I would like to start meditating and working with kundalini. Mine activated in December out of nowhere and messed me up for a bit but i think its stuck now. I havent had any heat waves or dizzy spells or spinal pressure. I know better than to force the process because i realize its intensity. Do I NEED to have the perfect diet. I feel like im in a lose lose situation. Its my energy but i cant work with it lol. And i read that kundalini literally changes your DNA to crystaline. So wouldnt that mean that some of me is crystaline while some is carbon. So in a sense i would be more powerful than normal? Is it like weightlifting where you keep the results. And i feel pressure in the middle of my forehead at times does that mean my third eye is open? like it happebs when i ask a question or hear or see certain things. Is kundalini a constant cycling. If anyone has sonewhat mastered their kundalini can you tell me about your experiences and how you're suppose to feel.

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Hello Amir, I will answer your post to the best of my ability. You are right to take it slow with the kundalini. You do not need to do anything to rise it, doing so will just bring the physical kriyas back, when you are not ready for them yet. A perfect diet will help, for sure, make sure to drink plenty of spring water daily. You don't work with the energy, that is a doer conoiusness, kundalini works though you. A pressure in the forehead means ajna chakra is awakening. dont wory about it just let the energy flow. the kundalini does not go away, once it happens, it here, for life. quite a blessing you have, be thankful for your expericnes so far. Not all kriyas are physcial hatha yoga movements. now it is time for you to allow the mental kriyas to happen. patanjal layed it out quite simply in his yoga sutras. they are called yama and ayama, or disciplines and purities. focus on disciplining your diet. kundalini does not stop, it just changes states. allow all to happen in your meditation/relaxation. while you sit in relaxation, dont put a focus point on anything, that is concentration, meditation is a state that comes unprovoked, while what you should be doing is sit down, quietly and relax. let go. once you are letting go, you achieve a state of being, no longer trying or searching, for it is truly within. relax. let go. it takes time but you will be very happy with the results. my first year after shaktipat i went thru a similar situaiton, where pysical movemnts really disturbed me, they settled after i became closer to the earth, then i went through a lot of mental chrises where all my fears, perversions, illusions came to the surface and i had to face them. be gentle on yourself. just know it is a surgery so to speak, a purification. kundalini rising is power aspect of god. god is just a word for concousness. the one councoussness. try to be alone more and keep this lineage sacred. lots of superficial information on kundalini out there.. you are right to ask, as it is obvious that no info you have found so far has given you the right answer. also i really like jivanmukti, go on youtube and search Siddhanta yoga, it is a blonde female adept. she is quite knowledgable. I also have a blog with several insights on this topic. it is unitewithgod.blogspot.com hope i helped in some way or another. peace and lvoe.

Thats awesome, thank you! As far as i the mental changes i have/am going through were more intense, i still get messed up thoughts but like you said, i deal with them, i have actually been quite lonely for a few months, almost a year actually, since kundalini but im sure that is for a reason to deal with thoughts, i noticed now though i can look at things through different perspectives like cycling lenses but i have not been able to be solid with it. Im sure it takes practice. From my innerstanding, innerstanding means control from within. If THE ALL is MIND then im an mastering my internal to master my external because we are all "gods" or control centers from what i observe. The key know is to look within to develop externally. Thats the biggest general mental change i have undergone this far in my opinion.

Don't try to analyze it too much, just relax and let concoiusness/god do all the work for you. This is the true path of surrender you have stumbled upon.

Perhaps dont be so focused on the physical aspects of it all, and practice meditation to clear your chakras and expand your consciousness.  Explore your dreams, try lucid dreaming techniques, astral projection, and explore the depths of your subconscious. Do what 'feels' right because you intuitively know what is the correct path. Read synchronistic events because your surroundings will speak to you if you pay attention. Forget ritual and technique and other peoples self-help answers, because ultimately your own answers coming from within you are your unique and valid beliefs that shape your reality.

And regarding your 'loneliness' - i think it is something we all feel as we break the ties with our old friends and old attachments that do not fit with our shifting of consciousness. But that loneliness is only perceived, because you must now be aware that everything is connected, the universe that surrounds you and all the people in it are part of a collective consciousness, and your awareness of these connections means that you are never alone.

Yea you are right. I think the split is more of like myself telling me to take a step back and refine my energy. I feel like its myself preparing me to teach others how to help themselves, and to have a better outlook as i progress. I agree that everyone has their own way of growth. I believe that your soul will provide you with knowledge accordingly. It makes me uneasy when i see that spirituality is starting to become like religion. People putting out disinformation how you cant look like this, or have tattoos and jewelery and you need to stay in a box, pray, cant do this, cant do that, etc... alot of it is nonsense. I believe in absolute freedom and basic priciples and knowledge that everyone should live by to stay in high vibrational harmony. But i thank you for you're non biased input. Alot of peoples "info" has thrown me off balance but im starting to realize that i have the answers to myself. Consideration and open mindedness is always good though. I feel individuality is important as well as balance and selfless acts.

Physical aspects are fine, the stretches and spontaneous yoga are great for the mind, and will put deep relaxation to your sympathetic nervous system.



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