How to "Download" knowledge from universal MIND?

How does one meditate so as to "download" information about anything one desires? Like if i want to know the nature of a certain plant, how do i meditate in such a way as to learn the truths of its workings?

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This is a great question, I see no answers as its got me too, I feel that meditation alone does not release knowledge that easy, to find knowledge on that from the physical relm id expect to have to do a physical search, though to study its etheric would surely take studying its effects on your etheric, no pain no gain, knowledge/light is given to those who earn it, to those who travail. lift the vail of ingorance with hard labor. sure everything has an etheric body but to meditate on it you must first apply it to your Zion interperaters/sences to experiece, we are 1 with the nothingness inbetween but im yet to feel that far from my physical though im looking faward to being able to feel a butterfly land in NY when i live in NZ

Thanks for the comment. I was wondering about this, as some past scientists like Tesla seemed to have accessed this "universal MIND", and another who also tapped into this is Walter Russel. There is also Viktor Schauberger who said he simply let his consciousness drift on water, and then when he returned to his body, he instantly knew how water worked. But how to achieve this, i have no clue.

Like i am ready to work for it, but i doubt i could learn about the CAUSE of nature in this universe of endless EFFECTS. I want to separate effects from cause. But how?


As iv read from the book of enki, the god of antiquity belived in the study of cause and effect. They believed the only way to see faward and predict future events is study of cause and effect. By determaning the relation of fate and destiny. Fate is a mouldable destany and destany is fix by the cause to take effect. Destany is the planets are destaned to rotate around the sun, were if i choose to speed in my car I may miss the crash that i was fated to have, because choice moulds fate. There for experiance is the predeterminer to the destand outcome, where if i did not choose to break the rule i would have been destined to crash, where my choice to ignor the laws of man and obey the lores of physics and risk, I may have avoided death, though if drive outside my ability as a driver and my experiance does not know how to drive in that level of control i may cause a worse crash and cause more deaths, either way fade bent the destend path of reality. there for we are god/the creator of our destany by bending fate by choice, concious or not!!
Contemplation could may be help better than meditation. As meditation starts from questioning may be one should start just contemplate and by and by the object of contemplation will reveal itself. As the musician who learns notes but feels harmony, vibes. But one should know a great deal on the subject. 
^This is good.  Establishing that relationship (first with yourself, your own thoughts and ideas, then make those connections ie experiences, studies, info that becomes related).  This can form an "intuition".  This helps establish pathways ("firing"). Like RE said, "I am The Universal Mind". The more firing, the more possibilities of connections.  Even seemingly random (symbols, verses, scenery, presence).  Tesla's mom was an inventor, his dad was a priest (there's some alchemy).  He made a lot of seemingly random connections.
Thanks for clearing that up Nima (:
I am The Universal Mind ..  Real Talk ...
I just haven't acquired full access to my innerself which in fact needs some calibration ..

It can be done.

I regularly "download" information from those around me.  I was swordfighting with some friends and one of them brought a guest who was very good.  I started "channeling" that guest and immediately improved my techniques. When he left, I retained these skills.  I cannot say whether I got them directly from him or entered a SUPER learning state.  Does not matter, the skills were attained either way.

Energy follows thought and will.  

Desire to channel the source you wish to connect to.  See that connection occur, feel that connection occur, allow the information to flow, be amazed and accept the new knowledge.


We generally make things harder than they need to be. Rise above and escape your self imposed limitations or learnings.  

You are limited by yourself and your beliefs, you are also empowered by yourself and your beliefs.


A word of caution: be specific if you are asking for knowledge, or you may be flooded with more than you meant.

Ask and you will receive, knock and the door is opened.


When looking for knowledge from a nebulous source like a group mind, picture it like a cloud surrounding the subjects.  Envision the cloud as large as you need or can picture.  I frequently view a cloud surrounding the globe to encompass everyone, if the scope of the knowledge I wish is that large.


Sometimes when I ask for knowledge, I get leads to more information and as I follow those links, the information assimilates into my current structure and is easy to understand or absorb complex subjects.


Remember, if your beliefs prevent you form connecting, ask to change them. Also, we often need to consciously allow these changes to our views to occur.



I personaly believe that to genetic and soul memory

the sword has been in our past as defence and force for thousands of years of course you have picked up one thousands of times even just to survive.

the elder the soul the easyer these exerience memorys will find there way to the surface, we are born in a vail of darkness so we might rise up in new uninfluenced direction, the experiences just under the suface of the vail, lift the vail and walk in your true self. an ancient soul a great collection of knowledge and bask in its light.

Though as you say we are all joined and related, all weaving through each other and rubbing gravitys and exchanging static and light, like galaxys colliding



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