Holistic Nutrition and Wellness - Dark Bags under eyes Q & A (a discussion)

Hopefully this will benefit others who have similar issues with fatigue, adrenals, liver and kidney issues. 


Chava's Blog Post: 

.."Anyways, I've had since I was kid some people say it's genetic, other says it's bc of the diet, while other mentions they are bc of interrupted sleep cycles.  But I'm sure it has to be because of something wrong in the body and I'm wondering the opinion about it here at the resistance considering this place has a lot of knowledgeable people concerning real optimum health."


Discussion here between Satori, Kim, Chava and myself - sharing some insight.


*Information about Adrenals, Liver, Kidneys, food, supplements and other remedies


As requested: 

Well to my innerstanding, (and mostly experience) the body naturally sends out signs and symptoms its telling you something is wrong - which is great because you know there's an issue with your body.


As far as the solution is concerned well yes, the bags under your eyes are could be due to ADRENAL FATIGUE... but the body is composed interacting systems - so....there is no "one trick" to deal certain issues at times.  (Hopefully your lucky enough just to deal with it with Satori's advice - which I think is spot on).


So... where to even start... 

"THE HPA axis" is composed of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenals glands - the "H, P and A"  interact with each other - so if there is an imbalance in the adrenals you may have other issues as well. 


*The hypothalamus (sleep) and adrenals (your eyes)..clues?



Here's some practical things you can do to check:

Test #1: Iris Contraction Test
Test #2: Blood Pressure Test
Test #3: Sergent's White Line

(*You can find instruction easily online...)


*Do you make time for yourself to relax?   Is your lifestyle hectic?  Either way its a clue that one needs to take time to relax - being in a state of stress will naturally just tax the body.


*People with adrenal issues also should be sleeping more...as in a lot more to help rebalance their adrenals. (make sure you are sleeping in a dark room...)


In regards to food and stress... the food we eat will make a dramatic impact on our daily life. 

Food of course just isn't a bunch of calories, nutrients etc... its energy, its vibration.   In addition, certain foods also inflame and tax the body. 


Allergens/food sensitives such as dairy, wheat - are the biggest culprits in North America... BUT

WHITE RICE is the biggest culprit in asian countries such as JAPAN.  


*so the quality and VARIETY of the foods is important

*for healing to take place its a good idea to stay as ALKALINE as possible.  

*the MMS, BAKING SODA, CHLOROPHYLL, GREENS - all very good sources stay alkaline.

*I'm speaking in regards to personal experience (I've dealt with chronic fatigue myself)


Assimilation of Nutrients:  

Your diet may be clean but what if you can't digest and assimilate the food?  

"You are what you eat..." more accurately " you are what you digest/assimilate."

Are you digesting properly?  Do you have a history of bloating....poor digestion etc...

*Perhaps you need to work on you digestive and intestinal tract. Honestly..though RAW FOODS will do wonders for this....



The liver pretty much detoxs everything...just like kim said.  Not only that the liver also helps with other body organs...as they all interact:



The liver helps the thyroid secrete t3--->t4..... well ok logiclly we know this to be true, but honestly, intuitively we just know that the LIVER and THYROID are connected. 


ALSO...only addressing the LIVER may not be getting to the root cause of the problem.  The idea is simple really - isolating the liver and only dealing with the liver - without healing others parts of the body will cause the liver to acquire the same issues - its just going to come back.  


FIX THE GUT?  well our bodies have certain strains of bacteria, it would be a good idea to rebalance the gut so your digestion works better.


Energy levels ---> Blood Sugar level

- refined foods and sugary substances just harm the body - low vibration food + distabilzation of blood sugar = not a good idea.


So there's a number of factors -but essentially the solution is simple - EAT FOODS THAT ARE ALIVE -  use supplements and herbs to support and heal as well. 


*eat whole foods that are alive, high vibration (do what you can...of course... best of the worst)

*avoid allergens and foods which cause inflammation (wheat, dairy....eggs)

*work on your digestion so you can take in the nutrients

*keep your body alkaline to help with the healing process

*stay hydrated, water and have intake more fiber into your system - so things can free flow and move about.


*Liver Support:

- greens, green juices - e.g. KALE, BEETS

- bitter foods -bitter gourde, chicory, dandelion, grapefruits, onions,  

- lemons/limes juice (they have something called limonene, which helps with detox)

- selenium

- milk thistle* (well known for liver support)

- dandilion root*


*The liver also tends to be associated with feelings of anger, resentments, bitterness...just as Kim said.  


Thyroid - sea vegetables - (spirulina, chlorella) - iodine drops...

