Like alot of us making ends meet is sometimes a challenge and as we know getting out of debt and freeing ourselves from the unnecessary burdens of everyday life will allow time to awake and help others do the same. I think living free is the greatest gift one can have. I also think that is we are going to play monopoly we should know the rules. No small group should control the people withall of the power. That is why it is so important for all of us to wake up. Everyone isn't mismanaging funds or living beyond there means. Know that the system was designed for you to fail from the very begining. Education has failed, religion has failed, Believing in leaders have failed. Education begins when you forget all of that crap they programed you in school. If you are going to learn anything it will have to come from you will to learn and not be programmed. COME OUT OF HER! You are the treasure, the gold, the wealth of this nation without you there would be nothing. Nothing is more important than waking up an evolving. I just think that if someof the burden was removed it would be easier.





Wholeness family

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I truly understand where you are coming from on this. I was in a similar situation, but to add I have not had a desire to go back to my home because I tried everything to lower my mortgage payments, went through a modification and at the end of the trial I was denied, so I said to myself that I can either stay and continue being stressed or move on and let them get rid of the sub-primed home they put me into. I work for the Gv't and they are going through drastic changes, I am being discriminated against on a subliminal basis which has amazed me since I have awakened to the mistreatment all for the cost of the (MIGHTY DOLLAR). WE MUST CONTINUE TO VIBRATE!!!
It only appears that you have lost sister. There is no money not even a definition for it and I do understand how you feel especially when you work so hard to do the right things. What you have gained is move precious than any dwelling and once you learn the rules to this game they play you never have to lose agin if you chose to play. What is most important is that you do continue to vibrate evlolve and sek knowledge wisdom and understanding. The system was designed for failure and once they decide to collaspe the wole system then everyone will see the real value of that dollar they slaved so hard for. Don'y get me wrong living in abundance is great, but there are things much more important than the things we place value on. Wholeness my sister
I have found you are not just being Discriminated against, thats the system, they want you to fail and they will redistribute the wealth they just profit amongst themselves and sell your house again if they fourclose on you, those people don't care about us we are like Animatrix and they have feeding tubes on us, sucking us dry.......I truley believe it's connected to the food we are eating and I have told my kids about it and written it all down so after I am gone and my great5 great grand children start to unfold all of this they will know that Ole Grandma was telling the truth about sungazing and freedom from the powers that be......
Sister Merry you are absolutely right they don't care and they are feeding off of us. It will be a blessing for the kids to have that wealth of information. Are you familiar with kevin trudeau? he will tell you everything about the food I think you will find it very interesting and helpful as well.
Thank you Im going to go check it out...
I like that one! Ayzik
Nice post,

We can either choose to go with what is or stick to pursuing illusions. When I started to just go with what was and stopped making excuses things started to flow.

I stumbled on Commercial Redemption & Freeman-on-Land material when I had to go to court to settle a matter:

I remember that experience so well - I felt like a child at the mercy of people in dark suits and a judge. Long story short, I settled and just "paid" with FRNS...but I knew things happen for a reason, and that belief stuck with me. As of now, I've been lucky enough to meet the right people at the right time.

e.g. finding a mentor that's helping me to set off my student loans and all of my debt.

You can make analogy with the GODS <---> Humans and Government<---> Persons.
We were never meant to be ruled - we are sovereigns.
Thank You family,

There is always strength in numbers and knowledge is power. I am very familiar with that type of journey Jon and it took losing everything I had for my eyes to be opened to what the problems really were and that is what has lead me here with you guys today. "my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge". I don't have a mentor like you Jon, but I have run across a few that are willing to share information and help. I agree we are the SOVEREIGNS and must act and exercise that right with everything. You have no rights unless you know what they are. We all as like minded individulas must come together share our stories help one another and move forward in this movement of positivity. We all have worked on changing our selves and that changes the world. We all have looked inside which changes the view of anything that could be negative. By changing ourselves we change the world. I believe no one meets by chance there is always a reason that we must find out good or bad. We all are driven with purpose an unselfish purpose full of a diversity of ideas, knowledge, opinions, solutions, and love and that is the way it should be. Take the time to imagine with me that the whole world was the resistance. Imagine how we would be living. It's not too far fetched to imagine and we all can create that reality with thought. I must say I am truly grateful for you all it is rare that you have a group of people with such diverse backgrounds come together as one. I never thought I would see that and mind you this is only the begining. Let us all continue to help one another, inspire one another to greatness, wholeness, and innerstanding. Let us continue to share the wealth of knowledge that has been given to us leaving no one without innerstanding. May we all together reach our full potential and evolve to greatness family
Go on forums, Facebook, Social Networks and just ask. I read someone's post on setting off student loans - I noticed she was from the same area as myself, and I sent her a message: basically that I was willing to learn... I asked her if she was willing to take me in as a student.

You know the saying...when the student is ready the teacher will appear..

Three months later I got a response - surprisingly she accepted. When we met we had way too many things in common - so I knew this was the next path to take.

e.g. I went Raw Vegan to detoxify myself - naturally I studied food, nutrition and other holistic remedies. At the same time I've been learning about crystals, chakras - I've been focusing on activation and doing a lot of internal work.

Not only was she well versed in LAW, she was a Raw Vegan, Naturopathic doctor, an Alchemist and was "in the know" about many things in the esoteric. Now if that's not a signal I don't know what is!

We all have our stories, we've all been beat up in one way or another. I totally understand where you are coming from. When you lose everything the EGO truly believes its going to die; I went through the same thing as well - but I think that's why most of us are here and its no coincidence that we are all learning together.

Stay connected, stay lit, have no doubts or fears and all will be well.

I'm still relatively new to esoteric subjects and the commercial redemption/common law process, but if you want to talk or exchange ideas just skype me - I'll send you a PM with my ID.

Balance and Wholeness
Now thats wonderful we attract people into our lives by what we are thinking and i would love to compare notes and exchange ideas with any willing vessel. I do not have a skype account and not too familiar with it but here is my number for anyone who would like to exchange information and ideas 1(313) 740-9207 or you can just email me at
I think that Society is experiencing a transition. Hopefully a good one.
That burden is one hard thing to handle from time to time. Lately im really having trouble keeping head bove water. But im managing, then the time left im using to clear my mind, wich is hard , due the system bangin on yer door.

Having a goal makes it much easier, nd putting yer spare energy out for my/our cause, keeps ya going a lot easier.

Thanks all, will be more acrive asap.



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