How do I picture my higher self so that I can connect with my higher self better.How can I make a connection to where my higher self and I are on the same level with communication?

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Intake the breath deeply into your lungs and into your belly. Sit down and meditate and touch the tongue to the tip of your mouth. Do this at least once a day, multiple is better. Learn to control your thoughts, this is interconnected with your food so if you're eating trashy food the connection will not be as clear. Greens like organic cabbage lettuce and celery and minerals and fruit will help make the connection clearer. Exercise and get the blood pumping. Start writing down your dreams and get to bed at a reasonable time. Soon enough the connection will be so clear that all you will have to do is sit down and breathe a few deep breaths into the belly and you will be in council with your higher self, an incredible organic supercomputer. Ayahuasca also may not be a bad idea for strengthening this connection

Thank you!

no problem, forgot to mention yoga



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