I find a lot of info on healing of diseases and parasites,and hear a lot of talk about aids virus being injected into foods(mainly on the internet but since every bit of info here is on the internet.. "hu" knows),

Doctors told someone I knew they'd 100% never walk again, yet they can walk just fine now,so I know they have little clue of what they talk about.

Out of curiosity are there healing methods or "products" for S.T.D.s? I no longer associate with some close friends due to S.T.D. "scares" I.E. they always show signs that I had rather not risk catching when I used to smoke with them.

Any kind of info anyone?

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realm dynamics specialist may know how to start the quest of for yourself.  

 i have added a few links. 


Herbs, foods & other non - Allopathic treatment that cure STDS incuding Chlamydia & Gonorrhea


. Some foods are natural antibiotics that are effective against all disease-causing microbes (bacteria including both bacteria that cause syphilis and gonorrhea, viruses, parasites and fungus). These natural antibiotics are inexpensiveavailable everywhere without a prescription and have no side effects

thank you




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