Zap negative fields with this high frequency and negative shells will crack, and chakras will be happy.

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This sound file certainly brings on a nice tingly sensation . . .
How can i do some on my own? can i combine solfeggio frequencies? what other frrequency groups are useful thus? ca a Rife machine be useful?
This is the best one to begin with.
Hello Sevan,

Do you know what the meaning of seeing most of the time 11:11 is? also 4:44 and 5:55 it has been happening for quite long...

thanks for the frequency
thank you so much Tina! great information, very helpful
thank you!! it's good to know I am not the only one; this just happens every is 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 13:13, 4:44 but its just all of the time
Hey, I get 1111 all the time too...
I get and pm...just about everyday...

Hey, Lol, how funny, it happens to me too and my girlfriend. Even if the clock is like 3 minutes or 5 or what ever ahead or backwards I still see it. Have you heard of the Galactic Conference? Something like that, More like constant reminder of ascension (ascend zion). I've also heard that Double Numbers are kinda Numbers of strong influence. Because of their nature they are in equilibrium, either they can make you go very far and learn lots and become really awake and lucid (illuminated) either they can make you crash and become really confused and (illusion). But all this depends on the nature of the one under it, It's kinda like a teaching number. To me, it's kinda telling me that I'm in the right path. Wholeness and balanced vibration

amazing this sent shivers of giddy-ness through my body, i wasnt expecting to feel so great after listening to it. thank you so much.
Ohh electric feel good....

I have to tell you this, i have had a constant heavy headache all day and i just listened to attachment 'high frequency' and it is totally gone. Wow better than any aspirin.
Thanks so much.



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