should take that knowledge as no joke and adjust. We are the foundation for higher things there can be no doubt in this.


In regards to an Architect and what it takes to do such things you first must gain the "majority" of control over your mind. Keep aware due to the expansions of our consciousness you will be taking on more energies and experiencing more influence but still who is in charge? Who is giving the highest amount of "charge" in your life? It should be you or you become dependent upon what or who is giving you a charge. This is also why when you learn to cycle the magnet and electric energy you become totally self sufficient, this is self substantiation.


When a person can do this they become an Architect which means they posses the ability to know what measure of various life forms to put on a Planet at one time to get the Spice flowing with the greatest success and most importantly control. People really need to think about if one life form was to enter our system that was adverse to the perfection of the cycle itself it would eradicate everything and what it takes to police such things. This makes the statement Ordo Ab Chao or Order out of Chaos actually mean one who can take the Chaos form or Dark Matter primordial soup and create an entire functioning ecosystem. In the case that one fails, well one comes to end it.



I say this also not only for making a Planet in the physical sense because it does not start there first. I'm referring to the Architect of the mind. You have to know what to combine in your mind/body/soul to make a dynamic reality while not mixing ammonia with bleach.


So these days you should remain on guard and keep your system ready for quarantine all the time scanning your vehicle for foreign energies and viruses that may have breached you atmosphere/auric field. This is again another part of the growing up process in which we have to learn what is vibrating with us even on a Galactic scale. Its obvious the beginning of all of this consists of two extreme opposites which allows you to eventually get everything in between. Male and Female. Not rocket science but then again it is. ;-)


I will let you know everything as soon as possible about how it all works. Most importantly in enough time for you to learn about the secrets of the 4D Beings that give them leverage. That dimension is heavily agenda based but one that must be crossed if we are to reach perfection once more which is an actual revolution or cycling around yourself to create rings of experience as you become layered. This is having our Fractal run its complete course and collect itself once more.

There is a story that speaks of the Higher Beings getting caught up into the whole meat body thing and forgetting that they were actually higher beings after they faced an invasion internally in their own program and lost. This trapping them into the physical frequency. This is actually the story of Tron he creates a world and his alter ego comes alive within it and attempts to eliminate him.




Notice how the movie The Last Airbender begins also this way with the Avatar frozen in ice at first by choice.



The Last Airbender Avatar Cryostasis from Sevan on Vimeo.


We will go with that one for now. So these Beings remained somewhat frozen in 4D stasis in the form of what can be called Gods while actually having their consciousness tied into a looping cycle in 3D in which they experience a reality in which they pretend to live and die then forget.



One of the most important things to remember is all you have to do is wake up. But you do that by igniting the heat within. This is the Prometheus Fire, the Kundalini, the AGNI, the purifying Fire as it melts away ignorance and clears inclusions that cloud the perception. This also unlocks your skin of light as man/woman are equipped with a skin of flesh and a skin of light.


The skin being the largest organ is very important. When used in its bestial phase it is a mere cover or protection so your organs are not exposed. It is the same way with your Skin of Light it is your protection. Purifying the skin can be done in a dry sauna with a sea salt and lemon scrub. You will find it amazing how easy it is to purity thought by cleaning the skin. This in turn allows the skin to transmit and receive properly as its membrane has been found to be the bodies large antenna for broadcasting and reception.


When coming into the physical Plane from the Spiritual we make this shape. "A". This is why it is our first letter and the first letter in the name of just about every continent. This letter is actually a symbol that means you came from the top focal point in Space and then divided yourself into 2 when coming to a physical plane because you must take on an additional body to be able to manifest. Again a Beast Body is in use but a Spirit Body you have always been.



This physical body is the ARC also it is a CAR or vehicle that you travel around in on 3D. Now here is the most interesting thing. Humans are now being used as vehicles for other Beings to be present on this dimension. This is more like celestial carpooling. The Fractal of this on your dimension is just how many physical cars have come into production. They have already said there is just about enough physical cars in production for everyone to have one. Some cars are much better than others and that brings us to a main point of this post.


I read something awhile back about how the Prophets and various spiritual liaisons where basically Chariots for the Gods. Of course the Gods like to ride nice to ;-). It is very much true that if in fact a Being wishes to come to Earth for whatever reason or purpose they must have a body of some sort whether animal, human, or otherkin.



TRON BODY VEHICLE from Sevan on Vimeo.


To make it clear we see the notion repeated. The body is made to mesh with a vehicle in order to travel the world known as "The Grid". It doesn't get any clearer.


I also believe that many animals have been used as hosts for energies that prefer to take on their likeness for whatever benefit or due to their limited ability to take over other more powerful Beings. This explains a lot about the reptiles in Parliament and what kind of Spirit may be under that skin they have hijacked or cloned, likewise the bird men. This is also why the Resistance started and remains as a place that people worship no gods and call on no names but their own. In that we have been able to level the field and ask the real questions and as you can see the real answers have come.

I want to let people know now that the dimension will be changing even more in 2011. There is a telescoping effect to what is taking place and it will continue to speed up. In one year the Planet has pretty much come to terms with the fact their governments are trying to kill them. There are aliens and they have ships. There are secret organizations carrying incredible knowledge never known to the commoner and we have all been somewhat programmed unknowingly and have been naive in so many instances. The list goes on and on, but in actuality we have adjusted very well considering the ramifications of what is being discovered. The human is strong and resilient.

As far as the Earth forecast there are a lot of ancient energies here many of whom have just arrived in time for the Golden Age which is always accompanied with the Golden Apples or Golden Pentagrams. I'm aware of them vividly as their energy signatures are high and strange. It appears these eclipses and celestial anomalies we are seeing is basically the clock about to strike 12 or should I say 13 in this case.


At that moment it will be clear there are many Beings coming and going. There is also a planned conflict as old rivals "duke" it out for a share of the Pi. There will be a overturning of power after the conflict however many will ascend and descend as this whole cycle keeps going. I totally get it now though. As I have always promised, ask me anything and you will get an answer.


P.S. The Spirit is the Straight line the Flesh is the Curve.



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I really loved this post.


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