How to convert music to 432 hz in audacity
Other instructions were a bit hard to follow, so here are some easier ones:

Open the file in audacity, click "edit" and select all

Then go to "effect", "change pitch", and in "Frequency (hz)" Put this:

440 to 432

Don't worry about changing what's already there (like if it says something other than 440), this will do the trick fine. It should say "percent change: -1.8"

There you go, Injoy!
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More information on 432Hz

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 Most grateful thankyou

I have a question concerning 432hz, well, I just started playing violin about 6 weeks ago, and I was wondering, is it possible to tune a violin to 432hz? Sorry if it's kind of a stupid question..

Hello new friends Thank you for the info you posted regarding 432HZ. I'm Deva, a 5Rhythms dance teacher in Australia. I have over 60GB of music in my itunes library and would like to convert some of it into 432hz. Am needing some technical support...I'm using a Mac and Audacity. 

My questions: 1) after selecting "change pitch" and writing percent change 
"-1.818181" is there any thing else i need to edit? (like select "A" + Down or the pitch value?) 

2) After the conversion is done, I click "export" and select AIFF. There are many other options. Which is the best quality one? I am using Traktor LE to DJ from and AIFF is working fine. I know that this is better quality than a MP3 file. Is AIFF the best file?

3) After exporting, I want to do another track. Do I always need to open a new window? And how can we convert a list of tracks? I tried doing two at once and it mixed the tracks together! 

Thanks for your time in advance!

For some reason in the latest version of Audacity it won't allow a user to 'type' in the 'from' and 'to' frequencies in the 'Change Pitch' Dialog, only copy and paste. If you want to 'convert' your music into 432hz=A using Audacity, I'm not sure 'Change Speed' is the solution..... USE 'Change Pitch' ... It previously to allow a user to alter these 'From' and 'To' fields (without having to copy/paste.) Why not allow typing in the fields as well anymore? It works just as well to manually calculate the frequency difference in percentage and enter that in the corresponding field.

The way to calculate the % change is:
100 x (new frequency - original frequency)/original frequency
so for 440 Hz > 432 Hz that is:
100 x (432 - 440)/440 = 100 x 8/440 = -1.818182

'steve' from

NOT to be entered in the 'Change Speed' Dialog (maybe, should be tested, now that I think about this). It needs to be done in the 'Change Pitch without Changing Tempo' Dialog. I am not saying it is 'bad' to change speed (needs to be tested). It might even be better than using the 'Change Pitch' Dialog. Not sure. I just thought that the Change Pitch without affecting Tempo would be ideal... Testing it using a nice sine wave recording fed into a cymatics device to observe the resultant geometry BEFORE and AFTER 'conversion' would be good. So far I have only used the 'Change Pitch without Changing Tempo' to 'convert' my A=440hz tuned recordings into the latter (A=432hz). Anyone with access to a cymatics device, that reads this, might consider doing this experiment. Create a recording of scales of notes (strong sine wave style notes) based on A=440hz. This should be fairly simple using Audacity's Tone Generator. Then 'convert' the resultant scales recordings using 'Change speed' and then 'convert' using 'Change Pitch'. Keep all variations and label them as such. Then observe all versions of recorded scales on the cymatics device. Whichever creates the most well defined geometrical waveforms on the cymatics device is the best 'conversion'...

In conclusion: For now, to convert music from A=440 hz to A=432 hz based tuning, you need to load the song into Audacity. Then click anywhere on the wave form sequence display to make it 'active' then press Ctrl-A (Select All for Windows PC.). This will highlight all the data to indicate you have 'Selected All'. Then you want to click 'Effect' -> 'Change Pitch...' accessible from the title bar menu of Audacity. Then you want to type -1.818182 into the 'Percent Change' input field. Then click 'Ok'. It will take a few moments to process then when it is done you decide what you want to do with the result.


 Audacity 2.0.3 at time of writing (to clarify).



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