How to convert music to 432 hz in audacity
Other instructions were a bit hard to follow, so here are some easier ones:

Open the file in audacity, click "edit" and select all

Then go to "effect", "change pitch", and in "Frequency (hz)" Put this:

440 to 432

Don't worry about changing what's already there (like if it says something other than 440), this will do the trick fine. It should say "percent change: -1.8"

There you go, Injoy!
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More information on 432Hz

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Wholeness and Balanced vibrations to everyone.

Sevan, I have been meaning to get some questions to you regarding this exact topic. I was in the chat during the last show but it got cut off before you saw my question. My research has involved heavy cymatic experiments and exact frequencies.

If A is set at 432hz then the middle C is 256.87hz and the higher octave of that is 513.74. There has been a lot of talk about the 528hz frequency and I noticed this was not found on a keyboard at all when the A is set at 432hz. When shifting the A to 444.4hz then the C is 528.48hz and also, all the A's are 111.1hz, 222.2hz, 333.3hz, 444.4hz and 888.8hz....found this synchronistic.

My question is, if one wanted to actually play in this better harmonic tuning of 432hz how would they actually tune? I have found over time people have always tuned in various standards, there are all sorts of interesting things even with A = 420hz. So I just need some clarity about the 528hz and 432hz thing. Also, with the cymatic 528hz the symbol doesn't reflect the cornocopic spiral pattern. It is a square design though, so is it a vertical perspective or would the cymatic tonoscope need to be set for circular to get that pattern? Just need some more insight on applying specific frequencies effectively (primarily to water) to activate specific things.

this link goes to an online tuning for where you can shift the tuning and see what the notes on a keyboard would shift to, check it out and let me know what you think

Hey Joshua,

If you want to play music in 432 Hz get your self a calibrated electronic instrument tuner, set it at A=432 & off you go.

It has started and here is a collection of people finding the sound:

432 hz sound group of various artists, I cannot guarantee all the material as it is a public group, but it is a great start!

on audacity when i change the frequency from 440 to 432 says %1.818 as change and when i change that to 1.8 the frequency is moved to 432.80hz, any clarifications? also anyone have any additional info on 424hz known as the ra frequency, i just came across it today. It seems interesting.

i am a music producer/singer/writer/dj and have been in the industry since i was 15 i am now 28

After listening to the ESOTERIC 2012 SHOW last night i tried out Audacity today and found that the sound quality of the music was decreased considerably to the point where me and my friend who is a mix down artist and mastering engineer said we would not use this to tune the tracks down to 432, however we need to look at this process differently e.g all music production software/external tuning equipment needs its global tuning changing to 432 so that the producer or musician can enjoy the process of making/playing music and when the tracks are finished the listeners will be able to enjoy the music.

If you are not too bothered about the quality of sound by all means use audacity but it does distort the music to a level that makes it un-listenable to the trained ear.

there are other ways to tune a full stereo track down 32 cents (8hrz) we used a producers program called logic studio 9 and the quality was amazing but it is very expensive for the common person just wanting to tune there record collection down :(

If anyone needs me to help them find another way of tuning the tracks down to 432 i will be happy to help them with any suggestions they have and if you are a producer i have spent all day looking through all the music production D.A.W's (software producer programs)  i have found many ways to change the sources of the audio tuning to 432 e.g software synths and setting within the D.A.W's and vocal tuning software such as melodine and autotune

By the way a little birdy told me Bob Marley tuned all his tracks to 432 and there has been proven by science that its better for the vocal chords to sing in this tuning :)

Thank you for bringing this to light for me LOVE YOU ALL

Thanks for adding your findings here Nic, very useful information for those of us wanting to convert our tracks, i am totally not surprised that bob's stuff is in 432hz, i am a huge fan of all of his music mainly because of how wonderful it makes me feel, Wholeness.

Thank you Sevan I was looking into audacity to mix my ambiance music with instruments but they didn't have the same effect, this however is a great idea

thx for the video post

Is this basically for classical or instrumental?

its for all global tuning my friend concerts are all tuned to 440 at the minute and we need to change it to 432 or 528 depending on what you are trying to do with the music xx



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