The new Livestream is great and it is now giving more individuals the opportunity to broadcast themselves live in some of the best quality so far on the internet. This is done at a fraction of the cost for most streaming platforms. For those that are not aware, streaming live is a costly venture especially due to the fact the most of the video equipment can cost thousands of dollars.

Livestream has solved this by introducing their own proprietary equipment known as The Livestream Broadcaster. A pretty nifty red box that gives your Camcorder or DSLR the ability to broadcast what's being recorded live even without the use of a computer. In addition Livestream has made a new payment package available that is more economical. This allows Livestream clients to now choose another paid package that removes unwanted advertising besides the old introductory package which began at a whooping $249+. Livestream now offers their new platform at $49.95 a month with the first 3 months free when you purchase a Livestream Broadcaster which costs $495. This price may seem high but generally any equipment of this type begins around $2000. Now that you are familiar with how the whole process works with how we took our platform Astral Quest live we will now address some of the more pertinent issues that we have discovered cures for. 

How do I download my new Livestream Videos once they have streamed and are now archived?

This is the big question that I addressed to Livestream customer support. Since many of us would like to take our streamed and archived video and upload it to other platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, and the Old Livestream I felt to have this function was imperative, however, for some reason Livestream did not feel that way. The Old Livestream offered this ability however, according to Livestream the two platform are totally separate. 

I was told by customer service that there was no way to download videos from the New Livestream and options such as live embed would be available in the future possibly but not now. I have not been able to find any solution for Live embedding during broadcasting, however, I did find a quick and easy method that you can use to download Astral Quest archives or any other New Livestream videos. You can then take these videos and do what you please. Simply follow the direction below.

  1. Before we begin you will need to download or use your Firefox Browser this method will not work with other browsers. If you need to download the latest version of Firefox you can find it by clicking "here".
  2. Next you will need to download this free amazing app known as Download Helper which only works on Firefox. You will find that by clicking "here". While there are many free and licensed downloaders on the market this one by far is the best as it captures anything that is playing or media related that is embedded in the site you need to download something from. 
  3. After installing this application you will now need to navigate to the New Livestream Page that you wish to download the video from. In this case those who wish to download Astral Quest Archived shows will more than likely need to visit htttp://
  4. If your Channel has several Events such as ours you will need to go to the specific event that your video is located.
  5. To make this even more simple just navigate to the page that contains the video that you want and then push play on the video. You will now witness the Download Helper Icon begin its animation which indicates that is has found video and content that it is able to download. You then must click on the Download Helper Icon to download the video. This video will then be downloaded to your default downloads folder.

Important Note: You will notice when the video begins downloading that it will say the video size is 2GB. I believe this may be to deter the downloader by making them think the file will be too large to download especially for the amount of recording minutes. Let the download continue and when finished you will discover the video size will be average for the time and quality. Approx 150MB for every 30 minutes, not 2GB.

You are now ready to use this video as you wish to uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, or even your free Old Livestream Account which of course is a separate platform from the new Livestream. Wholeness

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