I have been aware of my vibrations for a little under a year and have already experienced some interesting events. But this subtle occurrence that happens every now and then urges my curiosity because I don't know what it is. Sometimes I feel a small "womp" of vibration in my head and then everything in my visual begins to rock back and forth as if the world is shaking (but I know its more internal than that lol). Does anybody know what this is? I have done chakra practices and my vibrations ARE felt very strong in my head when I do them or meditate.

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have you made an effort to ground yourself and your energies? food/etheriums/cell salts/herbs/water/cleansing?

I have not the only grounding I have done thus far is root chakra focus but I am sure this can be of much help?

This phenomena occurs when you haven't cleansed, I remember Sevan has talked about it. It has happened to me before right before I go to sleep. When you are clean internally there is a clearer focus and the rocking or shaking shouldnt happen. Hope this helps


Thank you much! Quite helpful guys!



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