Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone had a similar experiance and/or what they thing it means. I have started reading the code and have gotten to page 90, and everytime i start to read it, about 5 minutes into starting, i start to hear this high pitch noise in my ears, and when i go into my room and sit to reflect i also here it. Is this from reading it and something is with me or just a result of focusing too hard? any input would be great


Thank you,


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which ears
It was not my physical, nothing around me makes the noise, ever.

The ear can detect some of the Beings which will sound like a ringing in the ear.(page 107 of the code)
what I was questioning is the beings that are around me when I hear this, is how do I know if it is there to help or make things worse
I too have the ringing, all the time now. At least i noticed it a while ago after first reading the Code. I dont suppose we can know whether the beings are there for help until we can truly hear them, however i would not be too concerned with their intent. There seems to be an overwhelmingly amount of beings working against us, but they will not have my fear/energy. I am almost flattered if what i am hearing is my enemies conspiring against me, i accept the challenge and i will live in a loving way, contradictory to their absurd and grotesque lifestyle and morale. I would definately like to "talk" with the helpers though but i know i have to leave my mind behind to do so (i.e quiet the mind through meditation/sleep). Sorry if im ranting, i guess my point was fear is the ultimate mind controller and half my struggle is not being a coward. (which i am) Even as im writing this my ears, rather my head is buzzing.
But wholeness to you brother, it is very good we are here. There is much love here.
Be strong, be happy.

Thank you much Clayton, I'm glad I could get some information from you. I will not let them frighten me, they are not going to take the energy from my fear, we have to be strong. wholeness to you, I'm glad I found the Resistance.
Hi Christopher, I do not think you are focussing to hard. I have to say that you bringing up the high pitched noise you are getting is right up my alley. Ive beeen listening to it for years but this year in particlar the quantities of the incomming messages have quaddruppled. Think of yourself as a reciever when it comes, it comes quick and does not last very long. try to focus on it and listen remember to free your mind and focus on recieving when the noise leaves you stay focussed and you will recieve your message as if someone was right next to you talking. Most of the time the messages wont make sense to you so you may brush them off. Every message is important no matter how odd it was keep a journal, because what does not make sense to you at the time of recieving will later on..On August 12 2010 I recieved this--They are life on planet earth--Of corse the message looks and sounds as though it needs some editing but it doesnt it is what was recieved and later on I will know why.. On Febuary 26 1981 My mother was pregnant with me and at that time she still hadnt told my grandmother/her mother that she was. on that particular day my grandmother recieved a message describing to the T- A particular day the exact weather the exact clothing of a little boy and what was to happen. About 3 months ago at my grandmothers house It happened and the little boy was my son I had no idea what she had written 28 years ago or that it even existed.
That day my grandmother sat there and cried and held my son and said theres my little boy ive been waiting years for you to come. I had no idea what she was talking about she went in her room and was digging threw her stuff and handed me a piece of paper it was dated febuary 26 1981 after I read it and cried myself I noticed the dates My son was born Febuary 26th 2000...
Stay in tune Christopher and enjoy the lighter side.
Do the EAR Candle Wax. it helps alot... do the highfrequency Audio daily (22)days, if you can get youself 528HZ Angel Tuning fork. it might help. i lost my hearing for 4 months on my right ear, then it came back. but i get high pitch noise and low ones.. sometimes it has gotten intense to the point it sounds like shatter radio Alien type noise. very strange. Transmissions come in vissuals, as shapes and colors. Also and Specialy in thought form. Meaning as RASUN, nicole stigliano, stated as it can be useful later on, most def. Because it takes time to process; days, weeks, even months. Ive gooten intense messages through DMT experience and all the messages that came after.. it take months to unravel it.. Take your time Meditate to the Ring and let it come to you but seek for it at all times, Is important to seek for the Innerstanding to all things. Pay close attention to what your doing at the moment of the ringing, and focus on what you was thinking ,doing or saying. IT is KEY! see what resonates wiht you..

From what ive heard tones on either ears could mean different things. It can be because some implant inside you was triggered and this tone was your feedback, i.e. your FYI. Another case is when entities are around you, usually negative and are probing you. I have tones all the time, sometimes loud. I even have weird experiences where i feel like a vacuum of air was pushed inside my ear or existed my ear. I dunno what it means and would love to hear your input.

Based on other people's feedback it common for tones to kick in during thought provoking ideas or self discovery. Makes it obvious that somebody's 'alarms' went off, hehe



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