I've been a shut-in for a long time and recently came to the realization that vitamin D deficiency has been linked to depression. And I think it's a strong link as vitamin D is a very foundational vitamin, involved with our hormonal system... So I've going out in then every day; I wear a pair of shorts, sandals, and no shirt. I've been getting at least an hour a day, definitely more on some days.

Is there a particularly effective way of doing this? I would imagine that certain areas of the body are better at the vit. D generation than others. I would imagine the tops of the hands and the tops of the feet provide maximal vit. D generation, as the skin in those areas is very close to the veins; whereas  I imagine the belly fat is a poor target in this regard. Maybe I have the wrong idea, though.

Pertinent info: (1) One Todd Becker believes that vitamin D supplements are bad,* (2) Jameth Sheridan, N.D., known for his supplements, says that vit. D3 should be avoided as "it can over-calcify your joints, it can over-calcify your bones and give you arthritis, it's got a lot of issues with it." He recommends vitamin D2.** Based on this statement, I'm currenting throwing in with Todd Becker to play it safe. 

And are there any benefits to sun bathing other than vit. D?



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My point of view on this case is to keep it simple. Thinking about supplements and vitamin D and what Dr. said what.. I'm not saying it's wrong but it's just not the way I would go. If you realize that you aren't getting enough sun light as much as you should, probably is because you had a personal experience leading to this realization. So to keep this your own experience going on until you find what works for you is simply to go out and get some Sun on yourself. You will get it when enough is enough and/or when you feel charged up, and that's all you need.

I remembered something some time ago, as a kid in my basic school days there was this one time playing soccer in the break time there was this intense feeling of being charged up and I looked around to see where is this charge coming from? Then I looked at the sun because it was really intense and not long after I said "Oh its the sun!" some other kid playing with me also said "wow the sun is awesome today!". And I'll never forget that charge anymore because it is a feeling coming from up your body and then you can feel it in your head, you feel like you are a battery, if it's possible for anyone to feel like a battery... :D but yeah.

I can leave you also a tool wich is a post by Sevan with the sound of the Sun:


The first time I heard the entire mix file, I felt that same charge coming up my back and it was amazing, but like it was said, nothing substitues the real Sun.

Have a good day.

Also it happened that I came across a call show and they talked briefly about vitamin D levels and there is a way of measuring it by taking a 25-hydroxy vitamin D test wich is taken by a blood sample, if you're this serious then it seems the normal range is 30.0 to 74.0 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL). Also take note that how your body converts and assimilates vitamin D from the sun can be very different from another person since one can have very high efficiency in doing it and only needs 20 minutes and there's people who need hours for the same effect. As for the benefits of sun bathing they are several since elimination of bad bacteria to lowering cholesterol to raising oxygen levels in the blood, build up the immune system, etc.



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