I remember a few years back you would barely ever see a commercial for GOld...  buying or selling...  Nowadays, that's all the system is spewing out.  And from what I have learned...  once the system gives the ok...  I go the other way...  Although, I still have lots of silver and a lil gold...  which I plan on just putting aside...  I was flipping a few coins in my hand when I realized that my desire for the material is weighing me down.  I also remember watching a video about chemtrails and how they may have BARIUM...  in them...  which would make sense if you wanted to get people sick and weaken their immune systems.  Heavy metals are ALL around and INSIDE of us...  Alzheimers and DImentia are most likely related to the MERCURY in all those flue shots the elderly have been lining up for...


So after a lil research I found two items that seem to be worthwhile to take a look at.

Bentonite CLay



Liquid Zeolite



BOth seem to act as magnets to the invading metals...  and if we are looking to ascend doesn't it make sense to remove that which makes us heavy.  Afterall, there is a MAGNETIC field around the planet!  It also occurred to me that the subterranian creatures (transdimensionals)  could also be attracted to those with heavy metals in our blood...  Psychic vampires... if you will....



Just got back from a natural food store...  as usual GNC had nothing...  but what I found is pictured in the link below...  I thought it was funny that the only thing I found said SONne's #7...  how's that for a coinky dink!

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Lugols Iodine is good for chelating mercury from the body.
however, that is not the same as metal chelation.



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