Just read "so we r clear about the Jesus of Babylon "

Incredible read!
I know this is where bondage started for me.

Is there something to say or do? I just wanna break it.

Actually, the more I write this, I believe its'a. Dumn question now... just knowing it was a bondage is Power.

I guess is it more powerful to SAY SOMETHING to/against this entity?

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I'd like to read this too. I can't seem to get access from the resistance web-site.
Can you direct me? Any help would be much appreciated.
I think it more about no longer directing your energy to this.. u kno, no longer giving the consent for dominion. Innerstanding gives you the control back.
I agree
After just knowing its'a false entity, I can innerstand more.
I agree just the same. I'm going thru a neccesary process, helping those near & dear to me understand why this shift in my thought pattern. I'm thankful that love and respect is intact.
Thanks for the link. WHOLENESS.



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