Greetings and wholeness and balance

I have read the code to the matrix by sevan bomar and i have a set of chakra chrystals

and i have read that i if meditate with each stone one by over each chakra that is the way

of opening or clear  them and that you start from the crown at the top of the head and work down

i was meditating a few months ago with clear quartz crystal and when my eyes were closed all i could see

was purple lights in strips not a round spinning sphere does this mean my chakra are out of sync

my health is good at this time i am fit and strong i have taken up a martial art form called CAPOEIRA from brazil and africa in angola and senegal. its involves a dance.

do i have to get the cleansing kit i do still smoke i am trying to quit. What also want to know is what i need to do in order to be able to astral travel and i did once about 10 years ago but i dont know how i did it.

and what do have to do in order to ascend.

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My personal recommendation would be to
Buy the internal cleansing kit, or even just the colon cleanse, switch over to as close to a raw/live food diet. Start doing kundalini yoga, start at the root chakra and go up from there. You will be able to feel things open up. Watch the video in the new members section and just research after that on the site. Get a copy if astral dynamics by Robert Bruce for astral travel. Hope this helped

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations brother

Yes thanks this does help i have a local man i get the colon cleansing herbs and stuff no and i just got that robert bruce book ok thanks

From what I've noticed with the chakras is that I feel a vibration from them at times, especially while half asleep.  I do yoga to help keep the energy flowing freely through the chakras.  I notice that my actual physical balance is better when my chakras are balanced.  I simply cannot do inversions without them being balanced either, I will notice a wobble or pull from my center.  I haven't had a chance to do the crystal meditations too much yet, but I noticed that the less animal products I eat, the better and that just focusing on my chakras and organs (planets) really helps to balance things.  I get my best results while just laying flat on the floor, deeply breathing from the diaphragm and concentrating on different areas of my body.  Usually my eyes are closed during this process, but the more relaxed I can get my body the better. 

I notice that with the astral travel, the same things apply.  It all seems to go hand in hand.  The less stressed and acidic your body is, the easier it should be for astral travel.  Finding a position where your body can totally relax will help a lot, because I notice that when my body isn't relaxed totally I can't do anything.  I can't do much when I sleep on my side because my body isn't totally relaxed.  I get the most results sleeping on my back or stomach.  If there's any pain too, I can't do anything.  It's all about your energy level, and a lot of everyday things will lower that energy to the point where you can't do certain things.  Smoking definitely acidifies the body, so you may notice a lot  happen once you manage to stop doing that and figure out ways to alkalize your body.  Lemon, lime, apple cider vinegar, or baking soda in your water help to do that.  Also, fruits and veggies.  Less meat and wheat helps a lot.

There are some herbs that help too.  Valerian and Kava kava are two that have worked some for me, as well as getting enough nutrients and minerals in your diet.  Iodine seems to be especially important. 

Detox is definitely going to help you out.  Garbage out, more room for good stuff to come in and energy can move more freely throughout like it's supposed to.   I hope this info helps you some.

wholeness and balance sister

Yes thankyou for your very enlightened reply i have just got hold of two books on kundalini activation and one by robert bruce on astral travel in my meditations i have found that my throat chakra and crown chakra are weak.

and i have slowly been cutting out the meat in my diet and and i moslty eat alkaline any way.

So far whilst i was reading the book on kundalini i felt the chakra below the solar plexus and the tingling all day so it actually felt hot and was worrying me a bit but its gone back down again and i have always used the herbs but the ones you mentioned i have not seen before maybe because in england they have different names i use the book by laillia o africa  african wholistic health for all my herbs and i can get most of them over here.

Thanks again you have helped me alot

You're welcome!  I'm happy to help

Yes detox does help but dont do it while toxcitifing as you reverse the process. The more process food you take out of diet the more sensible you will become i found. My third eye often lights up more so afterwards than not

Also I wanted to add on youtube there are tones that correspond to each chakra, see if that works for you wholeness



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