Normally I try not to dwell to much in these kind of story's, but this one looked too interesting not to share.

For me these articles did not provoke any 'fear' or negative energy, just curiosity.

Stumbled upon an article on the dutch website , about our Earth being Hollow and having tribes living inside (there is a whole lot more supposively going on..).

I would like to know if anybody knows anything about this, and could fill me in with some other information than that I have found online.

This is what I have researched so far: (written in Dutch)

Thank you in advance.



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Interesting topic. I actually found the resistance through a radio show that sevan was on with chris baird who researches hollow earth. You can see his research vids here in great detail:

Thank you very much for your reply's. I'm looking at the footage on this topic, from the resistance site, as we speak.

Interesting topic indeed. There appears to be a lot more going on underground that I could have imagined!

Even though it is always difficult to verify the source with these kind of scenario's..

Also I wonder if (and how) this hollow earth could be connected to Atlantis


I would suggest looking into Dr. Delbert Blair concerning the hollow earth. He has an entire lecture on this subject that he did about 15-20 years ago (most of us where sleep during that time). Great information and it included some references.


I'm surprised nobody mentioned this information.  Col. Billy Woodard, by his own testimony was involved with the secret government and claims birth in the hollow earth.  He says his father's name is Zorra who is an ancient being.  Zorra claims Hollow earth is open now and one of it's cities is Telos.  To enter you must be of the right vibration, pure and without evil.  He says everything in hollow earth is concious and an entrance is in mount shasta.  When listening to Zorra's last interview/channeling thru billy Zorra claims the earth will be cleansed clear by water or else.  That the beings of hollow earth are deliberately doing this and that anybody who is not 5th dimensional by late this year will face the music as we are already in the 4th dimension.  He claims once we are 5th dimensional we will be able to going anywhere while those on earth at 4d will remain on earth.  It sounds like the earth is about to become a big ghost conciousness/new matrix and those who do not ascend will be trapped in it.  Maybe that's what author Anna Hayes/Ashyana Deane means by Phantom matrix/earth.  Zorra claims his information is fact and irrefutable which is why I thought it was worth a mention.  The interesting thing is that in further channelings through the second medium, Annette, he is dwelling with Haaton, Horus, Arch angel micheal.  I know from other knowledge that Haaton is reptilian and Arch angel micheal is code for annunaki - also reptilian, not that we are to fear them but it seems to wreak of ashtar command/new age stuff. And I don't think these entities are who they claim to be.

There was going to be an Expedition. The North Pole inner Earth Expedition. They have a website but there isnt any resent updates whether its still on going to happen or not i don't know

Check Admiral Byrd, their is also a species of bird... hahaha no pun intended, but there is this bird that migrates north and just disapears no one knows where they go and then they pop up months later very strange. In any case it is absolutley true IMHO but take everything with a grain of salt and research on your own. I have read numerous things that helped me decide on what is true or not. We create our own realities, We decide what is true or not. In any case it is a very interesting topic.


Thank you Custom X.

I had a conversation with someone who dealt with the science behind these things as a point of looking at what is probably and what is not, then I took that as a sign to bring these facts to the discussion, as people's experience at a general level must show us some factors also, even if it is only the boundaries.

Deepest mine in the world is 2.4 miles
(Deepest Public Mine)

Earth goes 3,000 -4,000 miles deep

First thing is that is a lot of unexplored room!

Second thing is the deepest ever public animal that has been found is at about 2.2 miles

So what's eating them that is deeper you might ask? I know I did, food for thought for anyone even from the stuff in the public domain, there is just so much down there we don't see or hear about. For me its too much of a stretch of imagination, that nobody has ever been further down ;) and nobody has ever found anything else that you don't see in regular life.

I was looking at if plants could live off infra red, as anything with heat, even the human body gives off infra red, so magma would be a massive source. No conclusive articles yet at a quick glance, but I am sure someone will come across something useful if they stay at it a while.

As to ascension happening on a date, its happening now, the date is linear/cube time. 4D-5D can at best only give you a shadow in dates, not an actual time so to speak. date external - eta'd estimated time in modern language ;) , or 8 in greek, or H (treasure/ladder/arrival etc).

The 'rabbit hole' is deeper then I thought ;) 
Thanx a lot for this information Mark!

Very welcome :)

The earth is the skin of the oversoul imho, or at least a bodily part of you.



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