We will now begin guided tours down the rabbit hole. Please keep hands and minds inside of the light vehicle.

As things speed up I see no reason why We should not. In order to do that We will have to touch on some topics that give the full parameters of the Cosmic Blueprint. This will allow many to gain a better grasp on what is going on in the dimension and subsequent spaces so they may adjust there attitudes accordingly.

The matter at hand is Magic. This by far has been the shear gift of man and woman and the human is a naturally enchanted Being. This force is indeed so powerful that the entire system is designed to keep control of it, less an individual pierce beyond the veil and become uncontrollable, unalterable, no longer following the base protocols of a life liken unto a perpetual Ground Hogs day. There is much much more.

It is a fact that much of the knowledge of the greater worlds are hoarded by old father figures like "1" in the movie 9. The unchanging program that seems never to innerstand what comes next is a composition of the old and the new shaping something beautiful that is insured to keep the future interesting. If We were all the same like many claim this would look like a world of drones. Instead you have a textured canvas that I regret to report if becoming dulled out with the color of gray and ideas of the 1, at most 2, black white and gray, no rainbow.

So what We face is indeed a merging of dimensions, many can agree on at least this alone. In the event that happens the other worlds that are closest in locale will make contact with ours. In fact they already are. Because the world is a fractal it means also on subsequent dimensions things that are normally peaceful and passive are being controlled. This is a task the Crystal kids will be up to changing as many dark men hold sway over the elementals and must be removed.

So from here I will cater much of my work to them, and I will open the realms of what has taken place so they will be equipped to bring wholeness beyond this immediate dimension. We unveil the works of the 8 and 9 and what the light beings have been sent to unwind. We will let this post run and I will add more accordingly as I also show solution. Just know that there is much more going on than many have been privy to know about. That will be a disadvantage if one is surprised with it later.

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i'd like to ask what film were these screenshots taken from?
it was interesting to see in the film 9 how 1 was packed full of fear and by the time 9 had been perfected he was that of a baby..no fear or baggage, able to complete the task at hand.



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