Hello everybody

After enlightenment how do you control your energy if you have to keep going with your  normal life, specially when you work in a Hospital.

Then you felt the shock and reduce your hours then tried to keep your energy level, you drop it then your feeling it's getting back and here it comes, how would you manage this electricity alkalinity.

I mean how to keep that level and have a "normal' life.

Thanks a lot in advance

Love & Light

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What is "normal"? LIve by your heart...   f*** the rest.

Diodes perhaps

loving kindness and compassion can help with this. similarly, when the buddha attained nirvana he didn't just stay at the tree. he got up and started being with people and teaching from his experience. 

What do you mean with "after enlightenment"? It is not a goal you just get to, like a finish line and with the flags people cheering and that's it... it's an infinite ongoing process. You don't reach enlightenment per se, you go through levels of it, and again - infinite. You may reach a phase that's more expansive than the previous one you were before but then you go through the same over and over and over again. To stop being redundant here, you may need grounding. It's quite common to get into these higher chakras and wanting to stay there... but we are a species that need to cycle energies.


hi its been some time. i actually recently understood how to balance myself. i was simply researching in myself ways to maintain super energy levels at all times. if i would say anything id say it comes down to control whats available and how to restore it. also you need to be aware of your energy level.

it helps first with control. ive touched on this in the past many times elswhere but i like refreshing the status too. the idea is that one has energy. we are energy manufacturing entities. thus how does this energy, which we feel and can control, get under control. its actually instinct. the great power of the mind is to use energy one has available to concentrate on a goal. so basically the brain expends energy instinctually. thus it can be controlled. my method hasnt changed much just the way i explain it. you still focus everything you have in you into a central point. just feel the instinct. you feel the energy so grasp at it with your will. then focus this energy throughout the body so the body will more efficiently distibrutes the energy. however. this is but the first step. 

most people at this stage require much more power than they naturally have at this point if you are beginning to control your energy. unless youve trainined most people have very little energy. starting off. to control energy however requires wo sources. stamina which is physical strength and spirit or mental strength. to strengthen spirit it is best to either supplement with an external source which i can easily make given i have more power than most anything. ive built the mind half and used a unique trick for the stamina. for stamina its based on how long you can last in a day. or how many hours you can be awake for instance. but staina also is a check your body writes when you expend muscle strength. stamina can be built by using your energy and then resting. risk and reward style. expend all that you can however and expect to be unbalanced till its restored. there is a limit to how much energy someone should use as you can end up using more spirit than you can stamina and each resource restores differenly.

having said that its best to rest the mind and body.although this is second nature by now. it only took a while to understand other forces and abilities.to buff the effects. i still get sleep though because i havent trained my body as much to increase my stamina yield. but the mind is undergoing an evaluation period. im unsure if pushing it here in the physical plane and pushing the mind in the ether plane causes too much stress on the brain. 

but the next step after building up both stamina and spirit you will have good control over energy. it does take experience but a little can go a long way. especially if you can understand that trick i mentioned. its cheating but possible to fortify stamina by roughly 85-90% by taking the energy and routing it into the muscles and body making a stronger stamina level. but it takes lots of spirit. also you have to be able to control energy to the point where you know how to sepereate your energy and route it to whatever you wish to route it to. so say you partition 35% you need to concentrate it to that spot. so for the sake of this you may need to be able to control energy bits as seperate parts and not as a whole.

im sorry its the easier way to explain. i multitask.to route energy is to change how it flows throughout you. so its best to have energy flow though you via some form of natural distribution. or you could use a more ancient style and push energy outward from a core. ive used the core method to simplify things.  thus to make a core you concentrate all your energy into a ball and center it into your body. for some odd reason the core will maintain the ball shape if you make a mental note to spin it and leave it to instinct. its also able to recharge spirit based on a percentage of energy in the core. as long as the core functions though you'll want to emanate the energy outward.

which brings the next lesson.ill remind you that yes this is all to answer the problem with a solution. now the use of energy is largely an internal thing for most beginners enhancing attributes and such. but limiting your energy output means you need to limit how far outward your energy spans. so you need to learn at this point to use external manipulations as well. such as using the inner and outer aura as a manifestation catalyst. the pressure you build in your inner aura which is the layer that hovers just above the body skin surface. the outer aura doesnt need much but think about it if you want to learn how defend yourself from negative energy frequencies. ill cover that elsewhere.

so focus a barrier at your inner aura to hold in your energy. also be careful. the dark entities ive seen will sense any power output outside your body. so any aura skills should use minimal strengths to stay under the radar. i care more about a persons safety than the sites whole premise. there are enlightened beings who will visit adepts.

next step should b the last. after building both genuine and artificial energy sources in your stamina and spirit pools. its all about creating a balance. before i explain this i must explain that by reversing flow  of energy back into the body it fortifies the body. but this while increasing stamina uses a portion of it still to maintain balance. everything has a cost. ultimate power lands soley on how best resources are allocated, and always making the most available resource is the most used resource. the page is also bugging.

basically to gain a permanent super energy state requires alot of work but once your there its perfect. to maintain daily power it is best to allocate a portion of energy to boost the stamina. it ends up being helpful because it revitalizes the bodies energy levels. then understand where your stamina points are. each limb has one  and then there is the lower back and the ultimate source the heart. i recommend not transfering energy from the heart. unless you have great skill id actually stick to blocking heart energy from moving away from the heart. also the final skill is simple at this point because you put so much training into it. by focusing the whole body and its entirety once again go back to that basic energy control from the start but this time balance the energy levels throughout the body making each part equal except with one thing. fortify the heart with a little more than balanced energy levels. its safer that way. not that your heart is in danger but having super stamina means youll want a healthy heart to match. ive done the research.

on one hand i figured this out figuring out how to enhance muscle output without destroying the muscles. also this is based on early research in the basic art training i went through as a teen. fortifying the muscles was a beginner move albeit at night when i face the darker half of the enlightenment i can summon much more muscle power because my will is so ironclad. albeit its a different plane and a different body. this skill is built to work in all planes simultaneously. however that requires nerve gear and i dont give that out because i know people enough. if someone saw some use to manifest their abilities in all planes id think about it. the path of trials isnt so peaceful but it is enlightenment adapted to face off against darkness. my enlightening had shown me a darkness worth fighting. the same darkness is responsible for creating so many boundaries to reach the truth. 

be weary that etheric power is a path with no reverse. hopefully everyone will know that already. a tidbit ive learned from several others i once knew was whether people are weak or strong in their power they go on a list and have a high percentage of finding something they didnt expect. id say more but im already pushing it with my other words.



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