Wholeness and balanced vibrations Resistance Family. Wishing you all well being on your path to expansion and self discovery.

We all know how vitally important it is to get whole foods; raw, organic, and untouched by genetic modifiers. As our bodies are seeds within Creation's Kingdom; we must fuel the body with that which is meant to fuel it, rather the garbage society offers..

The immune system is what is keeping our bodies online, in balance and healthy. A strong immune system, is a system that is FED the correct nutrients, vitamins, and proteins nature has always had to offer us. The moment we fuel our bodies with junk and useless 'food', the more susceptible our bodies are to coming down with sickness, disease or weakness of some sort. 
Living the raw, organic, Vegan life style is tough! Its expensive, its disciplinary, and takes so much more of a commitment then any other diet IMO. Organic food prices can be silly compared to what society wants to offer us, and buying organic groceries multiple times a month can be hard on the wallet no doubt!

When is that last time you gave your body every nutrient, fibre, protein and vitamin it needed, in just one day? When have you fed your body RAW, ORGANIC, GMO FREE, fruits and vegetables, and grains, all in one sitting?
I have found (for myself, and millions of others) a most amazing product that offers all the benefits (biologically, mentally, energetically) of 26 fruits, vegetables and grains. Raw, organic, GMO FREE.

Its called 'Juice Plus+', and this product is the #1 product of its kind, of any time. It brings 26 VITAL fruits. veggies, and grains - raw, organic, GMO FREE - dehydrates them at a specific temperature as to lower the water content, but KEEP the nutrients, vitamins and proteins within the fruit/veg/grain - crushes it up and puts it in 3 unique capsules!

I have been on this product for a couple months now, and the effects of raw, organic produce (x26) is indisputable. From Sleep to energy levels, mental clarity to balanced emotions/feelings, to stronger joints to healthier hair and nails. This product offers what nature, has always. And makes it simple, easy, inexpensive to obtain and reap the benefits.
I share this information with the Resistance Family; because I know how important your health, bodies and spirit is, to all of you. Also because; Juice Plus is the answer for a better diet and balance intake for your body! Juice Plus operates in 26 countries, has made it BIG in UK, USA and is now making its success in Canada.

Its the most PEER REVIEWED product of its kind; is backed up (via studies) through varies Universities from Germany, UK and United states. Is also backed up by pro athletes, doctors and scientists around the globe.

With winter season coming, new flus (Ebola etc.) running around, and the influenced poor diet of the winter season (sugary, meaty diets) .. its a very important season to take care of your immune system, and your children's. Juice Plus has a child health study - when a parent buys Juice Plus, they can opt for their child (under 19 years of age) to receive a FREE-4-month supply of their own; as the study shows, children on Juice Plus become more fruit/veggie aware, less trips to the doctor, more trips to classes, over all better health and life style.

I will leave links and information for members to go through and see if this product is something that can aid them on their expansion, health, and balance in their Life. You have ONE body, ONE Life, and it should be taken care of before ANYTHING else in this life; Juice Plus can make that simple for you. 
Any other questions or need to know how to order Juice Plus; Message me via resistance or email me - chriselliott3277@gmail.com I can fill you in! Im not here to take from your bank, im here to bring a message about something that is VITALLY important to health and wealth. Change starts with action! To change your body/health you must change what you intake.

Main Website

Clinical Research/Universities

Juice Plus+ Children Health Study

Dr. Philips (M.D) on the value of macro/micro nutrients

Nurses & Juice Plus+

Juice Plus Youtube Channel
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