Like alot of us making ends meet is sometimes a challenge and as we know getting out of debt and freeing ourselves from the unnecessary burdens of everyday life will allow time to awake and help others do the same. I think living free is the greatest gift one can have. I also think that is we are going to play monopoly we should know the rules. No small group should control the people withall of the power. That is why it is so important for all of us to wake up. Everyone isn't mismanaging funds or living beyond there means. Know that the system was designed for you to fail from the very begining. Education has failed, religion has failed, Believing in leaders have failed. Education begins when you forget all of that crap they programed you in school. If you are going to learn anything it will have to come from you will to learn and not be programmed. COME OUT OF HER! You are the treasure, the gold, the wealth of this nation without you there would be nothing. Nothing is more important than waking up an evolving. I just think that if someof the burden was removed it would be easier.





Wholeness family

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People I come in contact with it seems would fight tooth and nail to keep things the way they are. Unfortunately some carry around the victim mentality, and actually defend the perps. I see it all the time.

I think of everything I've had to go through to get to this point in my life. It hasn't been easy. I've had a great deal of pain afflicted on myself and dealt a great deal too. It's a long road. Most people wanna pull over to nap in the shade and watch it all go by.

So I stopped casting pearls to swine and my life has begun to improve.
good post!
Yes I was first introduced to this concept in 2006 ZEITGIEST(spelling) Money as Debt, and then thru various other sources as time has went by. I even posted in the chat room a link to show how they are trading stock on our Birth certificate. Ive Been checking out slowly since 2004, I gave up my over priced home first cause I couldn't meet the mortgadge but second cause I saw it as a tool causing me stress, I would ask myself what was I doing with that home and when the kids left I would be rambling round in it alone, also 30 year mortgadge who was I fooling the house was like a prison I paid all the bills and left with nothing couldn't take a trip much less treat myself to a drive to the sand and beach to converse with nature, even after end of year when I would get my income tax it would fly right back out the door to Property tax or home owners insurance. I said enough is enough. I started by renting a room in a really nice home and cut my expences by more than half , I went to the auction and purchased a old pickup truck to just mill around and be able to pick up things from the yard sales when I saw them...I know in reality if you live in this world and you have kids it's hard to check out because those kids need the things of this world in order to compete, unless you home school but that still cause you to have to fall in line with something for them. I saw where Sevan wrote in another blog(about MOBEUS) how he used to couldn't walk past a electronic store without being pulled inside to check out all the cool my kids would pull me in out is whats needed coming closer to nature is truley whats needed comeing intune with inner self is the real essence of whats need. atleast thats where Im at right now

Thanks for the post......
That's wonderful Merry!

It takes alot to change a life style like that. I think we never should have moved in big cities and stop growing our own food. Big cities in my opinion are the worst thing we could have migrated to. We all should be living in abundance. We are in a big game of monopoly and you can play if you know the rules to the game. You never really have to give up living in abundance unless it's just your choice and that would be wonderful. Once you realize how everything works and you also realize that there is no money and that you have infinite credit there would be no reason to give up anthing, but it is also very important to know that they are just things that hold no value what so ever and that being close with nature, with each other, and the earth. I often look into ways for everyone to live in abundance without all of the burden. I try it and if it works I tell it. The funny thing about about finding out the truth about how things work is even though it may be true it often has to proven and showed in order to work. The powers that be know the truth and will and have fought tooth and nail to hold on to power and control, so the road hasnt been easy, but it can be done
And some times I don't even think it's the big cities that the culpret it's the people who saw profit and wanted our realities to be these big cities so they could crunch us all together to get us to group think and make more money for them......yes so true no real money...When I look at ancient cultures I see the people living close together on top of one another but it's not for profit it's so they can help to raise one anothers children and help be aids to one another , we started thinking we were smarter than everyone else and we found the intellect is really a killer. Why would we think we are smarter than a bird who only takes from the earth when needed doesn't waste hardly anything, only kills when hungrey, and because we can think of a plan to build and waste and rebuild again even when the first was never used we say we are Big Oz for the feed back
Merry Weathers, you are inspirational. Several women in my family have a perpetual undertone of dissatisfaction and symptoms of depression. I know its because they burden themselves with fussing about the spaces around them and the clutter that fills it and the perpetual cleaning and talking about cleaning.... For every one knick knack that is brought into the home, hours of their lives are consumed with dusting it, complaining about dusting it, moving it here, moving it there, storing it, complaining that there is no place left to store it, asking if someone else wants it, arranging to hand it over to someone else. ..I can speak on this issue because I first had to identify this problem in myself. Don't get me wrong, I love "found" treasures and have many, many keepsakes on display - but I have limited those items to things that have a back story or found me in a serendipitous way. Anyway, what I'm saying is, I love your story because I believe that these women I love so dearly could finally find happiness if they would take a closer look at the cycles they trap themselves in. Unhappiness is immediately blamed on the house not being big enough, or not new enough, or not as nice as the neighbors...
Happiness comes from experiencing individual moments. You have freed up your moments! You've traded in stressful moments for moments of content. I love it.
Yes you are very correct, and it's hard to do, because Society puts so many pressure on you to have all those things work(wish I was truley free I would quit..sooon soon)The people give me the eye when I say at my age I don't own a home or have all the fancy trappings, they look at my truck when I leave the parking deck and I know what they think and say, I care but I really don't care, thats not who I am and what Im made of ..also don't get me wrong Im not knocking anybody cause I know how this world affects us.....Thanks for your positive feed back..
My pleasure Merry,

You can and will be free my sister and you already are because your mind is free and your thoughts are your own. The vail has been lifted and it doesn't matter what things may look like to the blind that can not see. The wealth is not in your possesions, but the soul being free and out of bondage is wealth in deed. You know who and what you are and thats beautiful and thats all that matters. Keep Shining!

That's Amazing.

Here's something that may resonate with you. - part 18 - part 19 - Part 20

When I read your story I remembered about this presentation.
Thank you much that was powerful........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon Vincent Sepulveda the post man .I check out the link its inline with all i study.
An Big Oz love the post i have been following a movement started here in Canada by a man named Robert Author Menard so these document add the the knowledge.
Respect to both yalls.
Yall make sure to check out the audio book i got an fats this will add to the whole discussion on getting healthy. One Love



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