Hi everyone!


I have made so many positive changes in the last few months since I learned the truth, my life has literally taken a complete 180 and I feel absolutely amazing.


Now here is my problem.. I have never meditated in my life and I have no idea how to start or what to do. I have tried to google how to meditate several times but It's all so confusing to me.


I have taken great steps to purify my body and mind, but I'm deeply missing the connection to my soul.


Please help me with any information, suggestions, tips, or videos.


Thank you so much, anything is greatly appreciated!







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Mune's Show: 



Cultivating Chi/Prana:



Links deal with the soul, meditation and energy.


First of all let's take away all the complexity and start with something very BASIC - Breath Work.

Choose a place  or an environment where you are relaxed.  

If your mind is having issues and is going haywire, perhaps you may want to try this before hand:


Many times the logic side of the brain makes things overly confusing and doesn't turn "off," perhaps this may help.

*if you're still having issues I would try using the Agar 35 along with the Semde---> click on NUTRIENTS TAB.   Read more about it.:  http://www.resistance2010.com/page/agar-35-lung-formula


------------------------->Shot Clock Method.

An easy exercise I first used was the "shot clock method" - start from 24 and work your way down to 0. 

Focus on the number and your breath.  Use long deep breathing (breathing from your diaphram).  In/out and begin counting down.  24 in/out.......23 in/out.........22 in/out..... 


If your mind wanders bring your focus back...but if it wanders restart at 24 again.


Eventually you'll be able to make it down to 0..with ease. 

*Consistency is key.

*you can also try to find guided mediation audio files. 


*I just found this on youtube...as I'm writing this post lol.  But there's a ton of material out there. 

*eventually you'll get away from methods and just start meditating naturally...whatever connects you to the source.  only you can do that for yourself. 


You can also try active meditation such as tai chi, Yoga or Aikdo (a martial art).    Active meditation can be done anywhere, washing dishes for instance can be a form of meditation.   Breathing and being in the moment..


i just wanted to add to among these good examples, that when you get your meditation practice going, it's good to keep momentum throughout your day, so you may want to keep an active meditation in your day. Whether it be standing in line, waiting in traffic or taking a break at work. To just be mindful of your breath, to relax where possible and to perceive your situation with awareness or innerstanding. 



Thank you guys! I'm so excited to finally know how to start, this is a whole new beginning for me. I'm going to go for a bike ride today to find a peaceful place where I can begin my practice :)
Please, check out my post on healing and activating your body:

Balance to you, sis!




there are a couple of resistance group meditations attached here..

thank you thank you thank you  the dr doepp video  does it for me it calms the noise and traffic in my brain to make a start



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