How to convert music to 432 hz in audacity
Other instructions were a bit hard to follow, so here are some easier ones:

Open the file in audacity, click "edit" and select all

Then go to "effect", "change pitch", and in "Frequency (hz)" Put this:

440 to 432

Don't worry about changing what's already there (like if it says something other than 440), this will do the trick fine. It should say "percent change: -1.8"

There you go, Injoy!
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More information on 432Hz

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all instruments need to be tuned to a-432 e.g synths/guitars and then the singers will naturally sing to that tuning if you need to use autotune well tune your tuners to 432 or any other positive tuning

when i converted my music there wasnt any music left to listen too

The same thing happened to me when I converted one. I tried 2 songs - one worked and the other is just a squeak.

I did this awhile ago and it just doesn't work and maintain quality sound. The best bet is to find, or better yet make, music in 432hz and jam out to that.

good idea. any suggestions?

Ableton for making music. Here is a killer track by a friend of mine here in Portland. INjoy ~*~

I listened. I like it!

Has anyone tried putting them on their mp3 player? the audio format is different I notice but is there any way to change it?

I thought I'd help out here. Although the ideal scenario would be to have instruments tuned to A=432, Sevan's idea can still work. You can use Reaper instead of Audacity. It's got a 30 day trial and use the "ReaPitch" plugin set to -32 cents. this offsets the tuning of the song to 423hz. Play around with the gain on the track to make sure you don't distort your song.

You can then "render" your songs to an mp3 file or whatever you wish. 


So here is all you need to do from start to finish:

1. Go to

2. For Windows users Click on audacity-win-1.2.2.exe and download the file.

    For Mac users Click on audacity-macosx-1.2.2.dmg and download the file.

3. Once it has downloaded it, double click to open and click "run". This will install it onto your computer.

4. Open Audacity.  From the menu bar click "Project" - "Import Audio" - then select all files you want to convert.

    Then from the Menu bar click "Edit" - click "select" then click all.

    Then from the Menu bar click "Effects" click "change pitch".

    Select "A" then click (down) to "A". and put the pitch from 440hz to 432hz, and click ok.

5. Once you have converted your music to your desired frequency, then highlight the individual song. Click on "File" from the Menu bar and click "Export Selection as WAV".

6. Use ITUNES to convert to MP3 if needed.

Hope this helps.


I have tries it individually with some of my favourite tracks and the overall effect, while strange to start with, quickly becomes correct and is much more......uplifting. And I can even sing along properly and catch every note, rather than just not being able to sing when it was at 440.

But I have an apple mac and while I can do songs individually with audacity I honestly don't have the time to convert all my 40,000 songs to 432. It would literally take a whole day just to import them into audacity!

And for some reason my version doesn't accept my typing 440 in even the first frequency box, so I have to put -1.8 in the percent change box.

Very difficult but I feel it has to be done.

Is there another way for me to do it quickly and simply with an app for mac? 

Or even just a plugin for iTunes which I can set to play them all at 432?

Thanks :)

Wholeness ! :)

If anyone of you are running Mac and using Logic there is a quality way of conversion.

Simply import your track into ESX24 sampler and pitch it down 8 Hz...

This way quality loss will be lowest, also it needs bouncing back so a bit of a playing around but if you are looking for quality - it is one of the ways

Balance ! :)




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