Heavy Metals/Detox: 

- sulfur containing foods - garlic, ginger, onion

- MSM (a sulphur product) is great as well

- MMS of course...

- cilantro and parsley are great too.

*Detox can a times be harsh - many people like to start off with a more gentle form - generally the more toxic the body is the more gently one should detox.


*--->Castor Oil Packs are a good alternative for general detox.



*sugary foods feed the bad bacteria

*MMS and oil of oregno are noted for killing off bad bacteria/worms/parasites

*Probiotics - to replenish the good bacteria:  KEFIR a great source with many strains.  

("Liberté" tends to be a good brand....many strains)


Blood sugar stability..

- virgin coconut oil, schizandra

- chromium

- whole grains - such as spelt, quinoa,


Fibre and water =that drink that SATORI recommended is amazing has celery has tons of fibre .

*Raw is AMAZING for healing - hydration, high vibration, high alkaline...

Those are just some things off the top of my head..That link what Satori posted in regards to the liver and kidney cleanse is great info. 


I hope some of the info helped with your quest for attaining optimal health.

Let me know how things go.

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Hi Chava,


Very good question and it's something most of us come across from time to time.

It sometimes makes you look like you are tired even though when you're not.


One of the books I checked out is "Eating for Beauty" by David Wolfe.


Here's what it said on this subject:


"Dark circles under the eyes are related to having an exhausted adrenal system. Coffee contributes to this, as do other stimulants, such as refined sugar (soda, candy), cigarettes, and recreational drugs. Dark circles may also be cause by a potassium overdose (eating too many foods high in potassium such as bananas, dried fruit, avocados, durian, nuts, and sprouts)."

Mune's note: even though these are actually good for the body, too much of these foods can make you unbalanced as well creating these circles.

Wolfe says "Dark circles can be corrected by eating foods high in organic sodium such as celery, chard, kale, spinach, olives, and unwashed sea vegetables (kelp, nori, dulce) and by using Celtic sea salt.

Cucumbers and pumpkin seeds may also be effective in alleviating this condition."


Eye Puffiness -

From Wolfe - this is apposite from top

"Puffiness under the eyes is often caused by too much sodium in the body. This causes the body to retain water. To correct this, eat more high-potassium foods such as bananas, dried fruits, avocadoes, durian, nuts, and sprouts. Also, remove salt from the diet, Fennel essential oil diluted in cacao butter or coconut oil (virgin brand, organic) rubbed into the areas under the eyes can do wonders."

Mune's note; Also drinking water in both conditions can do wonders to improve it. Consume more spring water not tap water, do the best you can with filtration, get MMS if you can, drink about 1.5 liter of water a day, start small and increase to a comfortable level.


Dark circles, too much potassium need more natural sodium in the body.

Puffy eyes, too much processed salt need more natural potassium in the body.


Our kidneys are the buffers and because of our diets that are high in processed food, unrefined sugars and salts, this creates an in balance that shows on our face.


I also agree with Kim Mac Donald, there needs to be a liver and kidney cleanse, great book(s) to consult is one that's posted on this site recently, here's the link:



Hope this helps you out Chava; Here is a juice recipe from the book above

Dark Circle be gone! Juice ;-)

2-3 Stalks of celery

1 large cucumber, or 2 small

one apple

process through juicer, or blend with water and strain out

*prefer juicer to get more nutrients but do what you can for now.


This will bring your natural sodium back and balance out your potasium in your body

that's creating the dark circles.


Make this drink as many times as you can during the week and see if you notice a difference.


Good Luck Chava

Just placed an order for this book with Amazon... 

"One of the books I checked out is "Eating for Beauty" by David Wolfe"

A lot of this info seems to be good and repeated by David Jubb also, but in this format it is more digestible by my wife who won't follow hours of American radio links yet being Russian :) In this infowith pictures... :) Thanks for the recommendation... book looks good...



Kim's Post:


Hi Chava,

I have a similar thing and have had it since at least my teens. Diet can definitely help. In Chinese medicine under the eyes indicate stress to liver and kidneys. I have more puffiness than pigmentation which points me in the direction of taking good care of my kidneys which results in a better looking under eye area. I do this through a clean diet and avoiding caffeine.

The liver is also indicated for this area but I don't feel in my case it was the unhappy organ. Do you think it may be for you? The liver's job is pretty much to detoxify poisons. These can be from environment, drugs (prescribed, over the counter and recreational), chemicals in foods, alcohol,..the list goes on.

I'm sure there are herbs you can add to help support the kidneys and/or liver.

Hope this helps.

I've had really good success making this area look so much better and then just recently I started on the caffeine again and it's getting puffy and very obviously bags as you said.

Good luck!



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